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Sunday, July 28, 2013

.....and there is no knowledge more comforting than that.

haha hello family:) Wednesday is transfers and I still don't know if I'm leaving or staying, but I do know that i am not staying with my companions because they are both training new sisters!!! I'm sad I don't get to stay with them any longer, but also excited for change...mixed emotions haha. But I have no idea what God has in store for me, haha and all I know is that everything happens for a reason and that God knows best, so I'm just excited for whatever:)
Well first off, Sammy- good job on your missionary work,  Keep working hard but also remember, that "no effort is [ever] wasted" and so try not to get discouraged if she isn't accepting all your "invites" right now, just be patient, but DON'T GIVE UP! Also, you are beautiful! Looking at the pictures that mom sent I was like,,,,"ummm ok!" You are looking all grown up and I've only been gone for 4 months, I can't imagine how much older you'll look when I come home;)
Bubba- your looking nice and ripped ;) haha do you just love wakeboarding behind the new boat?! Can you surf behind it or is the motor right at the back like the old one? How is summer and all that coming? This week I realized that you are going to be a senior in high school in a couple of months...that is seriously so weird! Hunts, I know it's probably annoying but PLEASE take my advice, start reading preach my gospel!!! It is something that all members should read, like really you guys should read 1page each night with scripture study!
Dad- Quince! I love you and can I just tell you that I miss you and your hugs like crazy! (and teasing you ;)) haha. But really, I just am so grateful to have a dad who is anchored in the gospel, and who holds the priesthood! I know i expressed my gratitude for that in my letter to you a little while back, but it seriously means the world to me...mmmmm seriously!
Mother- I got the sim card, but the computer nor my camera would let me watch the videos on it. It says that if I want it to work with my camera I have to format it/erase everything on it (unfortunately). But I appreciate the effort and thought put into it;) Also I don't want you to worry about me being too hard on myself, I'm really ok, you are so sweet though. Thank you for your uplifting emails and the thought and effort you put into them, they really do bring an added peace into my day, and I end up sharing a lot of the good quotes or thoughts with my companions, members, or investigators. So your inspiration is going to use;) thanks mum
This week has been amazing! I have learned a lot this week and have spent A LOT of time on my knees, but I couldn't be more grateful for a loving Heavnely Father who loves me and knows what i'm feeling as a missionary! I've also learned adn gained a stronger testimony that the best way to overcome hardships are to just GET OUT AND WORK!!! I love working and i love sharing my testimony! God has given each of us experiences and testimonies for a reason! They are there to not only help ourselves, but REALLY to help others! We need to share these experiences and knowlege we have, with others so they can benefit from it as well.

We have a bet with the zone leaders, that every time we miss an opporutnitly to share the gospel with someone, we get a strike and at the end of the week, if we have 3 strikes, we have to buy each other dinner...fortunately sister beckstrand and i are a little competivive (to say the least haha) and seriosuyl talk with EVERYONE! NOthing feels better than knowing that we are giving so many people an opportunity to taste of the sweet joy that comes from the gospel. Talking with people is the best thing, it is the funniest thing sometimes too! The things people say to us, just leave us laughing so hard sometimes (both good and bad). YEs we get rebuked. yes we get shut down. and yes we get made fun of. But i LOVE it. Chirst went through it, and so i too have to go through it too.  I know Christ lives, and I know that he feels and knows exactly what each of us go through, and there is no knowledge more comforting than that.

This week we had such a powerful lesson with our vietnamese, mother of 4, investigator, Wendy and she COMMITTED TO FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF JESUS CHIRST AND BE BAPTIZED ON AUGUST 31!!! The timing tthat God placed us into her life, could not have been more perfect! She is so ready right now, and it's just cool to see God leading us to his children when they need the gospel most. We also had a lesson with Bobby (bobkie and malad's dad) and wow...he could  not be more golden! He has a soft baptismial date for the end of august, and i couldn't be more happy! The lesson we had with him was so powerful and malad shared the most beauftiufl testimony of the book of mormon. he shared with his dad, his favorite scripture in the bom, which is  1ne. 1:12- "And it came to pass that as he read, he was filled with the spirit of the lord" and shared that the night he wasbaptized, he read this and did feel the spirit. IT was so simple, but so sweet! Bobby brought his 2 boys, (bobkie and malad) and blessing to churhc yesterday, and it was one of the most beautiful things to see that faimly at churhc all together:) Last miracle (well there were like 351684 miracles but this is the last one i have time for;)) We got to Vicki's house...and she told us how she has been READING THE BOOK OF MORMON and then explained that she loves it beacuse it can relate to us so much, and that it has helped bring peace into her life!....k....say what?! this just blew my companions and i away! It truly was a miracle that she finally read, and watching her become more and more converted to the gospel is so maazing! Thank you so much for your prayers, as soon as she told us she read the book of momrnon i thought back to when you told me that you had prayed for our investigators specifically by name and thought..."wow...i need to thank the family"- be cause GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS! Thank you so much:) Please keep praying for them, and know that it means the world to me (but ESPECIALLY HEAVENLY FATHER) when you do! Thanks for all your love and support. sorry i don't have more time! Love ya;)

love always,
Sister Ensign
Yesterday i sat in sacrament meeting and just cried as they talked about the gospel in homes and familes! I am seriously so graetful that I was raised in it, thank you sooooo much! and thank you for always creating an enviornment at hoem where i was always able to feel the spirit so abundantly! Here is a quote from yesterday that i loved, "If the Savior knocked on your front door, would you be ready?".

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I never want to come home......

So just to update you on the work, can i just tell you how lucky i seriously feel, to be a missionary!
You will never believe the miracle we saw this week...So we went over to Bobkie and Malad and Blessings (our recent converts) to teach a lesson, and there on the couch was Bobkie and Malad's dad (bobbie) sick as ever.  We called the elders and they immediately came and gave him a blessing, and.......HE SAID HE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!! We have now taught him twice, and he said that he "KNOWS IT IS TRUE" (thats what he said after we shared the restoration with him). I seriously just want to cry, seeing this miracle. I bore firm testimony to Bobbie that him and his family can be together FOREVER (and while saying that, pointed to the temple in the front living room on the wall;)   ). Bobbie doesn't have a date yet, but will hopefully be baptized on August 31! If everything works, Bobbies family can me sealed in the temple in just over a year, and i may even be able to go with them! I seriously am just soooo grateful and this is honestly something we have been praying for FOR AGES! When everything falls through, what really matters at the end of the day, is our family. And there is nothing more that i want, than to be able to help families! and help them be able to live with each other for ETERNITY! I love this work, i know it is REAL and literally can save cool is that?!
This week I also had a VERY tender experience this week with REALLY feeling for a less active couple we've been teaching, where I was really able to see the true meaning of being a FULL PURPOSE MISSIONARY! I've realized that I"m not only here to help people come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel, but REALLY just help THEM. They are really people, with real life concerns, and this week Loretta, the less active woman, just totally opened up and BAWLED  to us about her trials.  She may have cancer, and her husband hasn't had a job in 3 years, and so she is the only source of income, and is barely making it by. She basically just gave us a huge cry for help, and more than ever I felt God's love for her, as a daughter of God, and as a REAL person who NEEDS help! MY heart just broke for her, and I felt like I really was feeling her pains.  I really am here to help EVERYONE and  I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity! It's sad, and I hate 'hurting' sometimes, but i know that is something that just comes with being a missionary...and i always remind myself of what Elder Holland said, how missionary work is not easy. and it never was for Christ, so why should it be easy for us?! It's hard. it's really hard, but it LOVE IT ! Seriously!!! I often just run up to m companions, hug them and just say, "ahhhh i love being a missionary". IT truly is the greatest thing ever, and I NEVER WANT TO COME HOME! Haha jk, but kinda serious,  but really, I love being able to share the Gospel with others, it is something i will be forever grateful for:)
Love to you all,
Sister Ensign

Monday, July 15, 2013


And that is what nailed it for them..................

Wow this week has been so good:) A lot of really tender moments:) Yes some of it was hard. really hard, but I love it. always. because I am learning so much!

Vicky is our Chinese investigator who has been coming to church for months, but we have only been teaching her for like 2 of them.  She is soooo close to baptism, and is having the most amazing experiences while praying, seriously like it is UN-REAL! We taught her and her atheist husband earlier this week and lets just was a DISASTER! We showed them the restoration DVD and after we asked David how he felt, (cause we were feeling the spirit really strongly) and he was like, "ummm...the director.ummm.did not really do it good,  is very poorly directed" (in his little Chinese accent) we were like, 'nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you missed the whole point!!  AGH!!!. We can laugh about it now, but at the time, along with so many other things that just didn't go right, in the lesson,  I was SO discouraged! We felt like we had literally tried everything with them, and they still weren't 'getting it'.  My heart was broken for Vicki and David, because they are so close but so...not, at the same time! I want the gospel to be apart of their lives so badly, because i know how much it will bless and help them and their family! What also broke my heart, was when  David told us he is only gonna pray at the VERY end of this trial he is facing (hasn't been able to find a job since he has moved from China) when he knows there is absolutely nothing else, he himself can do...This seriously made me just cry...we encouraged him to just turn it over to God, and pray and ask for help- but he doesn't want to. As a companionship we talked for ages about what else we could do to help them, and we were just stuck. When we realized we could not figure it out on our own, we IMMEDIATELY opened our fast, and decided we would fast for them! I offered the prayer and just as i began...I broke down crying. My soul had seriously felt like it had just been torn apart, and being able to just cry and talk to God explaining our concerns and sadness for Vicki and David as a companionship, ended up being a memorable experience! As soon as i finished the prayer i literally felt like weights had been taken off my shoulders! My heart was healed, and we had faith we would know how to best help them! Well Sure enough, God showed us exactly what we need to do next with them, and now is like..."duh! How did we miss that earlier?" But i know it was god just trying to teach us:) It ended up being such a tender mercy and blessing to be able to completely turn it over to the Lord and just open up to him.  Well our fast and prayers were answered later in the week when we had a dinner and lesson with them and a member! It was the best because we really got to know them on even more of a personal level which strengthened their trust in us, and our friendship, but then we got to have such a powerful lesson! we taught about prophets and THAT IS WHAT NAILED IT FOR THEM! David was admitting at the end, that it has to be true that there is a prophet and Vicki asked so many good questions and then again, offered another prayer that was UNBELIEVABLY STRONG! At the end, we helped her recognize what she was feeling and pointed out that it was the spirit confirming truth. Her prayers are the best because their like creating her own teaching record in a way, because she tells exactly what she is thinking and feeling about what we've taught her, about her family, and about....just everything! but in her prayer she started out and said, "Dear Lord...I now believe in you God" (and this is when i just started crying, because I'm like, 'no way!),  she then said , "I believe that the sisters are telling me the truth, and i know that there are messengers here on earth to help lead and guide us to you" and she just went on, and on, blowing our minds! Afterwards she said how she felt this really strong power going in and out of her, and in her chest and head, and that it was very...PEACEFUL! Ahhhh we just got to the car and were like, "no.way.what just happened?!" she is sooo amazing and really is the sweetest, most tender, loving woman and mom EVER, and it is such a blessing to see her feel the power of God working within her! i just love her so much and care so much about her and her family, they are soooo close and i really hope they keep 'GETTING IT", because I know the gospel with help them sooo much!
This week Bobkie just like...made my whole week! he went to the Temple for the first time to do baptisms for the dead and wow...seeing this awesome African kid i have grown to love sooo much, dressed in white, in the house of the Lord- just melted my heart! It is soooo hard not to hug our investigators like him (especially because he reminds me so much of hunts), but really, i love this kid so much! He has changed his life, and now is a priesthood holder, who flippin holds a temple recommend, how cool is that!/ Seeing him in the water  being baptized for literally 50+ names (he did family names for our mission leaders wife's family) just made me cry haha. It was literally one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. Baptisms is not the end, and Bobkie has definitely made sure that it's not the end for him! He also blessed the sacrament for the first time this past sacrament.  Ya i was crying again! ( i promise i really don't cry that much...haha- side note: I actually cry less that i used to back at home, when it comes to spiritual stuff). but ya the spirit was so strong and i was just so happy for him and to see that he is continuing to grow in the gospel:)
This week has been amazing and i wish i had time to tell you of all of miracles we've seen and experience, but we'll just have to wait for when i get home. we can all will sit all together and share them- love you guys so much!!! xoxooxoxoxoxox
We also got to teach some sweet Indians this week.  Their accent, and the smell of their home...mmmm, makes me miss India. it's crazy to think that i was there a whole year ago. Time really does fly so much! Does it seem like I've been gone for long, or does it seem like it's gone by fast! for me I feel like it has FLOWN!

Love you,

Sister Diondra Ensign

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big spiritual overload, I was almost made speechless........................

 So on Monday we got to go out to lunch with President and Sister Lindsay since we broke the record for baptisms in our zone for the month of June, which was sweet;) but at lunch President asked Sister Beckstrand and I to train a sister who has been waiting on her Australian visa SINCE JANRUARY! Hahaha, so yes she has been out longer than us, but  SHE IS AMAZING! We picked her up the next day, and it has just been awesome! Her name is Sister Kanee and she is actually from Kevin Mcomies mission (that is where she was born and raised, and also where she  has been serving since January waiting for her visa).  The place she is from is called KiriBati (pronounced Kitty-bus). Where she is from is a third world country, and so she feels so overwhelmed but grateful for the things here- I hope I continue to learn a great sense of humility from her. She is the only member in her family and is a convert of just 2 years...aka...she is PERFECT for all our investigators. With her help (I believe she had the final touch) our investigator Angawain committed to baptism this week!!! She has been experiencing great spiritual experiences for quite some time, and just barely for the first time in 2 months, committed to baptism, something she was unsure about at first. My heart was so full when she told us that she was finally ready to follow Jesus Christ's example and be baptized:) Ahhh..... I just can get over how much I LOVE OUR TRIO COMPANIONSHIP! We are all so different, and have extremely different experiences/backgrounds, but it is so cool to see how between the 3 of us we are able to connect so well with our investigators! Sister Beckstrand is always willing to work so hard and always is so close to the Savior and the spirit- I could not be more thankful for my great companions I love them so much!
This week we saw numerous miracles again and it was...just amazing!
Earlier this week in one of our lessons with Kathleen, the 12 yr. old Moauri girl, we brought our AMAZING ward mission leader and his wife and Dave (our Ward mission leader) was able to give Kathleen a blessing for the healing of the sick at the end of the lesson. She had REALLY hurt her foot earlier in the week, and so using the beautiful power of God, the priesthood, he was able to bless her. Her mom was able to sit in on it and wow...almost never before have I felt the spirit that strongly in a priesthood blessing. He not only blessed her to be healed (and long story short, she told us the next day that it did not hurt at all that night, whereas the nights before she could not even sleep...#MIRACLE), but also spoke to her as though it was God himself speaking! His tone changed and it really seemed as if it was God, he told her that she was among the "elect" and as a missionary, that just hit me and the spirit just was shooting through my body and I felt so happy knowing that we truly had found and been teaching one of the elect, not just someone that wasn't going to progress/go anywhere...he also told her that it was not by chance that the missionaries met her and just continued to give one of the most beautiful blessings. Afterwards the spirit was so thick you could have cut it with a knife, and us missionaries just had tears rolling down our cheeks.  We let the spirit work in the power of silence for a while, and then I bore testimony of the priesthood. I know that it was not Dave speaking to Kathleen, but that it was TRULY GOD! I was just taken back that God has LITERALLY give us the same power that he holds (in a sense), the priesthood, for our help us not only perform saving ordinances, but to help us when sick or in need of comfort! Later that night...I had a really humbling experience as well...One of our recent converts' was in desperate need of help...I hate even typing the words of the horrible things that she had just experienced...but she just was not in a good state, and as a young girl just needed some "love" and could not quite receive it from her family.  We just sat and listened, and cried with her for quite some time, and then Dave (our ward mission leader/ literally the most consecrated member I have ever met in my life) came and gave her a priesthood blessing. The feelings I felt that day and evening, are ones I will never forget. It was such a big spiritual overload that I was almost made speechless. I am just so blessed to have you guys as my family, and so blessed to have been raised in the gospel.  The letter I just sent home expresses my deep gratitude even better...but that night I just lay in bed thinking, " did I get so lucky". Thank you for your endless love, even when you may have been frustrated with me. More than anything, thank you for allowing me to taste of the sweetness of the gospel. I will NEVER.EVER be able to thank you enough.
To quickly wrap this up;( WE had one investigator (a father) commit to baptism *no date yet* but we're working with him and he will CHANGE HIS FAMILY AND POSTERITY FOREVER! HIs children have been coming to church, but now he is ready...i just want to cry I'm so happy! Then 2 of our other investigators, Vicki and David (from China) progressed like crazy this week as well.  David (atheist) prayed for the first time in his whole was amazing to be with him as he talked to God for the first time in 30 years. I can't even imagine how happy Heavenly Father Was. And then Vicki (who has been coming to church for 6 months) committed to baptism as well- but wants to wait to confirm July 27th...those 2 people are miracles because we literally  STUCK with what to teach them, we had absolutely no idea...they just had sooo many concerns. but finally after about 30 minutes of trying to figure out how to best help them, we knelt around our table and i offered a prayer. I told god that was were stuck. totally stuck. that we wanted to help them, but had no idea where to go next...we then just put our faith and trust in him and were led and guided to a new plan and it ended up being PERFECT for them that night, seeing David prayed and Vicki ALMOST/practically committed to baptism ;) It was funny- at the end of our lesson I said to David, "David, will you say the closing prayer" (us missionaries already kneeling/trying to show him we expect him to say yes) and of course, he said, "ahhh.......get Vicki to pray"...all I said back was, "David..." and he started kneeling as he said, "ok teach me how to pray" hahahha. He is so awesome. Leaving his and Vicki's house seeing those great miracles, sister beckstrand, sister kanee and i got in the car and literally just SCREAMED AND HUGGED EACH OTHER, and then offered a prayer of thanks;) I love the happiness from missionary work. it is incomparable:)
This week we had another investigator tell us that he feels like God sent us to him and that he thinks it's true. I love nothing more than hearing that, it really is candy to our ears:) There have been so many other miracles and I wish I had time to share them all with you, but just know i love everything right now:) More importantly, I love my Savior! I am so grateful for the atonement, and love being able to share the exciting news of its cleansing power, with others:) I am so happy that i get to be a missionary right now, it is seriously the best thing ever! I love you all and can't wait to read the emails you just sent me of how your doing!  Keep being amazing- xoxooxoxoxooxox
Sister Ensign
we celebrated the 4th of July this week. and even made our companion wear red white and blue with us:) we also got to break our fast with a sweet 4th of July meal with an american member. good;) #godblessamerica


by far the best day I have yet to experience in my 20 years..................

I honestly just have no idea where to start! I thought going through the temple to receive my endowments was the best day of my life, but Bobkie, Malad and Blessings baptisms passed it up! I literally have never been happier in my life.  Their baptism could not have gone any more perfect:)

 I will never forget the night that we were walking on the dark street and saw ONE house with lights on, and a soccer ball out front.  As soon as I saw that soccer ball, I said to Sister Parsons, "We have to go to that house, they have a soccer ball so we automatically have something to talk about".  A month and a half later, I call that same house, my second home.  I have grown to love the 3 children there, Bobkie, Malad and Blessing, more than I even thought possible.  They have now entered the waters of baptism and are officially, a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and there is absolutely not more I could even ask for!!! On Saturday when they were baptized they literally just glowed as they wore the white clothing! I honestly cannot even find any words, literally to describe the feelings in my heart that I felt on Saturday, and that I still feel right this second (as I type). Ya I'm crying...haha.  It was just the happiest moment of my life, and being able to stand at the top of the stairs (of the font) and watch them be fully immersed into the water and baptized by that priesthood authority that Christ himself had, was literally a glimpse of Heaven for me.  Afterwards Malad and Blessing bore their testimonies (Bobkie chickened out;) and I just cried (and am still crying) . Malad said, " I know the Book of Mormon is true, I'm grateful I got be baptized today (I love how he says baptized ha), I am grateful for Sister Ensign and Sister Parsons, and I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen".   All we told him, was to speak from his heart, and that's what he did, and the spirit was...indescribable! He sat down next to me, buried his face in my arm and just cried...:)- Then Blessing got up and gave the most BEAUTIFUL testimony. I thought she had written it, but afterwards she told us that she left her written testimony (on paper) at home and that she as well just spoke from her heart. She talked about how before she met the missionaries she just listened to music and went about day to day feeling no purpose in life, and didn't really care about anyone or anything.......but now, she has direction and now knows how much God and Jesus Christ love her.  She also bore testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the gospel...she just cried as well.  I never before have felt this happy...I really cant even say anything else about the baptism because no words will do it justice...I've tried typing my feelings a million times and really just can't say anything else........ but it was by far the best day I have yet to experience in my 20 years. This is the true church, and the ordinance is real...its not only real, but essential...absolutely essential, and is amazing!
There have been so many other MIRACLES, but I really can't even put any of them into words. I'm literally just sitting here at the computer crying! We just got back from the temple (we got to go as a zone for p-day today) and my heart is just about ready to explode.  The reality of the miracles we've seen these past few days, just became more clear and I just feel completely...ummm....speechless.  This week Sister Beckstrand and I have worked SO HARD! It's the hardest I've worked on my mission, and I am so grateful that I have a companion who is wanting to work just as hard as I do! We spend about 10 minutes for lunch, and work through dinner. There is so much to be done here and with our desire to work hard, Heavenly Father is blessing us with soooo many tender mercies and is really moving the work along! As missionaries, we all give our time, efforts, talents, etc. to the work and Heavenly Father, but really. It's not all that great- because we're just giving back what God has given us. but one thing that God does not have, is our hearts...that is literally the only thing...The past month I have tried so hard to really give God my heart, and this past week I can confidently say that I have given it to the Lord. Each day I try to give him my all... my everything...because really, its all his... I have never felt closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in my life, and I never want this to change!
Today I sat in the temple and literally just cried as I played out in my head, what I will be experiencing in 15 months badge coming off my chest and the mantle of Missionary work being lifted off of me...I hate the thought of it, and it literally makes me sick.  I want nothing more, than to be a missionary for the rest of my life.  It is the most important thing to God, and has become the most important thing to me as well.  I have never worked harder, and been happier, in my whole life, than I am right now. "IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE A MISSIONARY IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA"..... what we ALWAYS say:)
This week I also received the clearest revelation from God while reading my patriarchal blessing! without talking about this sacred experience too much, I want to share some of it with you.  God told me in my patriarchal blessing and through the Holy Ghost exactly what kind of people I need to work with...the CHILDREN! It may sound crazy, but we have been told over and over again by apostles AND in the scriptures, that the rising generation is stronger than ever- and boy, do I believe that with all my heart or what!? The Book of Mormon tells us to share the gospel with EVERYONE, not just adults...or not just certain races of people...but EVERYONE! All of his children need it.  Meemee, (our 11 yr old dry mormon (believes and lives the gospel, but hasn't been baptized because her parents haven't granted permission)) took Sister Beckstrand and I out to teach one of her friends.  We were able to share the restoration with her friend and her friend's mom and oh man...the spirit was sooo strong and Meemee testified like a member to everything throughout the whole lesson! Afterwards she said, "it feels good to share the gospel, I love it!". I just wanted to cry inside. Hearing an investigator who wants to be baptized so badly, say that, just made my heart melt! When we finally had walked backed to her home to drop her off we said, "meemee we have an appointment with you tomorrow, do you want us to teach you or do you want to go teach more of your friends?" and throwing her arm up in the air she said, "I WANT TO GO TEACH MORE OF MY FRIENDS!". She is amazing. Heaven sent. Perfect. how else can I put it?! Haha, I have grown to love her sooo much, and between her, BObkie, Malad, Blessing (and Kathleen- the other investigator (13 yr.) who is also sharing the gospel with every single person at her school and friends/ getting us a million investigators ), the word is spreading like crazy here in Western Australia:)
My time is up but please have soooooo much fun in Powell this week, please strengthen your relationship with Christ and Heavenly Father...they are real. and their love for us is even more real. IF you want a way to strengthen that relationship...go serve others and share the gospel, and I PROMISE, you will be happier than ever before!
Love always,
Sister Ensign
p.S We have indian investigators...ya I'm dying...I LOVE THEM!!!\
p.s.s the picture is of malad and I. We brought them a picture of the Perth temple, and his mom let him put it in their nice frame and now its in their living room. Another tender mercy/ bobkie and malads dad wants to learn about the church!!! Pray for him please:)