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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

then I remember so sweetly that the Lord will not give us anything that we cannot handle.............

This has been an incredible week! I have learned more about my Savior Jesus Christ and how i HAVE to be more like him! Christ has always showed us so perfectly  in his example of how we should be. as he walked, and saw other sitting down, struggling...he bent down (got on their level) patiently listened, showed compassion and love so perfectly!!! This is what each of us need to do...slow down, and take the time to HELP AND LOVE others...and don't do this for the eyes of the world to see, but for the eyes of our Heavenly Father. I've realized that the pure love of Christ is the most important the apostle Peter says, "And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves; for charity shall cover the multitude of sins" (1peter 4:8) As we become more like Christ and have the love that he does too, we will be changed for the better, happier, and we will rescue others around us! Ahhh this Christmas season is the best, may we all strive to be more like Christ now and everyday! xoxoxo

My companion and I have seen some of the most unreal miracles! Haha, many times we are at such a loss for words because of the sacred nature of the miracles that occur, that all we can do is pray...Heavenly Father has prepared the hearts of the children in this area, and is not slowing down. at times I think, "Heavenly Father, you keep giving us more and more of your children to can we have time for all of them?" and then I remember so sweetly that the Lord will not give us anything that we cannot handle...I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father, and my Savior Jesus Christ. Before heading home last night, my companion and I felt we needed to stop at a less actives house (which is an amazing story within itself...I can't even put into words how special this lesson companion, the mother, and I were all in tears...all I can say is that the atonement is REAL, and there is nothing that it does not cover!!!) but while waiting at the door for her, my companion and i stood outside...looked up into the sky and as we looked into it and the beautiful stars we both got major goose bumps as we talked about our all powerful God...he is in complete control of EVERYTHING, yet he is SO aware of every little detail in our lives...this brings me so much peace and comfort! He is real...too often we get comfortable with the phrase that  "God and Christ live"...but this is real...they are our kings and just has Mormon says in chapter 8 of the Book of Mormon, they day will come when each of us will have a perfect knowledge of this as we fall at their feet. The members are the reason this work is incredible...without them, none of our investigators would be progressing! We've gained such a great relationship with the bishop and the members that it's just all too good to be true right now! And all of this is because of our heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ who have ALL POWER!!! I've just been so humbled this week...there have been so many times that we are just's insane!

tender mercies:
-Aresh committed to be baptized!!! (son of Akram/Iranian family we have been working so hard with)
-Yashar had his heart completely softened (thank you for your prayers) and was sooo excited to be baptized! He came out of the water and just glowed like no one else I've even seen before!
-Kaleb and Teneesha were baptised and Justin and Stacey (their parents) told us that they will follow their kids example and be baptised very soon! (they first need to be married, but they are soooo close;)) Also on Sunday in sacrament meeting, Justin's mom gave Justin and Stacey her and her deceased husband's wedding rings!!! ahhhhh it's really good happen! This family is going to be forever!
-Sam (who is preparing for baptism in 2 weeks) is soooo strong! She is already telling all the members her conversion story and how she has come to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. She is doing missionary work, and even sticking up for the Mormon church. We have had some incredible and powerful lessons with her and my favorite one was yesterday when we taught about the law of tithing. when we asked if she would live it she said, "well God has been blessing me soooo much for the things I've been doing so far, so sure I'll do whatever he asks!"...ummmm ok....Thank you Heavenly Father!
Wish I had time for more, but I have to go! xoxox love you!


Monday, December 9, 2013

....................most sacred week of my life!

ok...I don't even know where to start...most sacred week of my life! I just feel so humbled to have seen so many miracles, that are not just small but incredibly big! I have never worked harder in my mission, my companion (Sister Bailey) and I literally don't take more that 10 minutes for lunch, and dinner to is just go go,  go, but we are seeing MASSIVE miracles as a  result, so we can't slow down. My head just wants to burst right now because we have been doing so much, but it's all good because the Lord is helping us more than we deserve! But!!!!! My companion Sister Bailey...! She is incredible! One reason I love being a Sister Training Leader, is because your guaranteed a hard working missionary:) and Sister Bailey......Holy smokes! I love it! This week President Brown was asked by President Lindsay to come interview our Iranians for baptism, and President Brown showed us that at the bottom of the notes that President Lindsday gave to him, was this comment,
"Sister Ensign and Sister Bailey...(nice things ;) haha) ARE FIREBALLS"
We seriously are just the happiest things ever and we just can't help it, God has blessed us so much that we are just in constant awe. Many times while on our bike we can't help but just have to stop, walk to the grass and offer a kneeling prayer because of what the Lord is doing to prepare his children here in Kwinana. But yes, we are happy as, and just so pumped for missionary work! It truly is the best, This week after one incredible lesson Sister Bryce and I were talking about how the happiness we receive from the gospel is unlike anything else. I am so grateful for the happiness I receive from living the Gospel, and so excited to introduce it to my own family one day. This week I felt such a deep love for my future family and started a huge list of all the things I want to do with them one day, so we can all be close to our Heavenly Father! Ahhh,  I can't wait to be a mother one day, because family is what it is all about! God Sent us here in families (Adam and Eve) and want us back in families, and so I can't wait to start my own :)
I want to start by telling you about one of the most special lessons of my life, we had on Tuesday after dropping my companion off the Train Station. Sister Chou Lee, Sister Bryce (from Utah) and I were in a trio for the day, and let me just tell you. These sisters are powerhouses and so it was just an unreal lesson. We met with a less active Samoan (father of a 1 yr. old and is 20 yr old) and his less active friend Quentin who is 16yr. old. Well we sat down, started with a song "I stand all amazed" and Costner (the Samoan less active) was already crying. We taught about repentance and the atonement...I honestly cannot even put into words how amazing this was and I almost feel as if it was too sacred to tell you all the things said. But my companions did so awesome in discerning their thoughts by boldly telling them to immediately rid any thoughts of doubt, and gave the sweetest invitation to repent of their sins THAT night! We then decided..."why slow down? We're here to baptize!" So we invited Quentin to be baptized. Quentin at the time had no idea (I'm sure) what baptism even was, but because he felt the spirit and our message had a familiar ring that his starving spirit that was craving the truth, the Lord moved his lips to say "yes"- so now Quentin is preparing for baptism:) He is kiwi and is going to have the greatest time in our ward...oh wait....he already has a best friend who is a member of our ward!!!! So last night we went to teach a Part Member family who has been less active (been on the family 15). Well long story short we decided out of all things...we needed to help with them with heir missionary work! We got them all pumped about it and then said, since we're right here by Quentin and Costner come with us, lets walk to their house, and go teach them RIGHT NOW!!! So we did a little practice with the Kid Nate who was going to come with us (another kiwi who was around Quentin's age) SO we walked up into the house...turns out they are like BEST MATES from rugby and school!!! We taught such a special lesson on the restoration and because of Nate, this family is going BIG places. We are going to help Quentin get baptized, and then Costner (get re-activated) and his partner Shakia (get baptised) and then on the road to be sealed!!! ahhhh I'm so excited for them, because they have such a beautiful desire right now- and all of this is possible because of our MEMBERS !!! WE then went back to the part member families house, and had another sacred experience as we reported our miracle. the mom was just in awe at what Nate had done because apparently he had really been struggling. The mom also expressed how the family hadn't felt the spirit in a really long time but how they had felt it so strongly tonight, and now they all have big missionary tasks to do and the best part the end the mom said to us as we were walking out, "I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO TEACH MY HUSBAND" (who is a non member...this was so incredible because when we first got there they told us how their dad wasn't really keen...)Now what I just told you, doesn't even show a sliver of how amazing this was. My companion and I got in the car...literally speechless at the POWER OF THE SPIRIT that night! We sat there, lost for words...prayed to thank Heavenly Father...finished, still at a loss for words...and then decided the only way we could show Heavenly Father how grateful we were for all the miracles this week, was to offer a "fast" of thanks (even though we had just fasted that day). I honestly have never seen missionary work like it is now. I feel like I'm living in the book of Mormon. because so many are ready, elect, and keen to not only hear the gospel but be baptised! we have 5 baptisms this weekend, and then another 2 coming up on the 28th of December...and how is this happening?!? (I've asked myself this)...but as we were talking to the assistants this week, they pointed out that if we want to see miracles,
"We just have to do what  He [the Lord] asks of us...that's it..." We don't have to do these mighty things, but just do what he has with all our heart (give ALL our time and attention to His work), be obedient, have faith in Jesus Christ, and open our mouths...that's it. And that's all my companion and I have done...we are not great by any means, but we have seen the Lord work through us...Like and I'm being straight up, it's nothing we are doing...but wow...we were just speechless last night and had to take quite a bit of time to just pray and thank Heavenly Father.
Miracle #2...Aresh (Iranian 15 yr old son) who has asked more questions that I have been asked my whole mission combined, has been having a hard time receiving an answer...well guess what...this week while at school, he stood outside with his friends, held a small stick in his hands and said to our Almighty and All powerful God, "if this is true, break this stick"'ll never believe what happened.....................................this stick LITERALLY broke in half!!! His friends and him were all freaked out, and he immediately called his mum to tell her...So ya...this is true! Don't know how much more clear God could have been! Obviously God needs Aresh to listen and wake up for a reason (because really this kid could have such a big impact on so many, if he can just get on board)...but ya, that was another SWEET miracle from this week! Don't mess with God, is all I can say.
So Caleb and Tanisha's (2 baptisms this weekend) parents finally woke up this week, and experienced "a mighty change of heart". Sister Bailey and I were thinking of HOW IN THE WORLD we could get the parents more on board...Long story short, we came up with the greatest secret plan (for a lesson with a member) [that we will laugh about one day with Justin and Stacey's family] to help bring the parents into the gospel by involving another adult member and wow....we sat with this member and the family in their front room...had the most amazing lesson with them, and Justin and Stacey (Caleb and Tanisha's parents) just totally opened up. they told us all their dreams, desires and concerns...turns out...we will be working with them to get married and baptized because they want the gospel in their lives. Kiwi family...amazing!!! They said they noticed a different look about members of the church and how they just want that, and how they really just want to have a  stronger family where the spirit can be in their home...ummm ok.....we can help with that! Their whole family of 7 came to church yesterday and it was just beautiful! I feel that this weekend with the kids getting baptized will be a big turning point for the parents, please keep their family in your prayers!
Last miracle, is SAM!!!! (how special that it's my baby sister's name too?!?!?) Sam is an Aussie lady in her 30's who is married to an American ;) (hey hey) and put in a referral for herself on a few months ago! (amazing huh?!?!) She said when she said the Mormon ad, and how happy the man looked on it, she couldn't help but click and put in her information;) Up until this week, we have always caught her as she was leaving out the door this week we finally were able to have a lesson with her, and the perfect member came as well! We taught the restoration and Sam said everything that a missionary wants to, "ya I was wondering why God stopped calling prophets cause I figured he loved us the same as he did the people in the bible", "I feel something really special right now" and the best of all..."YES!!!" (to our baptismal invitation to be baptized on the 28th of this month!!! My favorite part of the lesson was when we were sharing the first vision, while showing the pamphlet picture of Joseph Smith kneeling with God the Father and Jesus Christ above him...She said that as we were sharing Joseph Smith's words of his experience all she saw on the page  (of the picture) was Joseph Smith kneeling with a bright light above him (she didn't see God and Jesus Christ even though they were printed on there), but when we said Joseph Smiths words of "which descended gradually until it fell upon me, when the light rested upon me I SAW TWO PERSONAGES" as soon as we said those words she said she immediately saw God and Christ's pictures appear on the page...after explaining it she said "look at me, I have the goose bumps...I feel like this is true"!!! ahhh we all just cried and rejoiced together. Sam came to church yesterday, loved it, and said she will be staying for good! She is amazing, and she is just the sweetest woman ever! I am so excited for her to receive all the blessing of the gospel in her life, she will make an incredible member, and I am so blessed and humbled to have met her!
This week I have felt closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ than ever before. I have blisters on my feet, calloused knees, and I've never felt better! I know that this is the Lords work, this is what he needs done NOW! We need to help Him, by forgetting yourself and rescuing all (whether they be less active or non members). All we have to do is what the Lord has asked and when we do this, the Lord has no choice but to shower down the blessings he has promised! Continue to believe, because this is the way...and the only way...I have been working on "listening" a lot as a missionary, but Sister Bailey has taught me how to REALLY listen to those we teach. Because when we truly listen...we have had so many doors opened up, and the hard hearts of people are softened enough to receive the gospel. Christ listened, and boy does our Heavenly Father listen to may we all take time to talk less, and listen more...even if we are right! love you please keep up all the great work you are all doing! honestly mother and father...holy cow...well done in all the hard work you put into our family, and especially the love and support you show to collie and are so dang handsome! You are going to be the greatest missionary too, I can't wait for you, with your hard work you will  be able to witness many miracles, and are just the sweetest thing, keep being kind, loving, soft hearted and never forget how beautiful you are! Sister Ensign...ya you just blow me away, that's all I can say right now! keep those inspired questions coming, they work wonders! Love you all,.......... mmmm just wish I could give you the biggest squeeze right now! "doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith" (a statement that saved one of our investigators this week, and has also saved me!) Lastly, don't forget to love where you are right now in life! Everything happens for a reason, and so if we make the best of whats on our plate, by noticing the good- we WILL BE HAPPY!!! XOXOX
Sister Ensign
-see what you can do to make your Sabbath day worship, a bit more sacred... (ex. no face book, etc. I dunno) but it truly is the Lords day...we need to worship our Savior, give up the world for least just one day!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Hey so to start out! We got a call about transfers from President this morning...My sweet companion Sister Leiataua is leaving! :( She is just too good to keep in one place, and the rest of our mission definitely needs her example, so I'm not surprised she is leaving so quickly after one transfer. But with that said, I am gutted cause I love her soooo much- we definitely had a good hug and cry when we got the news, but that is where trust in the Lord comes in right? He truly does know best! With that said, he somehow sees that I need to be Sister Training Leader again.........That's not so cool, but what is so cool is my new companion, Sister Bailey!    She is the best! She is from Brisbane, is the happiest most energetic person and is the greatest missionary! The best part about it too, is she has always reminded me so much of Collie! The way the jumps, runs, gets excited about things...ahhh they are pretty much the same person, and so that is a big tender mercy! She was my Sister Training Leader when I came to Australia and ever since we served around each other, we've always wanted to be companions so I am so excited! A lot of really good things are going to happen, and I'm already sooo excited to WORK!!!
This week has been...really hard haha, but really good! It was definitely the hardest week we have had this transfer...but with that said, I LOVE the hardest times, because it reminds me that great things lie ahead, so it really motivates me to just work even harder and push through! Our interesting week started when we got to the home of our less active family and just after started to help with the dishes that we saw laying in the sink, we looked up to see the mother crying into her hands...come to find out the father had just gotten into a fight with the 2 oldest kids and had hurt them...She cried and cried as she told us that she knew Satan was working so hard because they had been reading the Book of Mormon everyday! She was so right though, Satan attacks families, and especially when he sees them progressing! It was the saddest thing, but her faith is strong enough to get her through this tough time! I know that God will help them come out on top! Well just after we left their house we went to the next lesson (with a solid member) too teach a couple we were so excited about that we had just found the week before. Well when we got to the house we heard them yelling and fighting, so the male member we were with suggested we knock to break up the fight. Well they let us in, and come to find out they were super wasted on drugs and alcohol, and had gotten into a physical fight (yes knives included)...well the wife had ended up taking a LOT of sleeping pills to ease the pain and because of the number she did, we had to call the ambulance. Satan hates us...he is trying to keep us from God. He tries to get us to ease our pains in ways that cannot last, nor even help... The ONLY way to overcome trials and pains is through Jesus Christ, but we've got to humble ourselves enough to see this, because really the worldly ways cannot help!...Well, It broke my heart to see them like this, but I also learned a great lesson about prayer! While waiting for the ambulance my companion and I had to run back into the house to get the bottle of pills she had taken, and as soon as we walked into the house, the darkest, heaviest feeling fell upon us...As soon as this happened, I turned around to my companion and said to her, "We need to bless the house right now". She immediately offered the most sincere and powerful prayer I have almost ever heard. As good and evil battled, the good finally won as she said some very sacred words in the name of Jesus Christ, and as soon as she had it was as if all evil had disappeared...It was the most amazing feeling as peace filled the room!
The war between God and Satan is real, and it's scary...but If we put on our armor by reading the scriptures, praying, and keeping our covenants EVERYDAY, when we are put on the battlefield and when we exercise faith, GOD WILL CONQUEROR and Satan will not have victory over us! Prayer is powerful and miracles come from it when faith is combined! It was an experience I will never forget. Now besides those experiences, we were also dropped by a few investigators, and some of our investigators are starting to doubt, big's so frustrating, but it's teaching me humility! It's teaching me that I shouldn't think my ways and hopes are better than the Lords, but rather...he has HIS plan, and I need to be humble enough to do what he needs done regardless of what his children choose. I am not losing hope, nor faith and MANY good things are still happening, but the past few days...hahah it's just kind of like, "is this really happening?". But it is so good, I am thankful that I am tried, because when I am I always find myself coming out stronger!
We still have 6 people working toward baptism which is really exciting, and a LOT  of good things are happening in our area and ward, it's incredible! There are more and more less actives coming to church and this week, the Lord was able to rescue 2 more of them as they came to church to renew their covenants, it was beautiful!
We met a lady while following up with a former investigator, who when we first talked with her...claimed to be an atheist...As we shared with her about the cleansing power of the atonement, an the blessing God has given us to live with our families forever (on certain conditions), she was keen and let us right in! My companion and I shared the Plan of Salvation with her, and by the end of the lesson, not only had she had a countenance change, but she offered the most beautiful prayer where she talked to God like she was talking to a best friend. Just in the 45 minutes that we were there she had changed, and allowed the spirit to work within her. The plan of Salvation is real, and it's beautiful! When we really see the bigger picture, life holds a whole new meaning and what's really important, climbs to come to the top of our priority list. I've definitely seen that by "seeing the bigger picture" I strive to be better because I really want to stand before my maker knowing I've tried my best! I'm also so grateful to know that God's plan enables each of us to be free from guilt and pain, and also live with our families for eternity! How lucky are we?!?!
Another simple experience that happens often, but that I wanted to share with you, happened while on exchanges with Sister Chou Lee this week. We had planned a great day the night before and decided that back up for one of our appointments, we would pray about a street to tract on (and keep in mind we like NEVER tract, so it was eve inspired that we felt like we needed to). Well we prayer, and looked at the map in silence for a few minutes, and then when we came back together, we had picked the exact same street...WE had a whole suburb to choose from, but the spirit led us to this specific street. Well sure enough the next day our appointment fell through so we went to tract the street...There were only about 10 houses on it but wow...miracles galore! We found some really sweet potentials, and 2 amazing investigators! Maddie and Kaylee (the 2 new investigators) have a great relationship with God, but were keen to strengthen as we taught about the restoration and the Book of Mormon, promising them that their relationship with God and Jesus Christ would be strengthened as they read it, they so anxiously took and sure enough they have been reading it! When we pray, and exercise faith, the Lord WILL lead us down the path that HE needs us to take! We may not understand why he is leading us a certain way, or why things didn't turn out the way we hoped...but God knows best. Everything truly will work together for our own good if we do our part of keeping the commandments and having faith in the Lord to go wherever he needs us.
This week while trying to help resolve the concerns of many of our investigators, I've also learned that WE DO NOT NEED PROOF RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES OF EVERYTHING! If we had proof of everything right in front of our eyes, that would be far too easy! Everyone would believe and everyone would be so righteous! But that's not why we are here on this earth...we are here to have our faith tested...As I deeply think about the questions that investigators ask brings me back to my the things that I know to be true...and how do I know them to be true? By the power of the Holy Ghost! I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost that has taught me more about God and Jesus Christ and their way (which is the gospel). The Holy Ghost will teach us things that will stay with us forever, and that is because they are in our heart, which is far greater than things that are in front of our eyes!
I love the gospel, I love my Savior. I love that he will never abandon us and that when we are truly humbled, broken down...we can fall on our knees and RISE to a whole new level- and that's all possible because our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ! I have felt that his week, and am so grateful for it!
Well I have to go, but thank you for talking with me. You have no idea how much your emails encourage me and help me become a better Sister Ensign. I pray for each of you daily and cannot wait to Skype you on Christmas! December is finally here, so let the Holidays roll while remembering the TRUE meaning of Christmas, and make sure that your Christmas music is always on,  ok?!?! Slow down this season, run the thought, "can't wait for this crazy month to be over" out of your mind, and take time to reflect on our Savior. Serve others, and help strengthen other's faith in is then, that you will have the best Christmas season of your life! I love you and am eternally grateful for you!
Sister Ensign
Yesterday I sat in sacrament meeting thinking of the day when I will be released and have to take off my badge...I felt so sick to my stomach! I never want my mission to end, and hope that president will let me extend 50 more years! Think he will?!?! I sure hope so! Thanks for leading me on a course that has led me to being out here...On Thanksgiving day I layed on the couch after planning and just thought about how lucky I am to be out here. I would be such a different person had I chosen to stay home! This has been the best and easiest decision of my life, and I am so grateful for your support! love yous!
Collie you got to talk to mum and the family?!?! I hope my passport gets lost for some crazy reason so I get to do the same;) nahh jokes, but you sure a lucky:) Love you sis!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

..........the harder I work, the more I come to love my Savior ...........

Hey hey! Another amazing week!!  Sooooo many miracles both big and small, so many prayers answered, and sooo many times when the spirit led us to the elect :)

Nicolle inspired me with her last email with one little sentence/ thought she had, that has changed me, and changed the work even more (for the better). She mentioned how she was keeping daily contact with one of her investigators, (even though it seemed really stalkerish haha), and I started thinking..."hmmm we haven't been doing that..." and then I started thinking of the few other things that I may have been missing that Preach My Gospel told us to do...the spirit then taught me that I need to be EVEN MORE of a PMG missionary instead of an Australian Perth Missionary...As soon as the spirit taught me that (it was night time, after planning) I picked up my PMG and began to read it until 10:30 rolled around...the remainder of this week, EVERY little bit of time (during meals, or after planning) I have studied and studied and studied preach my gospel, as well as the other books they allowed us missionaries to bring. This week I really feel like everything within my mind and in my heart, was totally on the work and how I can improve! I feel that because the Lord saw this desire within me, to be better and more of a PMG missionary, he was willing to bless me both personally and in this area- it has just been incredible! I see more and more each week that the harder I work, the more I come to love my Savior and his work! ahhh it's just the best thing. People ask me "how do you like your mission?" and I can never reply without smiling a million miles wide, I am just so happy! I have also seen that as I study the BOM more, my love for it and our Savior grows enormously, and it literally Changes me! This week I had a sweet experience where I knelt down, holding the book of Mormon, and told God I was going to just "read" the BOM, and asked if he would please just help it apply to me right now, and teach me something new!....ummm was incredible! The Book of Mormon is that road map back to God, without it, we are lost! There are many tracks we can take in life that may get us close to returning to God, but the only way that we can truly return back to Heavenly Father...literally, is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that is contained in the Book of Mormon. We have also made it a special effort to do more follow up visits, in between appointments where we read the BOM with our investigators and by just reading from the beginning, we have had incredible experiences in helping them see how it does relate to them! I love being able to share my testimony of the BOM with sooo many people, because is because of that book that I am half way across the world right has changed my life, and I will forever be grateful for it!

So we were supposed to have a baptism this coming Saturday but we decided to wait 2 more weeks so our investigators could be more prepared, so they will be getting baptised on the 14th with our 2 Iranian investigators- it will be amazing:) This week we were also able to put 2 more people on date for the 21st of December (Grandpa's birthday right?!). They are 2 girls from a part member family and their Less active mum is so grateful they have this opportunity to be "in" the gospel now, because she realizes she hasn't really given them that opportunity. The hearts of people are changing...the members who are helping us with lessons are playing a big part in that, but it's just amazing! It is the most beautiful thing to see true repentance take place within our investigators, even when they give up things and habits they have done their WHOLE LIFE! Yes Akram (Iranian mother) has officially gone a week without smoking, her faith in Christ along with all the others we are teaching, inspires me so much! Us (as missionaries) inviting investigators to change/keep commandments has no effect upon them, but when they feel the spirit and realize how important it is to become more like Jesus Christ, they then have the desire to change, and we have seen that heaps this week! It's absolutely beautiful!

Yesterday at church the Lord moved the hearts of 8 investigators and 2 less active families, to come to church...I was just shocked! I shouldn't have been, because this IS the Lord's work haha but it was just amazing! This has been the best transfer of my mission (as far as miracles go)..."why?" I asked myself...Because my companion and I work our absolute hardest, we are extremely happy, and we do our best to follow the spirit. Yes when we follow the spirit it does not always lead us to miracles, but it shows God that we are willing to listen to his promptings which in return blesses us with more guidance! I have felt the spirit so often, as well as so strongly this week! Since I'm short on time I will just tell you of one of the lessons where the spirit was SOOO strong! 2 weeks ago while riding our bikes, my companion and I stopped and talked to a Phillippino couple who we ended up being able to teach (with another Philippino couple in our ward) on Friday night. We got there and it was a big "off" at first...I'm not sure what is was...but it was just weird...I prayed so hard that that the Lord would just allow my Companion and I to say the things he needed us to, so they could feel the spirit...well we began teaching about the restoration and they were keen...well we got tot he Best part; when Joseph Smith see God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. My companion shared this and just after she finished speaking I asked, "How do you guys feel right now?"...The Husband said, "really Good", the mom said, "peace" and the Son also responded with the most fitting word, "peace"...Ahhhh, it was so hard for me to talk because I did not want to interrupt the spirit, but it was thick! IT touched their hearts and it because it did so strongly we invited their family to be baptised (you should have seen our members faces since it was our first lesson with the investigators, they were so shocked that we would ask right away haha, but...) the husband responded "Yes!" He is going to talk to his family about picking a date, but it was just amazing! The spirit was so strong and by the end, not only had we had an incredible lesson where the members played such a big role in helping explain a few things in the Tagalog language, and share their own testimonies, but they created a friendship. We finished by all having a Philippine dessert that was super good, and not this family is excited for us to come back next week! I am so grateful for the help of members, and for the spirit...without these 2 things, many of our investigators would not have progressed this week!

Well I have to go, but I hope you guys know how much I treasure your emails. they are seriously answers to my prayers. I am so grateful for your support and love and don't know where I would be without you! I pray for you often and can't wait to see you again. I hope you have another great week, don't forget to read the BOM was written to be read, and we truly will have to account to Nephi (2Nephi 32, last few verses) and Moroni at the judgement bar, on our use of the BOM...Read it, and apply it, and you will come to know Christ more...I love you tons!!! xoxoxo

Sister Ensign the younger (but don't worry, I'm not the wicked one;))

Quote from my companion that has become my new life motto: "If you miss the joy, you miss the whole thing" hahaha-so true right?! Life is all about being happy, it's so much better that way anyways!

Monday, November 18, 2013

If He could just heal my feet.........

Wow...the atonement is real....................not only does it swallow up our spiritual and inner pains, but our physical ones as well.  

Last p day I was really smart and played soccer on cement, bare footed...after about 2 minutes I thought, "hmmm my feet are a little toasty" so I stepped aside. Well I looked at my feet to find huge blood blisters on both feet, the hot Aussie sun on the cement toasted my feet right up haha, it seriously killed! I literally could like...not even walk; well I could but it was sooo painful. The worst part was, was that we have a car...but this week it had to go into the shops so we would be biking all week...Trying to be tough I tired to just keep going, but I just wanted to cry! Well the next morning during personal study I just thought, seriously Heavenly am I going to do this? I can hardly walk?!?! Well I went into our bedroom, knelt next to my bed and just prayed, and cried, and poured out my heart to Heavenly Father, telling him how badly I wanted to work, but how I was so unsure of how I could do it with my feet. Well I promised God i would talk with everyone he placed in my path and I would try my absolute hardest if he could just heal my feet enough to do so...and then continued on with my personal study...The time came for us to leave the home and start work and I literally FELT THE ATONEMENT TAKING PLACE as I found it sooooo much easier to walk! We got on our bikes and began to work, and I hardly even remembered my feet. That day was incredibly hot, and we had a TON of biking to do, but BOY DID THE MIRACLES SHOWER DOWN OR WHAT?! 

It started when we had a lesson with a less active older lady, and her non member husband. They are welsh, super nice, and the woman has the sweetest, most tender testimony, but her stubborn husband (although he has been taught by missionaries heaps) is unwilling to 'change'. He said to us as we shared our message, "this just really isn't for me"- it was at this point the I could not restrain the spirit, and my mouth was opened as I told him, "Brother Smith, you may not think this is for you; but God knows this is for you and you cannot procrastinate, life is too fragile!" We then shared with him and he needs to prepare now to meet God, and the gospel is the way to prepare. He was left with not much to say. As the spirit moves us to be bold with those we teach, it also moves our mouths to express the deep and endless love that our Father in Heaven has for them! I'm so grateful for the spirit, for the spirit being the teacher, and also for a companion who is so in tune with the spirit- it truly is the spirit who does the converting! Something I was reminded of this week, is that I will not convert 1 person while on my mission...not 1!!!! It is our Heavenly Father who will do 100% of it. As a "teacher" (missionary, parent, Sunday school teacher, friend to someone who is struggling etc.) we each have the responsibility of allowing those we "teach" to feel the spirit, so the Lord can convert them and touch their hearts. That is all we need to do. It will never ever ever be the words we say that change ones heart, that's why the spirit is the most important part.   Anyways after this powerful lesson with the Smith family we continued on and God placed some very, very, very special people in our path, who were ready for the restored gospel. But one of the smallest yet biggest tender mercies came, as we were biking up a huge hill in the heat, when the elders called. The zone leaders said they had a referral for us- it was a woman in her 20's who they had taught and committed to be baptised and SHE IS FROM SOUTH KOREA! At this point in had to stop my bike, and I just prayed and cried and prayed and cried as I thanked Heavenly Father for blessing me way more than I deserved that day! My companion talked to them while I just sat there and let my tears and sweat mix knowing that the atonement is real, and that prayers are heard! I love this work. I love pain- both physical and spiritual and I love knowing that we are never left comfortless. (regarding my feet...soooo much better now so no worries, but it was such a special experience to have and to learn from)
This week was also incredible because our investigating FAMILY of 7 came to church and absolutely loved it! I was trying my best to have faith that they would come, but was a little unsure....But MIRACLES HAPPEN! The kids who have been investigating and coming to church for years will be getting baptised in just 2 weeks, and we will continue working with the parents. They have had a colourful past but are getting things sorted. They will need to be married first and so we have a little road to travel with them, but I know that it will be so worth it in the end. Please keep the parents in your prayers, their names are Justin and Stacey (one is from New Zealand and the other is from Australia)- and they are just beautiful people, I'm so excited for them!  Along with that miracle, we also saw 4 of the less actives we have been teaching, come to church as well. Seeing less actives come back is one of the sweetest thing, because it is not a number we report...which makes it even more meaningful. But it was just a wonderful Sunday yesterday and I was totally overcome with the spirit as we sand the hymn "I Stand all Amazed". I love of the last verse, "I think of his hands pierced and bleeding to pay the debt, such mercy, such love and devotion can I forget? No, no, I will praise and adore at the mercy seat, until at the glorified throne I kneel at his feet.  Oh it is wonderful that he should care for me enough to die for me! oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me".  The Lord is definitely working within the hearts of his children and I feel so grateful to be able to see it.

 Lastly, 2 more of our investigators Akram (50 yr old female) and Yashar (28 yr. male) committed to baptism- they are from Iran and just incredible! We have been teaching them for 2-3 weeks now and they have become our family. They used to be Muslim, but now love Jesus Christ as our Savior, not just a prophet. They have had some incredible experiences that have brought them to this truth, but i want to share one quick one with you. Th 15 yr old boy (Aresh- he will most likely be baptised as well, but he just wasn't at the lesson when we committed Akram and Yashar) was reading the BOM and asking God if it was true...he told us how he wasn't getting an answer, but we told him not to give up! Well the next day Aresh was in a TERRIBLE bike crash and his face was DESTROYED! But as we talked with him afterward, he told us how when he crashed 3 things came to his mind...his family, friends, AND THE BOOK OF MORMON! And for him it was at the point that he knew it was true. He told us, "I don't know why God had to answer my prayer that way, but i know it's true". haha- this family is amazing! They truly feel like family to me, and I am so excited for them to work towards the 14 of December, and then prepare to enter the temple. But if they want to be sealed in the temple, the dad Muhamed needs to be baptised, but he isn't make much progress now, please also keep him in your prayers so their family can enter together, to be sealed for time and all eternity! They truly are such humble people, who are so 'READY' and I feel so blessed to know them.  Miracles are raining over here in Kwinana, and I wish I had time to tell you about all of them! My companion is amazing, so humble and so in tune with the spirit and I have learned so much from her- I feel so blessed to be in the position I am right now:) Ahhh I wish I had more time, but I have to get going! I love you guys. thank you for all your prayers, packages, letters, and emails, you are all wayyyyy to good to me:)
Love always,
Sister Ensign

Monday, November 11, 2013

I am not "great", but I am great to him...................

Oh my glorious!!! It is soooo hot! We stand in the sun for like -5 seconds and I get burned, it's awesome haha! I love it! Finally warm weather...I went from a long winter in America, to a VERY LONG winter here in Australia, so my body is definitely craving the sun;) (hey remember when Nicolle would tell us things her body was craving, like protein haha- gosh I love her so much!)
Yesterday after personal study I went into my bedroom to have my good talk with God (it's my favorite part about personal study, being able to spend the last little bit on my knees talking with Heavenly Father!) and boy was it a tender experience! I was reflecting on myself and realized that I am no "great" person. I am not "known among others", I don't have GREAT talents that others remember me by, I haven't won any great awards, and I'm just not..."great" in the worlds eyes...but that does not matter, and that never will matter! All that matters is our personal relationship with Heavenly Father...NOTHING ELSE! God sees my heart, he sees my efforts, and he sees my sincerity and that's what will bring rewards and blessings. Having that true and sincere relationship with Heavenly Father is what will matter at the last day when we stand before him. The spirit brought these words to my mind, "I am not "great" but I am great to him" !   I love my merciful Heavenly Father, and I love his endless love! He truly does think each of us is pretty great....- how lucky are we!?
This week has been incredible! The Lord has definitely prepared the hearts of the people in this area and there are just so many of them who are ready to "change". We not only were able to find a lot of people who are ready to learn more about our Savior and His gospel, but some really special families! Elder Bunda and his companion gave us a referral earlier this week for a Persian family, and boy are they incredible! We met them and just in this past week, have had very tender experiences with them! While my companion and I shared the restoration, they felt the spirit so strongly then and were even able to explain what they were feeling. They have since come to church, loved it, and been reading the Book of Mormon- so yes a baptismal invitation (which I'm sure they will accept) will come on Tuesday;) I am so excited for this family, and even more excited that they already have a desire to enter the temple and be sealed as a family- they are definitely elect!
Another experience I had this week in personal study, that changed me  was when I studied more about our baptismal covenants, and examples of people in the scriptures who have done anything and everything they could to keep their covenants (seeing we have heaps of less actives). Well while do so the spirit opened my eyes and helped me see even more the importance of covenant keeping as well as enduring to the end. We were able to talk to many less actives this week, about their covenants and shared several examples from the BOM of those who did the same (my favorite example is the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's because I had a really tender experience before my mission at Quest when we were able to reenact this seen on the hillside in the Uintah Mountains) and it has worked MIRACLES! Because the spirit can't help but burn and testify as we read from the scriptures, at the end of the lesson when we invited them to "renew their covenants by partaking of the sacrament" (instead of just "coming to church") they can't help but say yes! The hearts of many less active members were changed this week, and it was the sweetest thing to see several of them (one family specifically) at church yesterday! I know that church...the sacrament, is for US AND GOD! No one else...this is something we have also really tried to help our less actives see this week! I love the sacrament, and have such a deep love for it! I am so grateful that our Savior Jesus Christ gave up his life for this world, for my family, for the people in Baldivis ward, for me, for EVERYONE so that we can be cleansed and healed. I truly "stand all amazed" at the love he offers me!
Last thing, quickly! We went and saw a less active yesterday who looked like the Grinch (on a good day) haha, jk,  but she was not a happy camper. being the mother of 7 kids, she was exhausted to say the least, and was not showing much interest! Well naturally I wanted to give up and just accept the fact that she is "not ready", but then I was gently reminded of my amazing older sister who has endless 'lOVE' for those she teaches...this allowed me to Love this less active, and my companion and I were able to have a really good lesson with her. by the end, her countenance had changed, and within a few hours she had texted us and told us all the things she had read in the BOM. The reason the Savior was a perfect teacher, was because of his endless love and compassion he had for those he taught, and I KNOW that as we truly care and love for those we teach and acquaint ourselves with, their hearts will be touched, and they will have a desire to change!
Sister Ensign

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

....... he was sitting in his chair in the back yard, thinking in his head, "God, where are you?!?!"

OK.....I don't even know where to start!...I have never been so exhausted my whole mission...this is by far the most physically and spiritually draining work,  but I LOVE IT!!! I seriously have never been happier than I have been on my mission! We seriously like run out of houses and dance and hug we are soooo excited with all the miracles Heavenly Father is sending our way! This week with the Lords help, we found 10 new investigators and committed 2 of them to be baptized! The first one we committed, her name is Fiona! While going through the area book we found a "less active" lady who we wanted to see, so we called her set up an appointment, and brought a member with us so go see her a few days later. Come to find out, this "less active" lady, not a member! She met missionaries a while back, and read the Book of Mormon...she loves it, and she knows it's true! We immediately invited her to be baptized (since that's what we are here to do...;)) and she said yes. We have talked to her several times since, and she is so excited for the 23rd! I'm telling you...this work is not is all the Lord! I know he is preparing the hearts of many people right now, but these people just need a little help and a little direction...that's why MISSIONARY WORK IS SOOOOO IMPORTANT!
We are working with HEAPS of less actives, and part member families right now! We have sooo ooo much work to do in this area, but it's just amazing! I wish I had time to tell you about all the lessons this week since they were all sooooo powerful and special, but I only have time to tell you of a few.
We met a man named Benjamin who we found out is less active...well not only less active, but now he is ATHEIST! He is a endowed returned missionary, and was recently released from being the gospel doctrine teacher!......what the heck right?! Well we started talking to him (in the blazing hot sun...I'm telling you it's getting SO HOT hahaha) and after like 15 minutes it was very clear that he was not going anywhere - changing his mind right my companion and I took the opportunity to call him to repentance, and share our testimonies(our job as missionaries;))! We reminded him of the most abominable sin, which is to deny the Holy Ghost and invited him to very closely consider this decision he is now making in his life, to distance himself from God (yes my last companion Sister Kanee taught me to be BOLD  haha). Just after saying that,  we shared with him of the endless love and mercy our Father in Heaven has for him. We were moved to tears as we bore testimony of the reality of our Father in Heaven, and our Savior Jesus Christ. This week in zone conference my testimony increased enormously in this...I came to a better understanding that this truly is the Lord's work and he needs it done. He needs his children back, and the only way that can be accomplished is through repentance and baptism and this is something that needs to be taught to everyone boldly, lovingly, and simply! I love my Savior so much, and I know he is by our side everyday...he is always waiting for us to turn to him. But as we bore testimony to this man Ben, I felt soooo much love for him (thanks for teaching me about "love" Collie;)) and after having said what we needed to, I left feeling so mad at Satan! I hate him! Our testimonies are so fragile and unless we are nourishing them, Satan will take hold of them, and drag us down. We cannot be fence sitters, we need to choose today to feed the flame, nourish our testimonies, and give our will up for the will of our Father.
This week while following up on a former investigator, we met Frets...a sweet man in his 40's from Chile!!!! (when he told us where he was from I used my sweet Spanish to say hello and introduce myself as a Sister missionary...yes you would be proud of my Spanish that I learned in Washington haha). But we had a really good conversation with him...come to find out, his wife had just left, he had lost his car, and some of his children left as well, and life was just not in his favor. He then took the time to explain to us that just seconds before we knocked on his door he said he was sitting in his chair in the back yard, thinking in his head, "God, where are you?!?!" (as he was reflecting on how much he has lost recently, which had led him to being an atheist). As we talked with him he said in his sweet accent, that he thinks it's a sign from God that we just knocked on the door. We told him that he didn't have to tell us that,  and that we knew it was a sign;) and then told him of the endless love and compassion that our Heavenly Father has for him. It ended up being really special and he just couldn't stop saying how much of a miracle it was that we came. My testimony keeps on getting strengthened in the fact that this is God's work.  And when we follow the spirit, we can accomplish what he needs done. So many people this week have told us, "you have no idea how bad I needed this, you came right at the right time!". I can't tell you how sweet these words are to missionaries ears...I love God, and I love that he leads us missionaries to those of his children who need him most at this time. I know that God's timing is perfect, and that if we trust in it, be "patient in our afflictions",  surely the day will come when we will "rest from our labors" and trials.
Australia is amazing! I love it because over here we can be totally REAL with the robotic missionary status...... doesn't work . But as we are obviously obedient, but totally ourselves, the people eat it up. I've come to realize (and not only is this true for missionary work, but our everyday lives) that we are placed in certain peoples paths (and around certain people) for a reason, and we need to lift them. we shouldn't be one who needs others to lift them, but lift is one of our baptismal covenants, don't forget it;)  CHEERSSS!
I have felt the spirit so much this week and haven't been able to keep my eyes dry,  holy cow! I know more than ever that Christ is real. The atonement is powerful, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints really is Christ's grateful I am for this knowledge! Thank you for all your prayers, please keep them coming. We are now working with more people than  I have my whole mission combined (jk;) but there really are HEAPS) and amazing things are soooo close (like I can't even begin to explain). But now more than ever, my companion and I are trying to have a lot of faith that things will keep going well because right now, things almost just seem to good to be true:)  I love you and hope you have an incredible week! xoxooxox
love Sister Diondra Ensign

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I have never felt "the plan of redemption" work as immediate as it did that night .......

So...the Lord feels my time here in Wanneroo, after 6 months, is up.  I'm officially being transfered to Kwinana, with Sister L.........( I can't pronounce her last name yet, but she is from Samoa and I am so excited!). We will be in a biking area and summer is right on it's way, so it will be a fun adventure!  With all that said, I am absolutely heart broken to leave my companion....Heavenly Father has helped me feel ok about leaving this area, because I truly feel like I've accomplished what he needed me to, and I feel like I've tried my best...but as for my companion...ahhh....we already had a good cry this morning, and neither of us cry very often,  haha. It is going to be great to get to have the opportunity to love a new companion, but I know for sure that Sister Kanee will always be my "sister"...I don't even want to say much after that, cause I know I'm just going to cry. But you seriously have no idea how much the two of us have grown...we have learned HEAPS from each other and I will be eternally grateful for her!
Anyways, on the bright side- Karim and Parvonay are set to be baptised this week and President has given me permission to come back up for their baptism, which will be really great I am so excited for them! This week has been really, really good with them! They have been sooooo faithful to the Lord's commandments we teach them about! Karim has already finished the Book of Mormon 2x and he loves it, he knows it is true! Karim has so willingly gave up many bad habits, just so he can have the gospel and our Savior in his life more fully! Example#1- He was smoking a lot, we taught him about the word of wisdom, and he so willingly said he would stop...He then used nicotine patches for a couple of days, and hasn't had one since...he is amazing! Example #2 -  Him and Parvonay have grown up having 4 cups of tea per day, and were addicted to it (get headaches if they don't drink it), when we told them that they can't get baptised if they drink it they said, "ok, I will not have any more" and that is that. They are so willing to do what the Lord needs them to, and they are just such great examples to me of children of God who give up their will for the will of the Father. Example #3 -  We taught them about the Law of tithing (keep in mind they moved from Iran just a few months ago, and are currently just getting very little money from the government). Just after we taught them and committed them to start paying after they are baptized, Karim said so sweetly, "It's ok.  We will pay now." (in his sweet broken English). They are AMAZING, and I KNOW that they will be blessed so much for their faithfulness. It has helped me reflect on my own willingness to do whatever the Lord has I do it as easily (with no complaints) like Parvonay and Karim because I know it will bless me?! I sure hope so, but they truly are such special people!
This week has been really, really spiritual for me. I have felt the spirit more powerfully this week, than…I don’t know.  I think I always say that, but the spirit continually gets stronger and stronger and I am just so grateful for that! I have had some really good talks with my Father in Heaven as I have pleaded with him to rescue a few specific children of his (as I was hurting for them)...and wow...the power of prayer is REAL! I prayed with all the energy of my soul, and I have never felt "the plan of redemption" work as "immediate" as it did that night ...I know Christ can take away ANY of our pains, big or small. The minute we pray on bended knee, the Lord HEARS our cries, and will answer us and "WILL NOT LEAVE US COMFORTLESS". The atonement is real, and my testimony was strengthened in it even more this week!
Well cool we met Parvonay and Karim because we prayed about where to go, and ended up in their little complex, and met their nephew Aryan! (arie-ahn). He is 13 yr. old and has grown up here in Australia, and is just awesome! Well,  we started out teaching him, and his mom (Mandana), and then Parvonay and Karim came into the picture and Mandad and Aryn kind of slipped out (by their choice). Well last night we found out that Aryan's dad in Iran had died and their whole family was just broken! Well cool thing was, earlier that morning we had planned to teach them the plan of salvation. As we were able to teach this REAL, and absolutely gorgeous plan that God has for us, they were all in tears! (Time out: This week I have come to love the plan of salvation EVEN MORE- and many times while studying and sharing what I learned with my companion, was not even able to hold my emotions back, and just cried to my companion. I know it is the true plan that God DOES have for us and that our journey here on earth really is not the end!) -  Time in: Well as we taught this lesson to this family who had just lost their dad, my love for it grew even more and the spirit was just so strong.  Well,  after explaining to them the importance of following Christ in our everyday decisions (while here on earth) Aryan and Mandana straight up asked if they could be baptized with Karim and Parvonay on Saturday! hahahaha    We were like,  "yes of course you can be baptized, but we need to teach you a little more because this really is a very big step!" Ahhh.... it was just beautiful, and now, out of this family,  4 of them will be baptised members:)  What a beautiful thing this will be! Mandana and Aryan are going to be baptised on the 16th of November, so hopefully I'll be able to come back up for that as well because  I think that Karim is going to baptise them:)
The last thing I want to share with you, is how grateful I am for the knowledge I have that I am literally, a ”daughter of god”! We are teaching a lady named Jane who is in her late 50's. When we first met her she was NOT INTERESTED at all, but (the Aussies probably hate me for it, but I am very persistent) we were not going to let her shut the door right away! She wouldn't take a pamphlet, nor a picture of Christ at first, but as we shared A LITTLE more with her about the Plan of Salvation she was hooked, and ended up taking a plan of salvation pamphlet. Then she wasn't going to let us come back but we offered her service......she accepted, we went back, had a lesson, she came to general conference, we had another lesson and now we are roping her in ;) haha   She had no idea what was in store for her! jk...but seriously.   She is awesome and this week we were able to introduce to her the concept that we are truly "daughters of God". She LOVED this and totally ate it up! She has struggled with loving herself and she said that this knowledge brought so much peace and reassurance to her. We are helping lead her to the truth she once knew, and this will be a beautiful journey for her! I reckon she will be baptised next month, she doesn't know it yet, but with the spirit working this hard on her, it has to be done;)
We currently have 30 ish investigators and so we are staying sooo busy! The key we have to finding so many new investigators is we TALK WITH EVERYONE! Every time we go on exchanges with the Sisters, they always laugh at me because we will be driving down the street, and then I randomly slam on my brakes and say, "we need to go talk to them", or "We need to go knock on that door" haha. Ya,  it's funny, and I'm sure we look ridiculous, but our message is worth it! It's more important than the songs people are listening to in their headphones, or their "evening walk" they are on...any of is the most important thing and we cannot pass up an opportunity to share it with someone! A goal of mine is to not be an elevator who finds someone, works really,  really hard on them and only them, and helps them gets baptized, and then has to start over again with finding someone...but rather an escalator missionary who is constantly putting people on this journey towards baptism...God needs all his children back, and working with many of them is a true blessing and something I'm so grateful he has entrusted my companion and I with.  I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father has allowed me to work with many of his children here in Wanneroo....I have learned so much from the members, less actives, and non members we have worked with!   Miracles are showering all around and I  was only able to scrape the surface today! I hope you know that I love this work, I love my Father in Heaven, who has changed and softened the hearts of many people here in this part of the world, and I am eternally grateful for the people God puts in our lives, to learn from...I love being a missionary, and it sure is a "great day to be a missionary in Western Australia" haha ;) Have an awesome week, CHEERS!
Sister Diondra Ensign

Monday, October 14, 2013

...I have learned more from her than I have anyone else while being in the mission field.... about the best conference ever!!!  This whole week, as I've had to wait in anticipation for it, i literally felt like a giddy little child waiting for Christmas, no lie! As i listened to conference, my testimony was strengthened heaps in the fact that Heavenly Father really has shown us that he loves us so much, by calling a modern day prophet and apostles! Their words truly were his words and were not only answers to prayers and questions I had personally, but also for like EVERYONE we are teaching! We truly are so blessed to have General Conference! We were able to have a few investigators there which was really good, and them along with Brian (our recent convert) were very moved by the messages given, the spirit was so strong and I know that Heavenly Father is sooo aware of us!
PARVONAY AND KARIM ARE GETTING BAPTISED ON THE 26TH!!! How amazing is that?!? This week we went over to talk to them about the book of Mormon, and they told us that they know it is true! They know the church is true, and they love it! During this time they had been looking for a house, and finally after the committed to baptism they were able to get a house the next day! God is blessing them for their righteous desires and actions, as he will for each of us as we do the same! Please continue to keep them in your prayers:)
This week was  really really really good one. For a lot of different reasons. We had a lot of little miracles but probably the best part about my week (aside from Parvonay and karim committing to baptism!!!) was when Marc Lambert (the less active man I've been telling you about) called us Tuesday night. He reported how his meeting with bishop went! He sounded so excited the minute we answered, and he went on to tell us that HE IS GOING THROUGH THE TEMPLE ON NOVEMEMBER 16TH  TO RECEIVE HIS ENDOWMENTS! He has been progressing little by little in the past 6 months, but the light switch just went off and now he is on fire! He prays and reads everyday, he has a calling, and is even a ward missionary now! Sister Kanee and I have permission to go with him through the temple on the 16th of next month and I seriously cannot wait!!! He couldn't help but just thank us missionaries after telling us about his great news, but really I know it was NOT us! The lord is the one who has truly softened his heart, and helped him see the bigger picture and it is just the most beautiful thing! I'm so excited for him to make more covenants with our Heavenly Father in the House of the Lord!
Last thing, was this week we taught a family of 6 (another answer to a prayer- I had been praying for my companion and I to find a family to teach...sure enough...prayers answered;)) and as I looked at them, and their wide eyes concerning the things we were saying...I realized again that the most important place to learn, is in the home and ESPECIALLY as a family! This week while reading in the bible dictionary about temples, I read that the second most sacred place (temple being the first) is the home. This is sooo true!  As I looked at this family I couldn't help but feel so much excitement from my Heavenly Father that families are what need to come together in today's world. They need to be strong. and not just "strong" alone, but strong in the gospel. I know that Having the Savior AND HIS ATONEMENT at the center of the things taught and lived in the home, is most important.  This family is coming along well, and 2 of the kids have already received a witness that the book of Mormon and the message we share is true! The lord is definitely working through the "rising generation" to convert the rest of his children, it's a beautiful thing to see.
Update on Rowena...she is down to one cigarette  a day and is doing awesome! She loved conference, and she loves the Book of Mormon...she is getting close to committing to baptism...but is still waiting for an answer from God that she needs to be baptised again (she was baptised as a baby) so please keep her in your prayers as well.  There is so much potential in our area right now, and our sweet ward mission leader and bishop prayed about  a  number goal for baptisms to reach, until the year ends...and came to the conclusion that Heavenly Father needs 20 of his children (in our ward) baptised before the end of the year! This is HUGE!!! Our whole mission aims for 25 per month, but with nooooo doubt, as we exercise our faith and work our hardest, this goal can be met! We have already started to see so many miracles, with 2 girls now, telling us that they are ready to be baptised (members friends). Gordon B. Hinckley said that the day would come (in western Australia) that non members would be coming to the missionaries looking for the truth...we have already seen this begin to happen in our zone and in our companionship.  I have never seen the work hasten so's kind of scary haha. Our Saviors coming is nigh...we need to be ready. We need to repent NOW. There really is not time to procrastinate. As we declare repentance to our investigators, I literally feel as if it's not me moving my is the most surreal thing...but I know that "this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God" (Alma 34:32)...we truly cannot put off repenting any longer. We have the free gift of the atonement waiting to be used...don't take it for granted. I have felt the power of the atonement in all things, both big and small...I testify it truly swallows up our pains. As I bore testimony of this yesterday, one of our less active lady's flipped at me for saying that; but I cannot deny it... the power of the atonement is real. it is powerful, and it is the means for CHANGING!
This week i had a lot of little tender mercies when my eyes were opened even more, to how much Dad has done for us! Lets just say, when I'm home I'm going to help dad with ANYTHING he asks, WHENEVER he asks...He has done so much for us kids and it's all been done purely out of, you are such a good example to me. There are a lot of missionaries who struggle with talking to people...they are scared of rejection.  Many of my companions, and even the sisters in our zone right now struggle with that, but I feel soooo grateful for you as my dad because through your example/the things I've watched you do growing up...I LOVE TALKING WITH PEOPLE! I can probably count on one hand the number of times, I've felt intimidated to go talk to the best.  I owe this gift to you! I also thought back to the time when Hunts and I were pulling the weeds in the massive garden, (feeling like we had been there 293847298374 hours...beginning to feel tired, and just being a girl ;) ) and I began to cry.  As I told Hunter how nervous I was to move out for college.  Well Hunts was the perfect example of Jesus Christ, because rather than telling me to toughen up...he listened to me.  He told me that he loved me and that everything was going to be ok! I will never forget that experience:) The Savior (just how hunter demonstrated) is here to listen to us no matter what we've done...I've learned that we are NEVER "unworthy" to pray...if we feel like that, it's Satan telling us that...Satan is the one who teaches us not to pray. I know that Heavenly Father and the Savior will always listen, and send comfort, which is all possible through the beautiful atonement Christ made. I also thought back to a funny experience with Sammy, when her and I were sitting in her room and I would tease her by saying, "if you can get out of the room without my tagging you, I'll buy you ice cream."  And then I would stand in front of the door making it totally impossible for her to ever "win the ice cream".   I was such a stink Sammy...I'm sorry haha. Thanks for being such a good sport though, you have definitely brought heaps of smiles and laughs into my life. I am also  grateful for your strong spirituality...if more children were like you...the whole world would be a different place.  I hope you are always making sure to recognize the spirit and the little miracles in your life that bring you closer to Heavenly Father. Be sure to thank him each time you feel the spirit, or feel him help you- it is very important that we acknowledge him and his hand in our life. Then mum, as I listened to conference and heard several talks on the importance of having Mother's IN THE HOME to raise their children, I couldn't help but just feel so much gratitude for you doing this while bring us kids up. Not only did you always cook us beautiful meals, sing to us at night, take us to the park to play, and endless other things...but you told us about our Savior, Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father and the things that they have asked us to do. And even better than that, you lived the things you taught. Having a mother in the home truly is not a common thing anymore, and I'm just grateful that I had you and dad to follow the council of our leaders by putting your family first. Yesterday my companion leaned over to me in conference, and said, "You're parents form their lives around you kids ,didn't they?" I humbly said, "yes, they did".  She hasn't had this growing up and hearing and seeing her family life has truly made me so grateful for mine! My companion has literally become my best friend. I can't even begin to explain how close we have grown. She will be an eternal friend of mine. I can't wait to tell you all about her one day, and all the things we've been're in for a treat. But I have learned more from her  than I have anyone else while being in the mission. She is one of the best examples in my life, of being truly converted to the gospel, the work, and our Heavenly Father. With transfers being next week...and considering I've been here for 6 months...we will probably get separated and I will leave the area...but I'm just so grateful for all that I have learned!
This week in my interview I was able to account to president on the area, my companion, the sincerity of my prayers, my testimony and many other wise I know we will account to the Savior one day, of all our thoughts, actions, and desires as well. This is something I've really come to understand, and as a result it pushes me to try my best each day. I love you and hope you know how much I pray and fast for you!  As my family, next to the Savior, you motivate me and truly have played a role here in the work in Western Australia!
love always,
Sister Diondra Ensign

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I am grateful for the transformation I see in others and myself as we each make Christ the center of our lives.

K...I'm like already crying just thinking about how miraculous this week has been! The temple on Wednesday....speechless...we sat in the temple, and AS SOON as the temple video started playing I just cried...and cried...there is absolutely nothing like the literal house of the Lord. I feel so close to my Father in Heaven, and Savior Jesus Christ when I am there, and I am so grateful for that piece of Heaven here on earth!  This week i have gained a stronger testimony than ever, that GOD LIVES! JESUS CHRIST LIVES! I feel like i say this over and over, but it is just becoming more and more real each time! I love this gospel, and in the end, it is what will save us when we stand before our maker! 

Yesterday us missionaries helped out in Sharing time for primary, and just before we walked in the sweet, humble, and innocent children were singing "If the Savior stood beside me"...gosh, that song is just beautiful, and especially when it's coming from little children! But i was sweetly reminded that each action, thought and word, needs to be pure enough to do/say in front of the Savior, because He truly is standing beside us every second of the day!!! Along with that, his brothers and sisters (that he gave his life for) are right beside us as well, so I have made a stronger commitment, to treat them (ALL OF THEM) how the Savior word, in both deed and thought. "inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."
Ok, now for the humbling experience I have been so excited to share with you! So if you remember last week, me telling you about the Iranian couple, Parvonay (wife) and Karim (husband) ,probably in their 30's, who said they had prayed for help from God, and the next day we knocked on their door...Well this week we were able to teach them twice, and they came to watch a baptism some other missionaries! amazing! So before I explain the last lesson we had with them, I want to tell you about another Iranian, who is a recent convert, his name is Ben and he is in his late 20's.  Ben is pretty much converting all of the Iranians here in Western joke! Like everyone around here knows about him. He has become us missionaries best friend when it comes to teaching the Iranians because he is able to help translate. And the cool part is, is he recognizes that his ability to translate  is from God, considering he only came here 6 months ago, and so has just recently learned English. He has the most sincere testimony, especially on the Book of Mormon, but also is sooo REAL, hilarious, and is definitely one of Heavenly Father's elect sons! Ben helped us out with the lesson this week and it.was.unreal!!!! We were teaching the Restoration to Karim and Parvonay at the chapel, with our sweet recent convert Brian present in the lesson, haha love him more and more each week! The spirit was just so incredibly thick! When reciting Joseph Smith's first vision, Sister Kanee and I did not slow down for translation because we just figured, would let them FEEL the spirit.. As soon as we finished we waited for Ben to start translating...and he just sat there and then finally said, "I don't want to feels to nice" haha. Just as he started explaining it to him, they began to talk instead and told him that they were feeling SOMETHING good, happy, and special!!!  Well, Karim then continued to talk to Ben in Farsee...and kept talking....and talking...and pointing to me as well...?...and talking... and I started getting a little nervous thinking maybe he had a concern...Well, Ben then translated back to us that they ,Karim and Parvonay,  knew that what we had shared was true! And that this IS the true church! And that ever since they had come to our church they have felt that this is what they and their family need, and that this is what God needs them to do! Ben then shared an experience that Karim had just 3 months back, while in Iran. He had had a dream...and Sister Ensign was in his dream:) He saw me and knew that I had something he and his family needed......As he shared this with me I couldn't help but just cry! God truly has prepared his children, and placed this area, for specific people. Working with them I have also learned even more of the importance of teaching by the spirit. When they come to church, and when we teach simple lessons (without Ben), they can understand very little, but always express how they feel so "good" inside when we do! The Lord truly is in the work, and is preparing his children ,from all parts of the world to enter his kingdom, by receiving the restored gospel into their lives! Parvonay and Karim will most likely be baptised on the 26th, so please continue to keep them in your prayers!
Another miracle, we have been working SO HARD with a less active named Marc ever since I've come here to Australia (6 months), and yesterday....He has been progressing soooo much this whole time, by reading and praying daily, studying his patriarchal blessing, and preparing to go to them temple (spiritually) and constantly surrounding himself with good members, but had not come to was so killer! Well yesterday we saw a beautiful miracle when we saw MARC AT CHURCH!!!! I just wanted to cry and cry, and I can't even imagine how happy it made our Heavenly Father! Well after church while eating, we get a call from Marc and this is what he said! "Hey sisters, I just wanted to thank you for being so persistent in getting me back to church! Today was really good, and I really enjoyed it and it just feels good to be back!". Sister Kanee and I just were speechless, hearing those words meant to world to me and I was so thankful that God helped him break through that last barrier, I have no doubt he will be able to enter the temple, and receive his endowments in no time! How great is our God for working mighty miracles within the hearts of his children! We have been working a lot with less actives and it's just the sweetest thing to see them back in the chapel, renewing their covenants with Heavenly Father.
Yesterday in fast and testimony meeting, Malad (11 yr) and Blessing (12 yr) [recent converts] bore the most beautiful testimonies! I seriously am blown away with them, and the whole ward was as well. Malad bore testimony on the power of the Book of Mormon, and how much it has helped them.  Blessing talked about how after going to so many different churches growing up, she is so glad that she has finally found the one an only true one. She loves that our church actually teaches more about Jesus Christ ,where many of the other ones didn't do that so much. She sweetly shared her conversion story, and mentioned on how the night she met us missionaries at her family party , she noticed a glow about us missionaries and knew that we had something she needed!
I'm so grateful for the people God has allowed my companions and I to work with here in Wanneroo, and my life has been forever changed  by them. I am grateful for the transformation I see in others and myself, as we each make Christ the center of our lives. I love changing, and love it, because it is evidence of the reality of the atonement. I love you, each one of you. I mean that, ok?!  ok! xoxoxooxoxoxoox
Sister Diondra Ensign
mother- this week while reading in the new testament...i came across the best scripture! Go look it up, it's Genesis 31:49. Background for this scripture, this is when Lavan is upset with Jacob because he has secretly left (because the Lord commanded him to) with Laban's daughter's (his wife's), which made Laban mad. So they make a covenant of peace and this verse is what they say in/after the covenant of peace. I hope it makes you smile just like it did for me:) love you!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


HiiiiiiiJ This week has been awesome! A lot of trials, and a lot of rejection, slammed doors, people wanting to bible bash, and all that…butttttttt I LOVE IT! Haha. K I don’t love the rejection so much, but I love knowing that no matter what arguments people bring, they can never disprove our testimonies and that is what keeps us going! Having proof in front of us can mean nothing because we can forget things we see, but we can never forget things we have felt, and I KNOW that the things I have felt are real, and I will NEVER be able to deny them!!!…I just had to get that out… J I love this gospel ;)
Soooooo haha, such a great week here in Wanneroo…but lets me honest, whats new?! My companion and I have gone “hammmmmm” (as Hunter would say it) this week and just worked soooo hard- of course, in return we saw a lot of miracles.  Earlier this week we were  able to meet with one of our investigators who we met last week, that I didn’t have a ton of time to explain about…but she was definitely a miracle! Her name is Rowena and she is probably in her 30’s. She has been through a lot, but currently has the most beautiful relationship with our Heavenly Father, and has just definitely been prepared for what he have to share with her.  Well we taught her the Restoration (aahhh I love this lesson) and had the coolest experience during it! We had just finished talking about the Great Apostasy, and she was totally with us definitely understanding how this happened, and how it only made sense ;) and then we shared the powerful, first vision! My companion and I have made it really special and so not just one of us says the whole thing, but we do it differently, and…..the spirit was so strongJ Just after we finished the last line, “This is my beloved son, hear Him” Rowena, gasped and put her hand over her mouth and said, “WOW!”…I have the goosebumps now, just reflecting back to the experience. Then, and since then, the spirit has told her that the things we have shared with her ARE true  and she is just so pumped about this gospel! It makes me so happy and excited myself, and I am so grateful I get to know her and share our Savior’s message with her! She has a lot of things we will need to work through, but lets be honest…someone who is ready to just hop in the water and get baptised is no fun…we need bumps and trials right?! That’s what makes it fun right?! (haha that’s me trying to look on the bright side;)  But I’m so excited for her!
We also had a mean Restoration  lesson with a Kiwi lady in her 50’s who has come a long ways since we first met her.   I want to share a little bit of our conversation with you guys...But this was what took place, just after we had shared the awesome restoration, and about the Book of Mormon with her...
Us Missionaries: "Jenny, what are you willing to do to find out if this book is true?"
Jenny:  "Mmmm, I'll ponder on it" 
Us: "But Jenny, remember those 3 things we just read, that we HAVE to do if we want to find out this Book is true!?..." (read, ponder and pray)
Jenny: "I'm just not ready to join another faith right now"
Us: "We're not asking you to join another faith right now, we're just asking you to find out if this Book is true!"
Jenny: (in a worried tone) "but WHAT IF IT IS TRUE?"
 Jenny felt it and knows that is is true, but she is just nervous because then that means the rest of it is true,  haha! But I am so excited for Jenny, please just continue to pray that she keeps her heart open to the will of God! She really is amazing though, because last week we invited her to pray (something she hasn't done in years because she hasn't felt worthy), She went outside and talked with God. I was nearly in tears when she told us this, because i can only imagine how happy this made Heavenly Father:)
Lastly, we had a very tender, unforgettable experience with an investigator named John. John is in his 50's or 60's, is a VERY hard worker, lives in the most gorgeous home with the most gorgeous yard, and from the outside looks like he has it all...but inside is entirely broken because of several things he's going through (he and his wife are getting divorced;(  Well Saturday night we felt we needed to go check on him. He opened the door and we began to sing, "I am a Child of God"...that was it...he broke down crying, and we just let him vent for  a while....He told us that we were wasting our time on him, but we straight up told him, "John...look at us ...WE.ARE.NOT.WASTING.OUR.TIME.ON.YOU!...We know that because we are here in behalf of Jesus Christ, and we know that he would not give up on you if he were here!" We shared the atonement with him, and then ended by singing "sweet hour of prayer" (all at his doorstep) and by the end, my companion, john and i were all in tears. i just love him and my heart aches for him! Well he continued to tell us that we should just give up on him because he is hopeless right now, my  awesome companion (who is the most bold person I've ever met, in a good way) told him, "John, we love you and will see you next week!" haha. He is too special to give up on, and so we are not stopping! We know God or Christ wouldn't, so we aren't either! Well as soon as we got back to the car, we started a fast for him, and sure enough...yesterday it was answered when 2 of the 3 Nephites (yes, i know 2 of them;) haha, seriously though, they are the most amazing members...they are literally working with 60 people right now, and straight up call people to repentance and invite them to be's amazing) went and visited John...had a miraculous experience that i don't have time to share;( but they asked him to be baptised on the 26th of October hahahah! I love it! This message we are about to share will heal John, and his broken heart!
I love this gospel, i love being a missionary, i love hardships because i see them strengthen my faith in Christ, and i love my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ! I can't say this enough, but i really do love them!...I can't even put into words my gratitude for them, but i do recognize that all the miracles we've sent his week, would not have been possible without the Lord. I love you guys and am so happy to have you in my life! xoxoxo
One last thing, on Friday, our Gospel principles class participants (ward mission leader, ward missionaries, normal members and recent converts) are all fasting to have an opportunity to share the gospel with someone! I would love to invite you guys to do the same with us! Please fast on Friday as a family, for a missionary experience! I know that each of us are aware of the power that comes from within fasting, and i know that each of us WILL have a faith building experience as we do this, along with an awesome opportunity to share the Savior's message. This week my testimony was again strengthened in the power of fasting. literally each time we fast for a family or new person to teach, without fail in that VERY day, God answers our fast...and i know he will do the same for you. Please join us Friday! love you to the moon and back!
love always,
Sister Ensign
next Monday we won't be having p day since it's a holiday (the queen's birthday), so my p day will be on Wednesday...2 days later, just a heads up! love ya xoxox