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Tuesday, March 25, 2014 knowledge of this has SAVED ME!

Wow...How grateful I have for the gift of the Holy Ghost; for a teacher, comforter, and guide 24/7! This week we had a great stake conference where I left with the spirit having taught me many things, but one in particular ( I even had to write it really big on my page) "YOU NEED TO BAPTIZE!" (we only have one baptism coming up...and that is so not ok, I need to help Heavenly Father WAY more here in Wembley!) So that night I fell asleep thinking about it and how I need to help these friends experience real conversion and how many things will influence it, but worshipping Jesus Christ on Sundays especially! Well the next morning in preparation for stake conference we went and rounded up all our investigators, and while just pulling out of the last one...I caught a glimpse of this man walking down the street, so i told me companion, "Sis, he has GOT to come to church today, COME ON!". So we pulled over the car, put on the hazards, and began to talk to this man. Well 40 minutes later, he was sitting in the chapel with us:) When the meeting finished he asked about the differences between all the churches...we invited him to sit outside the temple with us for a 20 minute discussion...(because the temple is next to our stake chapel) we sat on the temple grounds with our friend Brother Karatiana (member) with us, and this lovely 32 yr. old man,  ABRAHAM! Just after we prayed to begin this lesson he said, "hold on, I want to tell you something that I didn't realize this morning until after you guys walked away!...Last night I woke up at 1am from a dream, and in my dream there were two people who approached my about God"............(.ummmm ok)............. He told us that he knows things happen for a reason and that he met us for a reason, we couldn't agree more! haha :) We taught him the powerful message of the restoration in which he was SO EXCITED to pray about (even though he said he already felt really good about it!) and he especially loved that we invited him to pray and ASK GOD if it was true; whereas all the other churches he has been to have just tried to convince him that their way is the right way...I also am grateful that no one has to believe our words, but that they can ask our Heavenly Father themselves and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE promising the sincere seeker, that they WILL get an answer THAT VERY DAY, if they read and pray sincerely!
"Or what man is there of you who, if his son ask bread, will give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?" (3 Nephi 14:9-11) Our Heavenly Father truly is waiting anxiously to reveal answers to us on questions we have as well as concerns deep within our hearts! Abraham is preparing to be baptized on April 19th, and is just so excited! I love him, but even more, I know that our Heavenly Father loves him, and is so happy with him! I'm grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost that helps us know how to ACT in this work, because it is the ONLY reason we are led to miracles! What a gracious God we have:)
I wish i had more time to tell you about miracles this week...but I'm out! This week was a great learning experience for me though, the Lord humbled me (thank goodness, I need a lot more humbling!)  and brought me to my knees where I had such special experiences that strengthened my testimony so much! I definitely know that "we receive no witness until after the trial of your faith" (ether 12:6). I love tough times because they make the sweet times, so much sweeter! I love this work and I love feeling the Lord strengthen me! My love for our Savior has grown so much this week, his sacrifice for us literally allows Him to understand "pains, afflictions and temptations of every kind", so that "he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities" (Alma 7:11-12)..My knowledge of this has SAVED ME! He lives, He is THE way, and His example is the perfect one each of us need to follow! Study his life (new testament is great, we're reading that as a mission now), it has begun to change me and I know it will only do the same for you! love you guys so much!
Sister Ensign

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

....doing our best to convert the team, one player at a time ;)

Things are cooling down a bit, here in Wembley! It's kind of weird, but it's nice and refreshing not to sleep in sweat haha. Ahhh I love hearing how well everyone is doing, seriously, nothing is better than hearing how well you guys are all progressing spiritually, there is nothing else I would rather hear:)
So something kind of cool...our ward mission leader here in Doubleview ward is Robbie Abel, a player of the "Western Force" (professional rugby union team here in Perth, and they are really big here!) and since I have been here we have picked up 3 of his teammates as new investigators:) Hahaha, Sister Laulu-Putuatu and I are doing our best to convert the team, one player at a time;) This is a little excerpt from my comp's email...I add my second witness to it;)
And last but DEFINITELY not least the Western Force Rugby team! hahahahaha ok how to explain! The Western Force Rugby team is the union (pro) team in Perth City. So they are a really big deal here to Australians. So our WML, sure I have mentioned plays for them, and we have been trying to work with his roommate Adam...he is such a sweet guy and just needs a push! hahaha So we joke with Bro Abel "We are gonna convert your team one player at a time..." he thought it was a joke... :) So we asked and asked and Robbie Abel (WML) finally gave us his teammates address cuz we found out his partner(not wed) is a Less active member! So we go over!!! They were so so happy we came and guess what! We are now teaching Selesi Manu.....first teammate..check
Then later in the week we went to the shops and there we ran into Selesi and his girl Brook,  and then around the corner there was this Polynesian lady! So we STOPPED HER of course and talked to her and asked where she was from...Sydney...oh nice, why are you here? ....oh my husband plays football.....OH who for??....Perth....what team in Perth (by now we are about to pee our pants!!) she says Western Force! ahahahahahha, we started dying laughing! Long story short we are teaching their family as well :) And he is playing for Robbie Abel's team...he name is Sam Wykes.
And then!!! We were going to follow up with some investigators that live of Robbie Abel's street and we are going back to the car and we see this super tall guy!!! ITS Adam! :) Brother Abel's roommate and so we go talk to him, and we decide to give him a Book of Mormon :) He took it! And finally after a long while (nearly 4 months) He lets us teach him!!! :) Ahahaha So now third teammate...Adam Coleman.



Hahahahahha.....we told Brother Abel just barely about all his teammates and he almost was pretty sweet! We are so excited for him because he has been a really amazing example for his teammates. Seriously the world is focused on the fame and the names of these guys and Brother Abel. We are able to see them as who they are...and right now they are loved sons of God who do not have all they need to be happy...that's why we are help them repent...."reconcile themselves to God" 2 Nephi 25:23 and see what it means to find "peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come." Its the BEST CALLING EVER!!!!! :D
Oh and this is our WML,  Bro Abel.
So this week we had a "Cornelius moment"...and literally probably the coolest one I've experienced as a missionary!!! This is my companions explanation of here you are, enjoy!
So we had a day this week that was just ridiculously filled, so many member present lessons and people to see, and then half way through the day, they ALL started failing hard! hahaha, so we thought okay this is a trial of our faith and a miracle is coming! So we went out and decided to see some families on the household report that no one knew about! BAM back to back, we found 3 part member families that we are going to be working with :) But then!!!...we were walking out of a members place and walking back to our car at like 8pm and we were just singing...cuz that's just how we roll! We were singing Love at Home and right before we get to the car this gate opens and this lady runs....runssss out after us! hahaha she says "were you the ones singing?" we said yes, and then she apologised cuz she didn't know what came over her she just knew she needed to talk to us. :) So of course she invites us back to her house and we are like IN SHOCK....she is the definition of the beyond prepared!!! She is 29 and such a sweetheart!!!! We taught her the Plan of Salvation...she talked about how she thought she had to live with the guilt forever but now she knew she could repent. She committed to kneel down that night and repent....she cried when we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and OH...then she committed to be baptized in April!! :) hahahaha :) She is so amazing!!!! Lesson we learn over and over! We are given trials to test our faith....but we have to move forward with faith, hope, and enthusiasm and then...miracles never cease! :)
Pretty special hey? That night we just remained in silence in complete awe at what we had just experienced! She is amazing, and i KNOW that the elect really are out there!!!
Also...guess what?!?! Brother Hannon (a returning member in our ward) has relatives in our ward who are in Ireland and so he is working on getting their info so i can pass on a referral! Also, his parents just got called to the same mission (they are going to be an elderly couple) and he told them about "Sister Ensign's brother" who will be serving there, and they are so excited! So Hunts look out for Elder and SIster Hannon when you are there, and remember that their son and I know each other in Australia;) I feel like since Hunts has gotten his call there EVERYONE we talk to is from Ireland haha, it's a sweet tender mercy! Also when we do OCCASIONALLY meet Koreans I freak out and say "an-young-hi-say-o" (hello) and as a result we found a new investigator while on exchanges, and he is doing really well haha!
Well i know that prayer and scripture study is what is key for us staying close to our Heavenly is so simple, yet so big! Combined together, we can receive answers to questions and peace concerning our trials...I love this gospel! Things are really good here in's near Perth City so it's really worldly...which makes me sick, literally..., but it's still  really good!  Something I've recently realized is how lucky we are for the gospel, so that we may perfect ourselves through many people they are stuck, or they say are made "just the way they are" but little do they know, there is so much changing that can and must be done. It's the happiest feeling ever, to look back and see the ways the Lord has changed you! As much as I didn't want to acknowledge it, when I wrote "March 13" in my journal, and reflected back on the past year of my life, I was just so overcome with gratitude for the Savior and his Mercy, which has allowed me to grow so much! The Lord loves us so much, and his grace is the greatest gift...may we all call upon it, as we change to become more like HIM!:)
Love you,
Sister Ensign

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I seriously cant even begin to put my feelings into words......

 My little bro., I can't believe it!'m just bawling like a baby right now.... wow! I seriously cant even begin to put my feelings into
Hunter I am so happy for you are a great example to me! You sound so grown up and mature and like a worthy priesthood holder! Thank you!!! 
I think it's really special that's where you are going because I meet so many people from should hear my accent, it's pretty good;) There are HEAPS of Catholics there, so keep strengthening that great testimony you have of the Book of Mormon ;)
I honestly just want to kneel right here in the library and thank Heavenly Father for you and your worthiness...and ahhh I just wanna cry on my bed right now haha. STOP SISTER ENSIGN, ok...but I love you so much Hunts, I'm so happy for you! Ireland WILL BE THE 2ND BEST MISSION EVER:) (Australia Perth Mission is the 1st best;))


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hello Hello!
Wow:) What a week! I just want to start off by saying that my companion, Sister Laulu-Pututau is the strongest woman I have ever met...(sigh)...She is 1/2 Samoan, and has lived in Hawaii and Utah her whole life, but her family is currently in Logan Utah (yay!!! That means we can meet up after the mission;)) Anyways, she is such an effective missionary! The first few days of the transfers we were not able to serve together because we had other sisters staying with us who were waiting to get reassigned. Well us four sisters were about to head out just after I finished unpacking, but then the spirit sweetly reminded me of the importance of Faith in Jesus Christ! So I shared a scripture on Faith and we all committed to go out, work, and EXPECT TO SEE MIRACLES! Well we prayed, walked out of the flat and the first person we talked to...BOOM, said she would be baptized:) We were able to go back and teach her later in the week, and she had even brought 2 more of her friends to listen..."WHERE THERE IS FAITH, THERE ARE MIRACLES!"
Then we continued on in our area (which by the total city, heaps of Indians and yes that's a tender mercy,  but NO Polynesians:(...I'm having withdrawls;))...We passed a park and I felt we needed to go talk to the only lady sitting in the middle of the park; so we walked out bikes over towards her. We sat down with her, had an incredible lesson, and I would love to share with you the kneeling prayer she offered at the end of the lesson in this park... "Dear Heavenly Father, I want to ask if what the sisters have shared is true...actually, I don't have to ask, because I know it is. I can't wait to be baptized on march 29th, and I can't wait to go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life!" about, the elect being out there! I seriously can not explain how much my love for the principle of "Faith" has grown since I have been out! I love it! AND I love the Lords timing, it is perfect!
Since we have been working together...which is a total of 5 days now...the Lord has already made so many incredible things happen...especially with the Ward,  I cannot even begin to explain...all i can say is WOW!!! Good things are in store!
Well Sunday...(I feel sick just typing it...) companion found out that her father passed away...This has been life changing for her, and has taught me a lot. I have spent time on my knees, and time crying and hugging her...She is SO STRONG! She is determined to keep working hard, to stay positive, and still help the Lord hasten his work! She has been through a lot, but still remains so close to the Lord...I look up to her so much for it! She has no question of going home, so that is good (because she is one of the most effective missionaries I have ever met) but wow...We spent Sunday at the relief society presidents house (the day she found out) and let her just take some time, but since then she has been keen to work, and work hard. And as a result we have been blessed with miracles! (please keep her and her family in your prayers!)
A mom and a daughter (who love family history!!!) committed to be baptized, the wife of an investigator (who has been in the "background" the whole time the sisters have taught them) has committed to truly pray about the message they have shared (and boy was the spirit thick as ever when she committed to do so...she WILL get an answer tonight!), less actives we visited came to church on Sunday and the members are our best friends!!! So many good things happening and it is all thanks to the Lord!!!
My companion and I have drawn very close in the short amount of time we have been together, but it's actually really cool because we are like the exact same! It's crazy, but we know we are together at this time for a reason...we need each other! I love serving with her because she knows how important her calling is, she knows how to teach with the spirit, and knows how to be BOLD AS  in the most loving way! We have had some extremely powerful lessons, and I'm so excited for this next transfer together! As we trained in Zone meeting not only did the spirit work within us, but other missionaries talked about the strongly they felt the know why?!? Not because of Sister Laulu-Pututau and Ensign, but because it was all of the Savior and how he ex: "talked with everyone". He truly is the greatest example in all aspects of life, and I know that when he is the center of everything we talk about...the spirit has no choice but to abide, touch hearts, and change lives! He is the ultimate example! I feel so humbled to be a representative of Jesus Christ...he truly is my Master, and Savior!
Prayer is the greatest communication tool our Heavenly Father has given us. It literally allows God to answer all my questions and concerns, and allows me to feel of his DEEP love! As we have knelt outside on the grass, they arose with great faith, God has literally placed people in our path minutes after who need what we have! It amazes me how important and real the power of prayer is. Our Heavenly Father NEEDS to hear from us! He needs our hearts, and he is so anxious and excited to hear from us! I love him and I Love our Savior!
I can't wait for Bubba to serve, he will be such a great missionary! Sister Tall showed me the video of Collie in action...I CRIED! She makes me so happy and I feel so blessed to say that I have a sister in Christ working right along side me! Greatest blessing ever!
ahhhhhh I see someone Spanish!!! Gotta go talk to them...not many of them around here:) byeeeeee
Sister Ensign
next Monday  i won't have will be put off an additional day. So i will be emailing you next on Tuesday!! :) love you!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New York Times interview with the other Sister Ensign, my sister Nicolle.....

Diondra's sister, Nicolle, was interviewed by the New York Times.  Just click on the link below the picture box to view the article and videos.  Nicolle's interview begins about half way down under "Strangers and closed doors". 

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Missions Signal a Growing Role for Mormon Women

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