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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I never want to come home......

So just to update you on the work, can i just tell you how lucky i seriously feel, to be a missionary!
You will never believe the miracle we saw this week...So we went over to Bobkie and Malad and Blessings (our recent converts) to teach a lesson, and there on the couch was Bobkie and Malad's dad (bobbie) sick as ever.  We called the elders and they immediately came and gave him a blessing, and.......HE SAID HE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!! We have now taught him twice, and he said that he "KNOWS IT IS TRUE" (thats what he said after we shared the restoration with him). I seriously just want to cry, seeing this miracle. I bore firm testimony to Bobbie that him and his family can be together FOREVER (and while saying that, pointed to the temple in the front living room on the wall;)   ). Bobbie doesn't have a date yet, but will hopefully be baptized on August 31! If everything works, Bobbies family can me sealed in the temple in just over a year, and i may even be able to go with them! I seriously am just soooo grateful and this is honestly something we have been praying for FOR AGES! When everything falls through, what really matters at the end of the day, is our family. And there is nothing more that i want, than to be able to help families! and help them be able to live with each other for ETERNITY! I love this work, i know it is REAL and literally can save cool is that?!
This week I also had a VERY tender experience this week with REALLY feeling for a less active couple we've been teaching, where I was really able to see the true meaning of being a FULL PURPOSE MISSIONARY! I've realized that I"m not only here to help people come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel, but REALLY just help THEM. They are really people, with real life concerns, and this week Loretta, the less active woman, just totally opened up and BAWLED  to us about her trials.  She may have cancer, and her husband hasn't had a job in 3 years, and so she is the only source of income, and is barely making it by. She basically just gave us a huge cry for help, and more than ever I felt God's love for her, as a daughter of God, and as a REAL person who NEEDS help! MY heart just broke for her, and I felt like I really was feeling her pains.  I really am here to help EVERYONE and  I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity! It's sad, and I hate 'hurting' sometimes, but i know that is something that just comes with being a missionary...and i always remind myself of what Elder Holland said, how missionary work is not easy. and it never was for Christ, so why should it be easy for us?! It's hard. it's really hard, but it LOVE IT ! Seriously!!! I often just run up to m companions, hug them and just say, "ahhhh i love being a missionary". IT truly is the greatest thing ever, and I NEVER WANT TO COME HOME! Haha jk, but kinda serious,  but really, I love being able to share the Gospel with others, it is something i will be forever grateful for:)
Love to you all,
Sister Ensign

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