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Monday, April 29, 2013

Yes, my visa came, it's really bittersweet

I don't know how to even start this out, but really I just can't get enough of being a missionary! Do you think the miracles have ceased...? NO!!! It really is so amazing the way that God works through us and how aware of each of us he is! Oh...and yes my visa came, but lets not talk about it yet:( Lets just say, it's really bittersweet!
Tuesday night after getting home, my companion and I sat down to plan for the next day, and decided to tract two specific streets the next day! We closed our planning session with a prayer, and let God know where we were planning on tracting, and asked him once again, to place someone in our path who would be ready to hear our message! Well Wednesday morning rolled around and we entered those two streets into our GPS and it couldn't find them, and unfortunately we had left our map and home, so we ultimately had no way of finding these two streets. So we decided to tract the country side, where the houses are more spread out since we had the car that day, and after parking and walking for a while, in the middle of what seemed like no where. We all of a sudden, came up to these 2 random dirt roads and looked at the signs....and guess what?!?! They were the two roads we had initially planned to tract on! Sister Cox and I looked at each other and smiles:)!!!" So we knocked on the first door, and guess what!? NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! ! Well unfortunately we had to quickly go to our dinner appointment, but planned to go back afterwards! Well while at dinner we asked the members is there was anyone they knew of that we could visit, and they told us of a lady who is less active! Immediately after dinner my companion and I went back to these two roads, just as we were parking there was someone at the mailbox in their car and Sister Cox and I decided to go talk to them! Long story short, guess who it was?!?! The less active lady that the members had told us about, and she lived on the street that we had planned to tract on! By the end of our discussion with her, all three of us, Cindy (the less active) Sister Cox and I were all in tears! We knew that God had planned all of our timing out perfectly! Cindy just kept saying, you guys were placed in my path for a reason! I've been trying to come back to church for 30 years, but i have no one to go with! She cried as she told us how badly she wanted to get married in the temple, because she knows it is essential, but her husband is not a member and doesn't want to be, and how it breaks her heart! She told us that she is going to come back to church and i reminded her that she can be forgiven of her sins after taking the sacrament, because she has been baptized, and then she can start over, fresh and clean and just be a good example to her family who isn't members! She was so excited by the end, and had such a light about her, as well as great faith to go and talk to her husband about maybe meeting with the missionaries again! She was such a great example to me, but more than anything, it was just such a great sign that God is so aware of us and he loves us so much! He knew what Cindy needed, and he directed my companion and I to her so we could all help each other out! God is so Merciful!
So here in Moxee there are a lot of gangs and crime, k well not a lot, but definitely quite a bit and pretty much everyone we run into, is either a gang banger, druggie, or just all around super weird! haha but don't worry, I flippin love all of them sooooo much! This week we met a gang member named Matt and had probably the best experience on my mission yet! Matt used to be involved with a gang, is still hooked on drugs, and just totally lost. He has been shot 5 times and stabbed while in a fight, but knows that God is real, otherwise he would not still be alive! Well when first talking to him, he was all cool with his black clothes and hat haha, with his ear phones in and not really giving us the time of day. He was also very mad at God and expressed his anger to us. We let him vent for about 25 minutes and then began talking more. I cannot even explain the significance of this, but by the end he literally had the BIGGEST COUNTENANCE CHANGE I HAVE EVER SEEN! After talking to him, and reminding him of the atonement and the power of it, he literally was asking us, "what do i need to do to be clean?!"...crazy right?! He wanted it soooo badly, he had the light of Christ within him, like we all do, and he "yearned for good". It was a miracle in itself to talk to him and promise him some wonderful blessings if he were to turn his life around, but also the elders quorum president was running and stopped and talked with all of us! He said to Matt, "Matt, i know that these sisters ran into you for a reason, and i know they can help you turn your life around! listen to them and meet with them, i promise it will help!" and was just super nice to him and everything, but ya...Matt is ready, he wants to change! It was the coolest thing i have ever seen! Sister Cox and I literally left in silence, we were in awe at what had just happened. Esp3ecially because we had said things to him that were not from us, but from our Father in heaven.  I wish I could tell you about all the miracles from this week, but I don't have time :( just know that they definitely aren't ceasing!

I know God lives! I know God loves us! I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and Redeemer! I will never be able to deny that, nor the fact that Joseph Smith is a living prophet! I couldn't be happier right now, i just love being a missionary!
Serving in this mission has been such a blessing and i am literally heart broken that i have to leave next week, but i know that there is a reason for everything and God must need me in Australia. But i have loved serving here sooo much and will never forget it, the experiences I've had, nor the people! I LOVE MOXEE WASHINGTON!!!! ;) Ya I'm crying right now, this is such a bittersweet experience!
Love always,
Sister Diondra Ensign

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If I join your church will I be as happy as you?

Soooooo....God has been so good to me this week! First things first... I LOVE MY COMPANION! Haha seriously! We have seen so many miracles this week, like it is unreal!

Monday we saw our first one, when we found an awesome investigator! We had fasted and prayed really hard on Sunday for a new investigator and found one on Monday! Guess what though...Tuesday got even better! Tuesday, I kid you not, door after door new investigators were coming! And not only were these, "sure i guess ill read the book of mormon and meet with you again", but they were like super pumped about it and like, "ya i've been looking for something like this in my life". My companion and i would walk away from each door and just be like, "no way?...he/she is golden!" and then we would go to the next door, and say the same thing afterwards! God was blessing us so much and I know that it is because my companion and i were and still are working soooo hard! We are prayerfully seeking which road (specifically) to tract on (for the next day) each night as we look on the map, and then in our closing companionship prayer, tell God where we are going to be and ask for those who are elect to be there and to be receptive to our message and IT IS WORKING! This week just between my companion and I, we have 11 new investigators and the "standard of excellence" for our whole district (10 missionaries) is companion and I almost met our whole districts goal! My companion and I have to stop often and just give a "prayer of thanks" because God is being way to good to us! It was cool though because after tracting and everyone wanting to hear more of our message, we were taking notes about one lady (so we had stopped on the side walk) and a butterfly (the first one i've seen over here in WA) flew over my companion and I and I immediately thought of Chelsea! i know that angels are watching over me and helping me so much! your prayers back at home are literally carrying me and the work over here, so thank you! Please keep them coming!
Well on April 18th my journal entry started, "Not everyday is filled with pink roses" was a hard day haha! But that's ok, because we can't have all good in our lives, God doesn't want us to be comfortable with our circumstances, he wants us to constantly learn and grow! It was just hard because we had to drop an investigator (not one of the 11 though ;)) Along with that we had talked with a really rough family who was just lost, and they live in a hoarder home and it was just a mess. Well we sat and talked with them and one of the aunts who was there was once an investigator and was ready to be baptized the following week when her son died and her life completely changed. she said she still knows its true but is just battling with her self inside and understands that SHE needs to change. She is now homeless, and lost. We tried to offer every bit of help, from employment to my own backpack, but she wants nothing. It broke my heart and i just cried as i talked with her and prayed with her. It may not be her time now, but she will come around sometime, i know it- because she has the light of Christ. Well this homeless lady Sally, was visiting her niece's house and he niece and nephew-in-law are now our two new investigators. At first Darrell and Rosey have 3 kids (ages 2, 5, 6) and live in...not the best circumstances. They do not look like your typical investigators, in fact they are heavy smokers and have a couple missing teeth, but they are WONDERFUL! They were not open at first and Darrell, kinda even gave us the cold shoulder but since we have first met him, his countenance has changed sooo much (seriously like night and day)! My companion and i spent a couple of hours with them in their yard (their house and yard shows their hoarding issues) cleaning it up and I now have a better understanding of the fact that SERVICE OPENS DOORS! We have such a good relationship one with another and have shared some very spiritual experiences. We took them on a church tour and the spirit was SO STRONG in the chapel! After praying with them (inviting them to pray and ask God if this is the path he wants them to take) and them receiving an answer "yes", and I invited them to be baptized! They said they would think about it and we told them to take the question of "should i get baptized" to church on Sunday and God WOULD answer it!!! I'm crying right now even thinking about it, but guess what?!?!/ They haven't said they want to get baptized yet but in sacrament meeting, a returned missionary gave his homecoming talk about the doctrine of christ and how baptism is essential in making it back home to live with GOd and our families. How PERFECT IS THAT?!?! The spirit was so strong and they definitely felt it too:) They are starting to shine more and more of the light of christ- i couldn't be happier for them! I love to see the change in people, and especially in people like these investigators! I know that anyone can change regardless of where they have been or what they have done! God loves all of his children, and he will prepare a way for them! One other thought...GOD WAS A PERFECT PARENT AND STILL LOST 1/3 OF HIS CHILDREN! Children may wander, but it's not always the parent's fault. We all have our own agency, but God loves us and will not leave us! We just need to trust in him and NEVER lose faith, and NEVER give up on anyone! Anyone can change!
This week i'm telling you has been unreal! We have invited a lot of people to be baptized and 1 said "yes" the rest haven't said it yet, but are totally feeli'n it- i know it! They will come around:) just wait for next week's email, i bet (i'm having faith not being caucky , haha) I will have some good news to tell you about who has committed to baptism out of our `11 investigators. My companion will occasionally turn to me and be like, "who are you? you need to be translated!" because miracles are not ceasing and she thinks it's me haha, but it's really not! and i'm not just saying that , like really....ITS GOD! and He IS preparing the elect, we've just got to find them (and this week we've lucked out, and really found some of them ;)) My companion is so great and we work so well together, especially in lessons! Ahhhh i love it just thinking about it! We have grown really close this week and it's because we are putting the Lord and his work first. She reminds me a lot of Austen in some things she does haha, i love it!
Well i wish i could tell you about all of the amazing investigators but my time is short. But just know all your prayers are definitely being heard and answered here in Moxee WA!!! It's awesome here, haha, I can't tell you enough, how redneck it is here, but it rocks! Tell Genna that I have thought of her so much while talking to so many of the people here, haha. One of our investigators really has a good hick accent, and he is AWESOME! He told my companion and i on Saturday..." YOU JUST GLOW!" If we join your church will we be as happy as you guys?" and we were like freaking out we were like "YA!!!! And we promise you that you will be!" because it's true, this gospel is what brings us real and ever lasting happiness, and that's why i am here on my mission! I want to share that happiness with others:)
Well I love you guys and want to share one last scripture with you- it's in 1 Ne. 17:13. When it say's Wilderness, replace it with wherever you are...(Bountiful, Syracuse, Herriman, Salt Lake, Orem, Provo, ect)
"And i will also be your light in the Wilderness, and i will prepare the way before you, if it so be that ye shall keep my commandments wherefore, inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall be led towards the promised land; and ye shall know that it is by me that ye are led"
I Love this! It applies to all of us! Your all amazing! Love you:)
Sister Ensign
p.s. mom, your package was AMAZING! and your letter and the package came on the days i needed it most.
And the boston bombing?!??! WAS OUR family over there ok?!
mom- your wonderful i'll write more but just know i love you so ooooo much

Monday, April 15, 2013

I honestly couldn't be happier

This is so not what I expected but I love it!!!

Hola!!! Coma Estas?! (No, I don't know Spanish but there are HISPANICS EVERYWHERE!) You guys know how much I love spanish and so this is perfect right?!?! Hahaha, seriously life is hard but so great right now:) I am currently serving in Terrace Height, and Moxee right now (mainly Moxee)! Go type in these area's to goolge images and then you can see what my life is like right now:) Haha.Let me describe to you what my area is like, in my eyes...It's COUNTRY, and there is farming EVERYWHERE! There are a million and 6 "hop fields" (beer), but many other beautiful orchards! Like I mentioned pretty poor area. We tract a lot in the trailer parks and yes i LOVE IT! I reminds me of Great Grandma June:) There are catholics galore, and they all are satisfied with where they are ,FOR NOW- We'll get them some time;)) Now I'll tell you more about my experiences!
So this week we had a couple of lessons and one specifically went SO GOOD- like, i have never felt the spirit so strongly! We were in a lesson with a lady named Mary, she has been investigating for a year and a half but is pretty much a member. She goes to church every Sunday, pays her tithing, has a calling, and has visiting teachers....but just doesn't want to get baptized... We talked with her for a little and I got to know her/where she is at, and after teaching a little, I invited her to be baptized! She thought for a while (silence is where the spirit can work the most!) and then we knelt with her to pray to know if this is what God wanted her to do! Long story short she KNOWS GOD WANTS HER TO BE BAPTIZED, and she KNOWS it is the only way back to God, but she wont commit! I think there is another concern (ex. maybe she promised her mom she would never join the LDS church) she just hasn't told us about...I have no idea but something is definitely going on becuase she KNOWS it's true- she even told us that! Well she commited to a baptisimal interview on April 21 (hunter and rocky's birthday) so PRAY SO HARD FOR HER PLEASE! God has his timing, and maybe it's just not her time but I hope and pray she has more faith to get baptized/endure to the end becuase she is such a valliant saint, she just needs to take a few more steps!
Sooooo... on Saturday we had 2 baptisms!!! Seriuosly, what better way to start my mission, right?!? Rose (mother) and Eliza(daughter) were baptized and confirmed members of our church, and it was soooo neat! I taught them about 3 times before their baptism, but we got really close! My companion and I helped them with everything at the baptism and being able to see them come out of the water, following Jesus Christ's example, they were just glowing! They said that no words could describe what they were feeling! After we had dinner with them at the Stake presidents house and they still were just so happy/ full of the light of Christ. They will make such amazing members and will contribute so much to the church. Rose is the mother of 3 ADORABLE kids and i know that becuase of this step (baptism) her family will be blessed so much, i am so proud of her! I know that God
wants all of his children to come back to him, and BAPTISM is the way (well the FIRST step) ;)
Being able to be around kids has helped me so much. It was killing me not seeing any at the MTC, but their light and smiles have lifted me so much, especially when times get a little tougher. I love children and I know that by following their example we can be more like the savior...loving, caring, humble, and happy are some of my favorite attributes, little children have! I have SUCH A STRONG DESIRE to help FAMILIES! i know that families can be together for eternity, and that is one of my favorite things to tell people about.
GOD SPEAKS TO ME!!! I have felt the influence of the spirit so strongly, and it has led me to some of the sweetest people ever. Our second day, the spirit was so noticable, told me to stop and talk to an older mexican lady in her compaion finally turned around and we went towards her house. As we pulled up to the long dirt driveway, another lady was there...we talked to her, and she expressed that she was not intrested, and so on we went...As we drove away I turned to my compaion and said, "Sister Cox, our work is not done there, we have to go back"...We went back the next day and met the sweetest Lady ,different than the one that met us at the edge of the driveway, named Otilia. She is an 80 year old woman with incredible faith, and such a strong love and desire to serve God! We talked for like 20 minutes and I shared the restoration with her, as well as a little bit of the Plan of Salvation. My compaion was talking to her two sons (right next to us) and that was another miracle in itself- becuase of our timing, her two sons had come to visit and were able to learn/share their experiences they've had with God...God's timing is perfect...but While my companion was talking to her sons, I was talking with Otilia. We cried together, and both shared special experiences. She has been through a lot, but is a humble and loving servant of God that I was able to learn so much from! She want's to learn more, and so she is meeting with the spanish sisters (since Otilia speaks better spanish than english). It was a miracle finding her, ...she is amazing and i've already grown to love her so much!
So i live in an apartment with 2 other sisters (one of the sisters was in my distric at the MTC so we're really close) and we have so much fun/ work really hard together. Sister Atkinson, the one I was in the MTC with, often make our compaions pull over after we pass people so we can go talk to those in their yard / in front of their house (who we feel prompted to go talk to) and we have had some really powerful expericnes doing that too!
 I KNOW God is working thorugh us and that he loves us! I love being a missionary and LOVE TRACTING! LIFE IS GREAT AND I HONESTLY COULDNT BE HAPPIER!
much loveeee! Sorry i have to go!
Sister Diondra Ensign

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Serving in Washington while I wait for my visa - YEA!!

I'M REALLY GOING TO WASHINGTON , Kennewick mission.  (I swear on my life on this one!!!) I am sooooooo excited! like seriously freaking out right now... literally jumping up and down wanting to cry!!!! My first MTC companion is there right now and she is LOVING IT!!! Ahhhh I just can't believe this is real life right now! Only problem is I have absolutely no winter not even a jacket haha...oh well I'll figure something out! So i will leave Tuesday, unless my visa comes before then (chances are slim to none though). But i'm just so excited becuase I actually have plans now...this whole time we have just been waiting in the dark. Washington is so beautiful, and ever since I went there for my senior choir trip i've loved it! ahhhhh I am so excited! Have I told you that yet?
K now i'm pulling myself together, and really gonna tell you about my week;) First off, I can't believe Hunter got that on his ACT, good job Bubba!!! I always knew you were the smartest in the fam ;) Also, you need to talk to mom and dad more (I know your rolling your eyes right now haha) but seriously, you're gonna wish you had talked more to them when your on your mission and can only EMAIL once a week! Haha, talk to them! I promise, their cooler than you think ;) Sammy- you are so cute! I love the pictures mom sent me from conference, and love what you said about how awesome it is to see so many good girls who are trying to do whats right, cause you are totally right, sometimes it really does feel like your standing alone! But keep it up Sammy, your amazing! Mother I can't believe your are already planning for Quest in 2014! Quest was such a great testimony builder for me, but that is TOTALLY crazy to think that Hunts probably wont be there since he'll be on his own mission!! Your Pictures in Cali look awesome, it looks like it's beauftiul over there, thanks for sending them to me, i love seeing your cute faces! Sorry I still haven't figured out how to send pictures...hopeuflly next week, when i'm in Washington I'll be able to figure it out!!!
So you asked how I like my companion...well I'm not sure any words can do her justice...she is just amazing! We are always building each other up and have really strengthened our teaching skills this week! Yes it has been a hard week since we thought we were leaving Monday, but we have learned SOOOOO much and I would not have traded this week for anything! People always ask where we are going, and then when we are leaving, and then when we explain that we were supposed to leave over a week ago, they all say, "ohhhh i'm so sorry" (and honestly were not sad about it at all) and when they realize that they all say, "How are you still so happy?!"'s cause we are still doing the Lord's lets be honest, how could you not be happy when your doing his work!?! I love it here:)
Spending Easter here at the MTC was such a blessing, it really was so special and just nice to relax a little more than normal. Before I tell you about my thoughts from Easter, I'll answer your question by telling you what we do each day...we wake up...go to class, sutdy, eat, go to class, study some more, eat some more, go back and study, go to class, study some more, go to's really exciting!!! Jk it really is more fun here but we do sit like the whole time, which is why i Love gym so much.. I run a couple miles each day and then go ball it up in some elimination...haha it really is so fun and my district has gotten really close so we just laugh so hard every time we are playing basketball or volleyball, I love them! So Easter morning I got to open your (mom) sweet easter gift...the Picture of Christ...AMAZING! I looked at it and was just totally overwhlemed with Christ and everything he has done for me! As I looked at the picture of him sitting on the hill, the Lord told me that he knows EXACTLY what we are going through in life, he thinks about us all the time, and he struggles with us when we struggle! His life was absoluetely perfect, and "BECAUSE HE WALKED THE LONLIEST ROAD ALONE, NONE OF US WILL EVER HAVE TO" (I love that quote). This week in zone teaching I have truly learned how I really feel about Jesus Christ and how he feels about us! Jesus Christ loves us soooo much, and he wants so badly for us to turn to him when we mess up, so we can apply the atonement, becuase if we didn't we would be completely MOCKING it, which kills me, I am trying to really try to use it each day, many times!
Our investigator Karin (24 years old) is doing well but she is addicted to drinking! We have helped her set goals, and are trying soooo hard to help her but she is just not feeling worthy to pray to God on her own! We are really trying to rely on the Lord as to what we can help her with, but she has her own agency, and has to do her own part. It's hard as a 19 year old, to give an addict advice, but I know that as I continue to rely on the Lord, and with practice, I will become better! Fred, our other progressing investigator (71 years old) is doing really well too! He is so excited that our message has hope, and that there is a way for him to live with his wife again . She passed away several years ago. Teaching these investigators has been such a great blessing, and I have learned so much! Even better than that though, it has been amazing to see these people draw close to God and have faith in him as they prepare for baptism, just the first step in the eternal frame!
Yesterday our teach Brother Dickey, lifted us misisonaries so much! So this whole "waiting for our visa's" has been a great challenge of our faith, as we've really had to work at staying focused this last little bit, and there are several missionaries in my district who get very discrouaged and down on themselves. Well Brother Dickey told us that eariler this week when one of us prayed to God to ask to  "help prepare the people of Australia to be ready to hear our message", he prayed for "the people of Australia to find us missionaries". He went on to tell us that we are missionaries that he would want to teach his best friends/family! It meant so much to hear that becuase that is exactly the kind of missionary I want to be. I felt like all my hard work from this week was paying off. I seriously cannot explain how beneficial my stay here at the MTC has been. I know that this is exactly what Heavnely Father wanted me to do, and I know it has made me a much better missionary. It's crazy how much your can learn and grow in just one week!
Mom and dad I want you to know that I am so grateful for you! I honestly would not be here right now if it werern't your your faithfulness in staying true to the gospel while growing up. I am so grateful that you chose to stay close to God and becuase you did, he has become my best friend! I hope to serve my mission giving each day my all, so I can be prepared to be the kind of mother I want to be.
This week i've decided that i not only want to endure to the end of my life with full purpose of heart, but also the end of my mission, and end of my MTC stay. If I can endure all these things, it will help me show God how much I love and appreciate him and how I truly want to give 100% of myself to him!
Christ asked Peter, "Thou lovest me" three times...(Picture Christ standing in front of you asking you this same thing)...After Peter explain, "of course!!!" Christ said "Then feed my sheep"...DO THE SAME! He would say the exact same thing to you and so do it! I promise you that If you pray tonight, to find someone who you could share your testimony with/ refer them to the missionaries, then you will find them WITHIN DAYS! You are a member of the church, now bring others in- you will want no regrets in the next life!
MOther, your thought on "be not afraid....AMAING! it was just what i needeed to hear:)
Sister Wyatt's mom is going to be calling you as well as a senior missionary couple we met here! They will be calling your on Thursday, so be sure to answer:)
On Easter, Bishop Causse (presiding bishop) came and spoke and then Sherry Dew came later that night...awesome! And then on Tuesay, Elder Ringwood came and spoke...His daugther in law is brooke (my second cousin) who is the nurse on my unit that I work with! It was awesome:)
Unfortunately my time is out, but I love you all so much and can't wait to talk to you on Tuesday!
Quote on Enduring To The End:
"If you have already entered and do not endure to the end, it would have been better for you to have never entered!"
Sister Ensign

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yep, still at the MTC

HELLO FROM THE MTC!!! Yep i'm still here...haha.  It's cool though, cause let's be honest...who wants to be in Australia...?! (not me)...KIDDING:) haha so here is the update with our visa's...brace yourselves...i've been  reassigned to the Las Vegas West, Nevada mission.  Yes this was definitely a surprise, but it's ok.  Now on a serious note, Just kidding, haha.  But really we have been praying so hard for our visa's to come, please keep us in your prayers. ....who knows what lies ahead?

Sister Wyatt (yes how cool is it, that we're companions...she is AMAZING to say the least, and we have become SUPER close!) brought up a really cool thought this week.  We promised people in the pre-existance that we would teach them here on earth, and I totally believe that to be true.  I fact, I know I did! And I don't care where those people are, Las Vegas or Australia, I want to find them and help them remember what they once knew about God and the gospel!

So each Sunday we all have to have a talk prepared, and then after the actual sacrament, like 15 seconds before the first speaker, they announce who will be speaking...You'll never guess who got picked on...ME...haha.  The topic was repentance and forgiveness, which is something that we are always working on teaching so it was  perfect! It was just funny because my companion and roommate (Sister Hadlock) and I were singing the musical number, 'Be still my soul', as sister Wyatt played the piano, it turned out really nice, and the spirit was really strong:)

Our cute Elders gave Sister Wyatt and I a blessing before they all left, and it was pretty much a "departure blessing"/"blessing of comfort" and was amazing! The priesthood has always been something so special to me, but watching missionaries use it is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  When they gave me my blessing, I can hardly describe the feeling,  but my whole body was entirely filled with the spirit.  The Priesthood is real, and it is POWERFUL! The elders in my district are amazing! We are different in so many ways, but so similar, and it's because we all have the same purpose right now! I grew to love them so much and they will be incredible missionaries!

As these past couple of days have been a little more difficult, with our district (family) all leaving us/not getting our visa's, I have really had to rely on the Lord and he has definitely not left me comfortless.  He has given LITERALLY ENDLESS tender mercies, and the majority of them are felt through his love, and seen in the words of his scriptures.  I KNOW that the scriptures are here for us, and I have grown to love them more than I ever could have imagined.  I have also started to see many things in my patriarchal blessing come forth, and has given me more hope and excitement for the future! I am so grateful for my patriarchal blessing, and am still amazed that President Hicken, hardly knowing me before hard, could give me such beautiful words of advice, and promises that have helped me/will help me more than he will ever know!

This Sunday is Easter! I am sooo excited! That means I will be fortunate enough to spend it here at the MTC which also means we will be privileged to hear from someone...AWESOME! I can't wait! This week I have been thinking about all the Jesus Christ has done for us, and what he was experiencing this time of year, years ago...he knew what was coming, yet he still chose to fulfill his purpose.  If you guys want to read the little book i made last year, of my testimony and things i learned while studying the last week of Jesus Christ's life, it is at the top of my closet, in the blue box and it just says "easter" on the front.

This week I have decided to dedicate my WHOLE SELF to God. The experience I had while doing so was such a special one, and one that I will never forget. This is the Lord's time, and it's short, and so i want to use it so carefully! I want to be able to come home with no regrets.  Since i have dedicated myself, i have felt his hand EVEN MORE in my life, which is exactly what I need.  I am so grateful for him!

This week Sister Wyatt and I taught a REAL inactive older lady! The lesson went well and she is actually progressing well too! I love teaching, but can't wait to get out into the field and do more of it! Being a missionary, and being apart of this church is what makes me truly happy!

So quick side not...this week we were practicing teaching the gospel in a minute or less and I'm (role playing) talking with this guy who is sitting in the park, and talking to him about how he likes just sitting outside and thinking, and I started realizing that I'm totally the same way, so I went to tell him that and this is what I said.. "Sometimes I like sitting in the wilderness too!" (GOOD JOB DEE, GOOD JOB) hahhahaha...ya...I was like..."Time out, pretend I didn't just say that" haha. I think I'm turning into Nicolle.

 Something I've been trying to work on is when extending an invitation/commitment, is to say, "will you commit to GOD to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God, on _______" or whatever commitment, but really just get them to realize that they are committing to God not US missionaries! I've also been working on being really bold in my testimony! When i first got here i was soft and quiet with my testimony, but i realized that they need to know how important our message is.  So i will say, when bearing testimony of the BOM (for example) "I want you to know that this is THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK YOU WILL EVER READ, and I do not want you to pass up this life changing experience.  You WILL be happier than you've ever been in your life! I would not have left my family, school, and work if I didn't believe this to be the true word of God, with all my heart.  I KNOW IT IS, and I can PROMISE you that you can do the same if you read it, and then pray to ask God if it is true!"  Each time i bare testimony I seriously do not feel like it's me that's fact i know it isn' is the spirit putting the words in my mouth.  It is the best feeling as i testify in lessons, I'm not even quite sure how to explain it, but i honestly feel like my body is just tingling from my ears to my toes, because I KNOW IT'S TRUE! This gospel is the greatest, and there is absolutely NO OTHER PLACE I WOULD RATHER BE RIGHT NOW! Being a missionary is the greatest, and I really wish I could convince everyone to go on missions!!!

Last thing..US MISSIONARIES ARE NOT FINDERS, WE ARE TEACHERS! You, as members of the church need to do the FINDING! Stop praying for the missionaries "to help find those who are ready to hear about the gospel" and starting looking for those who you can send the missionaries to!  If you want the work to progress, you've got to do your part! 

So before I go, I just want to tell you how much I Iove and appreciate you and your support. I cant remember if i told you, but mother... that  package you sent me was the best! 

Well I love you guys so much and want you to know how much I love this gospel.  I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father so much and want so badly to give them my best self.  So with that said, my time is up- "exact obedience brings miracles" so I'm out! Love you and can't wait to hear from you!

"Don't set yourself up to be a judge and jury of your sins.  That would be very displeasing to Heavenly Father"

Sister Diondra Ensign