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Monday, March 25, 2013

I have never been happier in my life

First off, tell Hunter congrats on his goals in LAX!!! I"M SO PROUD OF HIM:)

So I have never been happier in my life. I feel like there is so much to tell you and I only have 20 minutes left, so what I can't fit in here I will try to write you!

So my companion is amazing. seriously the biggest blessing in my life, she is our sister coordinator of our zone and is such a great example to all of us. She is so soft hearted and we have shared some very sacred experiences together. yesterday was one of them, and i don't want to go in to too much detail because of how special it was, but I have maybe cried once (and even then i was just teary eyed) but yesterday we both had tears just streaming down our face because of the strength of the spirit.  I KNOW that God is REAL! and he loves us sooo much! I can't even put it into words, and I know i can only comprehend a fraction of his love, but i do know it is significant.

I hope you guys are doing ok with sister ensign and I being away because truly, we are soo happy! Like i never stop grinning from ear to ear. ya its hard. in fact its really hard, but it's only gonna get better. we have been able to teach a lot of lessons, and were finally getting the hang of it. I was able to teach Elder porter Brown's girlfriend and her mom (who were pretending to be inactive) and the spirit was so strong during that meeting. we were all crying, and i know heavenly father was helping sister beckstrand and i explain the things necessary so that heavenly father could teach them. we have one progressing investigator, christine who COMMITTED TO BAPTISM ON LESSON TWO!!!! She wasn't sure about getting baptized on April 6, but yesterday committed to April 30! christine is our teacher, so obviously is a real member but is acting for someone she taught on her own mission. at first i thought it was weird because they are not real investigators, but it is totally real when it comes downt o heavnely father providing us with revelation on what she needs to hear so the spirit can teach. She has a deep love for God and now has expanded her testimony so much that she believes in the Book of Mormon and the restoration. She has hit some bumps in the road and at first didn't think the Book oF mormon was necessary, but now does. I have grown to love her so much, and truly see her through god's eyes. Along with her and our other investigators i have reliazed how badly god wants each of his children BADLY! and i am willing to do anything to help them remeber what they once knew and reestablish that relationship with god. ''

So this week has been full of a lot of laughs. I always see the koreans, some of which know nicolle, and i alwasy say "an-young-hah-say-o" (that means hello) and they love it! so the other day im sitting with my district at lunch and i say to them, "you guys, watch how good my korean is" and say to the 'koreans' "an-young-hah-say-o"...ya guess what...they weren't korean they are Japanese. hahaha . They were so confused and it was super funny.  I guess my arrogance bit me in the butt haha.

 Another funny story, I told my teacher (sister de boer,  she is pretty serious) "cute bun" (like hair bun), and everyone thought i said 'cute buM' so that was a little awkward too,  haha but it's ok. Oh and hunts, don't worry i'm still keepin the talent of tripping lots, all the sweet elders and my compaion are so concerned everytime i 'trip'.

Well unfortunately my time is up but I will write you more later today! We get to go to the temple and i am so excited, the temple is amazing! Keep going lots, I promise you god will answer any questions who have there. I also know the importance of church attendance. It is so important for everyone, and especially for our testimonies.  I wish I could share everything with you guys but I have to go. Thanks so much for all you support and love, I love you guys so much!'

Oh i forgot to tell you guys to tell you something!!!
Funny fact, in australia the H and D words are not they say them over the pulpet.  Hopefully I don't come home swearing:/ hahahaha.

Also mother will you please send me some lipstick I want from target?!

I will call from the airport on Monday night in between 9:05pm-11:30pm california time.
love you!!!
sister ensign