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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The happiness that has filled my heart

Sooooo ok.....this week...unbelievable! 4 PEOPLE COMMITTED TO BAPTISM FOR THE 22ND OF JUNE!!!! I can't even put into words right now, the happiness that has filled my heart! This week was really hard in a lot of ways, but I was also able to experience some of my happiest/most memorable times as well... #lifeofamissionary! (ya i'm still kinda cool enough to use hashtags ha)
So I just want to share one amazing experience i had this week with you guys! So last Sunday night, we got 3 new AWESOME African investigators! Bobkie (19 yr), Malad (10 yr) , and Blessing (11yr) (brothers, and Blessing is their cousin).  Well this week we met with them and the first appointment we had with them was sooo special! We went into the house to teach the lesson and we taught the powerful message of the restoration.  The spirit was just like BURNING in the lesson and the 3 investigators seemed to just eat this up, you could tell through their eyes, that their spirit just longed to hear more.  Well the time came when we asked them to pray to know if what we had taught them was true, but since it was a little noisy inside, i asked if maybe we could go outside just for a couple of minutes.  Out us 2 missionaries and 3 investigators went, and we knelt in the dark, underneath the stars, right outside their home in the back yard.  Bobkie offered a sincere and heart felt prayer, asking God if the Book of Mormon was true! (Ahhh I'm just dying inside thinking about it haha) but once he was finished, and we all talked about what we were feeling, they undeniably said that they knew it was true! Bobkie's words afterwards, "I know God is looking down upon us right now" and it was so true! Being outside, right underneath  the stars helped me feel it even more! The message of the restoration is powerful, and it does and will continue to reach the hearts of men, and burn within their souls! We then invited them to be baptized...Bobkie, said yes...Blessing, said yes...and Malad asked, "WHERE DO I GO IF I'M READY TO GET BAPTIZED RIGHT NOW?!?", that's when the spirit had just burst within me, and I couldn't help but just cry into my hands...These children KNOW that baptism is what God wants them to do, and they are willing to follow Jesus Christ's example.  i will never forget the amount of faith each of them have, I  truly look up to them so much, and have already established such a deep love for them!
Oh and their parents said they could get baptized;)....ahhh I'm dying!
The other sweet girl who committed to baptism is a 11 yr old girl from Taiwan, and she is just as amazing as the 3 above! For her baptismal invitation...before we could even finish inviting her (in the one sentence, "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?) she had already said, "YES!" haha.  She is just so amazing and such a great example to me as well!
I wish i could really go in depth about all our lessons, and investigators so you could see how much God's hand is in our work right now, but the time again is short!
Just know that I appreciate all your prayers so much  and they are definitely being answered, for our benefit! I want you to know that I am so happy right now, and God lifts me so much, especially on days when I need it most! I love you all and wish you the best for this next coming week! "God be with you till we meet again" (-boy singing from the mtc  ha-ha)
I Love You,
Sister Diondra Ensign

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I was reminded of how much the Lord truly loves his daughters.

This week was amazing to say the least! Satan took his toll on my companion and I last week, and really tried our faith, (and of course he did this week as well), but the miracles we have seen, and the investigators we picked up are...words cannot even describe them...but lets just say that the Lord has been way too good to my companion and I!

Two days ago, we were walking down the street, and 2 young men were walking on the other side and had a cigarette in one hand, and a beer in the other.  I felt the spirit tell me to go talk to them, so we began to walk towards them. After talking with them for a short while, I testified to them, of the power of the atonement, and that it IS possible to be clean from sin- they expressed their deep desires to feel of this! As we talked more with them, they told me companion and I how they have been wanting to quit smoking and drinking and in my head I'm thinking, "no way...this is just too 'golden'" haha.  They invited us to come back a short hour later, and so we met with them and shared the first lesson on the restoration of the gospel.  When we asked them what the thought and felt about what we had shared with them, they said..."words can't really describe it..., but good".  The spirit was burning so strong in that lesson, and they one of them was able to pray to God for the first time 7 years! In his sweet prayer, he asked God if the Book of Mormon was true, and asked to find out what his purpose here on earth is! Both Adam and LIam (the 19 and 17 year old young men) are desirous to learn more, and i can't help but feel so happy to know that all of their questions and concerns can be answered through the spirit, as sister parsons and i teach them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I have come to gain even a stronger testimony, that it is VITAL for us as missionaries, to TALK WITH EVERYONE! Regardless of what their circumstances are like, everyone has the desire within them (some deeper than others) to learn more about Jesus Christ! The spirit has also confirmed to me even more, that talking with everyone leads to new investigators, which means more people entering the waters of baptism, and heading in the right direction back home to God!

I know that this is the  true church! Satan really worked on me this week, specifically the day that my companion and I fasted; my testimony was tried, but again Heavenly Father stepped in and took me under his wings! He helped my testimony grow even MORE and reassured me of the truthfullness of the Gospel and the Book Of Mormon.  I am so grateful for this opportunity i have as a missionary, to study the Book of Mormon in a manner that i have never done before. It has already made such a difference in my own testimony, as well as in the work!
This week, sister Parsons and I went to check on one of our investigators Kathleen (yes- i think of grandma every time i say her name;)). She is a 13 year old girl from New Zealand and is just the sweetest/coolest girl ever! When we got to her house, she had been hanging out with her cousin who is also 13 yr. old from New Zealand as well.  We followed up on her to see if she had read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet we had given her and if she had prayed... ummm ok...her answer was amazing haha, she was like, "ya! We just read it together and prayed!" like all excited, and inside I'm just way?!?!?! like freaking out haha.  Long story short they invited us to come in and "talk more about Jesus":)  She took us upstairs and out onto the balcony, where we sat on a queen sized mattress:) I caught the most beautiful glimpse, and one i will never forget, while spending time with them! I looked out, and first realized how beautiful my surroundings were the sunsets here are dreamy and it was just gorgeous, and then i looked at these 2 beautiful young girls sitting across from two sister missionaries;) God helped me see how badly he wants his precious children back, and reminded me of HOW MUCH HE LOVES HIS DAUGHTERS!  By the end they had their other 11 yr. old girl cousin join us, so i was privileged to see 3 beautiful girls soak in what we were telling them about God and Jesus Christ adn their love for them! I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces, they were so desirous to learn more and it was one i will never forget! God loves all his children, but there is just something special about the young ones..i have such a deep desire to help Heavenly Father bring these sweet girls, back into his fold! We meet with them every Friday, and I am so excited for them! We are also teaching their cousin who is a big 21 year old! He is sooo cool too:) But that means we are teaching 4 people in one home...can you say "FAMILIES!!!!" families are what is most important!
I love being a missionary and honestly would not prefer to be anywhere else right now! the work has been miraculous this week! 11 new investigators! God is being so gracious!!!
Things are great over here in Wanneroo! Hard, but great!

Love you all,

Sister Diondra Ensign

Serving in Wannaroo !!


We made it:) :) :) Ya...the accents are awesome! I can hardly understand anything because they are so thick, but it's cool! I just feel kind of weird because of jet lag, but I'll get used to the time difference shortly (hopefully) ha.  When we first got here we went straight to the bike store and I got all the stuff so I'm excited to start riding:)  It came to 525 dollars (Australian money) just fyi:) So...The first bathroom I went into, I lifted up the toilet seat just to check for huntsman spiders...ya I'm already super paranoid. haha but I just wanted to tell you that I made it and I am happy as ever! I can't wait to find out where I will be serving and who my companion is! Adventures to come;)

Sister Ensign
It's beautiful here:)