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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hello Hello!
Wow:) What a week! I just want to start off by saying that my companion, Sister Laulu-Pututau is the strongest woman I have ever met...(sigh)...She is 1/2 Samoan, and has lived in Hawaii and Utah her whole life, but her family is currently in Logan Utah (yay!!! That means we can meet up after the mission;)) Anyways, she is such an effective missionary! The first few days of the transfers we were not able to serve together because we had other sisters staying with us who were waiting to get reassigned. Well us four sisters were about to head out just after I finished unpacking, but then the spirit sweetly reminded me of the importance of Faith in Jesus Christ! So I shared a scripture on Faith and we all committed to go out, work, and EXPECT TO SEE MIRACLES! Well we prayed, walked out of the flat and the first person we talked to...BOOM, said she would be baptized:) We were able to go back and teach her later in the week, and she had even brought 2 more of her friends to listen..."WHERE THERE IS FAITH, THERE ARE MIRACLES!"
Then we continued on in our area (which by the total city, heaps of Indians and yes that's a tender mercy,  but NO Polynesians:(...I'm having withdrawls;))...We passed a park and I felt we needed to go talk to the only lady sitting in the middle of the park; so we walked out bikes over towards her. We sat down with her, had an incredible lesson, and I would love to share with you the kneeling prayer she offered at the end of the lesson in this park... "Dear Heavenly Father, I want to ask if what the sisters have shared is true...actually, I don't have to ask, because I know it is. I can't wait to be baptized on march 29th, and I can't wait to go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life!" about, the elect being out there! I seriously can not explain how much my love for the principle of "Faith" has grown since I have been out! I love it! AND I love the Lords timing, it is perfect!
Since we have been working together...which is a total of 5 days now...the Lord has already made so many incredible things happen...especially with the Ward,  I cannot even begin to explain...all i can say is WOW!!! Good things are in store!
Well Sunday...(I feel sick just typing it...) companion found out that her father passed away...This has been life changing for her, and has taught me a lot. I have spent time on my knees, and time crying and hugging her...She is SO STRONG! She is determined to keep working hard, to stay positive, and still help the Lord hasten his work! She has been through a lot, but still remains so close to the Lord...I look up to her so much for it! She has no question of going home, so that is good (because she is one of the most effective missionaries I have ever met) but wow...We spent Sunday at the relief society presidents house (the day she found out) and let her just take some time, but since then she has been keen to work, and work hard. And as a result we have been blessed with miracles! (please keep her and her family in your prayers!)
A mom and a daughter (who love family history!!!) committed to be baptized, the wife of an investigator (who has been in the "background" the whole time the sisters have taught them) has committed to truly pray about the message they have shared (and boy was the spirit thick as ever when she committed to do so...she WILL get an answer tonight!), less actives we visited came to church on Sunday and the members are our best friends!!! So many good things happening and it is all thanks to the Lord!!!
My companion and I have drawn very close in the short amount of time we have been together, but it's actually really cool because we are like the exact same! It's crazy, but we know we are together at this time for a reason...we need each other! I love serving with her because she knows how important her calling is, she knows how to teach with the spirit, and knows how to be BOLD AS  in the most loving way! We have had some extremely powerful lessons, and I'm so excited for this next transfer together! As we trained in Zone meeting not only did the spirit work within us, but other missionaries talked about the strongly they felt the know why?!? Not because of Sister Laulu-Pututau and Ensign, but because it was all of the Savior and how he ex: "talked with everyone". He truly is the greatest example in all aspects of life, and I know that when he is the center of everything we talk about...the spirit has no choice but to abide, touch hearts, and change lives! He is the ultimate example! I feel so humbled to be a representative of Jesus Christ...he truly is my Master, and Savior!
Prayer is the greatest communication tool our Heavenly Father has given us. It literally allows God to answer all my questions and concerns, and allows me to feel of his DEEP love! As we have knelt outside on the grass, they arose with great faith, God has literally placed people in our path minutes after who need what we have! It amazes me how important and real the power of prayer is. Our Heavenly Father NEEDS to hear from us! He needs our hearts, and he is so anxious and excited to hear from us! I love him and I Love our Savior!
I can't wait for Bubba to serve, he will be such a great missionary! Sister Tall showed me the video of Collie in action...I CRIED! She makes me so happy and I feel so blessed to say that I have a sister in Christ working right along side me! Greatest blessing ever!
ahhhhhh I see someone Spanish!!! Gotta go talk to them...not many of them around here:) byeeeeee
Sister Ensign
next Monday  i won't have will be put off an additional day. So i will be emailing you next on Tuesday!! :) love you!

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