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Monday, June 30, 2014

...the atonement of Jesus Christ can change us!

Wow..I'm not sure even where to begin...BEST WEEK EVER!

So it started earlier this week when we visited the Grande's the part member family whose father always says (regarding the gospel), "IT'S JUST NOT ME!" They haven't let missionaries in for 20 years but guess what?!?! The Lord has softened their hearts because they let Sister Tupuna and I in and we have been working with them! Well this past week we had an amazing feed with them (the top notch gourmet, it was awesome) and one of the most amazing lessons following! Doug (the non member father) and his wife are in their 60's and are just some really special people! Well after Tea we began our lesson and talked with Doug openly about everything, I don't have time to explain it all but what was really special was towards the end when my companion was able to share her story of how the atonement has effected her life (she was Less active, on the wrong path for a while- and I share that because she is the greatest now, so strong and so converted to the shows how much the atonement of Jesus Christ can change us!) After her sharing her testimony I also shared how the atonement allows us to change beyond our own ability (ex: "it's just not me" "I'm never going to change, it's just not in me" doesn't have to stay that way forever!) Well we finished and Doug says to us, with tears in his eyes, "Well girls, your pretty convincing!" haha we had to laugh cause it's not us, it is all the spirit but he COMMITTED TO READ THE BOOK OF MORMON (For the first time!) It was one of the most powerful lessons, and is one I will never forget! Because I have seen how much the gospel has blessed our family i want it so badly for them...they need it so they can be together forever! Please pray for Doug as he reads the Book of Mormon. (ps Doug and his wife Rhonda said they are coming to America for my wedding and I told him dad, that you would take him out fishing haha- they are so crack up and lovely! I can't wait for you to meet them!)

So another really sweet experience we had this week was with Bishops friends Adelle and Allister! We were able to have two really good lessons with them! one in particular was really special, it was Saturday night when we went to just has a simple lesson on the doctrine of keeping the Sabbath day holy. well we finished "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen" when Allister asked us, "how do you know when you have been forgiven?". We opened up to Alma 36 and read about how Alma (the violest of sinners) felt after he had repented! As we read it the spirit was so strong! It led to one of the most sacred experiences I have had on my mission of talking about repentance! Adelle said she felt really weighed down for the past 8 years of something she had done in the past...we told her she didn't need to tell us what she had done when she asked if she could tell us...but then she said she felt that is was the second time heavenly Father had told her to, and she felt like it was part of her healing process so we allowed her to...but what was cool was even before she told us what it was, the spirit told me and told me what i needed to say and bear testimony of! As soon as she told us about it we were able to bear testimony of the healing and cleansing power of the atonement! Serious sins are not easy to work through, but it is possible! I am so grateful for our loving Heavenly Father who provided the atonement for us so that we can be relieved from those heavy trials and guilty feelings, and move forward! That joy brings me to tears:)

This past week after MLC we were able to go to the temple for an endowment session and then AFTERWARDS to join Natalie and Phill (recent converts) in Baptisms for the dead! The endowment! It makes me cry so makes me love the Savior and Heavenly Father so much more and makes me want to please them more fully with the way I live and carry myself! I was again reminded of the power that comes through prayer when we realize the reality and closeness of God and Jesus Christ! I love the temple and the peace there, it is not comparable to anything else! As my companion and I finished we went and joined Natalie and Phill! (Side story that is really neat, Natalie went through a really sticky divorce and has had some really strong angry feelings against her ex-husband ever since.) Well after the temple she told us that all those angry feelings towards her ex were taken away from her at the temple and haven't come back (even though she is headed to court today). She said she just closes her eyes and pictures herself at the temple, and reads the Book of Mormon heaps and feels so much peace! I am so grateful she has had such positive experiences! She is wonderful! And Phill...grand-dad (what we call him, and so does everyone else) is just great! he has been a member 3 weeks and has been to the temple 3 times, been home teaching, etc. he is a great example! I love him!

Last thing I want to quickly explain before my time is up, is the experience we had on Wednesday with the member Kip and his mate Adam (21 yr.). Last week we invited Adam to read the book of Mormon and pray about it to see if it's true and then to pray about baptism. Well this past week when we saw him again, we had a chapel tour and at the end finished in the actual chapel (which by the way is the greatest place to have a lesson- in the VERY room we partake of the sacrament). As we talked about the sacrament and the Savior the spirit was so strong and he told us more about reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and how this past week he couldn't put it down...he knows it is true! He then committed to be baptized on July 26th!!! He also so told us that when he came he had a lot of questions but that just as we shared what we did, we answered all of them! We know it wasn't us, but the Lord working through the spirit! We are so excited for him! He came to church yesterday and loved it, and he has the greatest fellowship from the members, because they are already his friends! I have never seen the members share so many of their friends with us before, it's such a blessing to see it and it truly is making miracles happen!

The Lord is the head of this church and is the maker of these miracles! It is HIS almighty hand which controls this work and each of our lives! I love HIM and I love representing Jesus Christ! I love you guys!

Sister Ensign

I'm not sure if you remember me telling you about the LA family who I was feeling really impatient about, and ready to give up on in Kwinana...and then Nicolle's words remained in my head about LOVING God's children...and then the Lord granted me a portion of his love which helped us keep working with them...Well by the time I left they were coming back into activity and had grown heaps but still weren't quite ready to get their son baptized, to the point where we couldn't even focus on that yet...well this past week I got a picture in the mission newsletter...THE SON GOT BAPTISED BY THE DAD!!!!  apparently they are doing really really well and are a whole new family now! I love seeing people grow "here a little and there a little". Thanks to Nicolle for that one day where her words of love stuck with me and allowed us to not give up on them!

She had my very scriptures I had lost almost a year ago....

Wednesday night was really special because one of my friends, Kip Holder (member) brought his friend Adam (non member) to meet with us just before going to! We were able to teach Adam about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the chapel and! The spirit was so strong! He said he felt really good about what we were sharing and we are GOING TO put him on date this week! He is ready! I also reckon that he could serve a mission in a year after he is baptised! Ahh i should slow down! But i just love the people we are teaching,they have so much potential!
Another exciting lesson was when Bishop and his wife invited their friends over for dinner and a discussion! IT WAS AMAZING! Adelle (from NZ) and Allister (from Scotland, which made me think of Elder Ensign the whole time and love Allister even more) ;) had such sincere questions and are just amazing! They are a young family (we have been praying to teach families) and with Faith in Christ, we will put them on date this week! They also came to a ward activity and it was a major sucess, the members just loved them and they were a big family! At teh Western night activity which followed Natalies baptism was the greatest ward activity i have been would be safe to say that 20+ non members were there! OUr ward truly is catching the vision right now and it's so fun to be apart of it!
Exciting news, Bryan (Recent Convert from Wanneroo is getting married to a member on sep. 20th and recieving his endowments a few days before, which i will be able to go to! :)
Natalie had a week full of tests and trials, where Satan did everything to keep her from getting baptised, but as we went over the day after one of her really hard struggles...we read with her D&C 6...soooo powerful! This was a scripture taht my EFY couselor showed us girls, that i have loved ever since, but it was really special!As we read the invitations from the Savior to come to him, leave behind whatever is in the past, and come to him remembering the wounds in his hand and in his feet, the spirit flooded the room and peace softened each of our hearts! That day mine and my compainons', and Natalie's Faith in Christ and his power to lift and strengthen us, grew a lot! I am so grateful for the words of prophets that help our investigators when we are unsure of how to word things...the scriptures truly are the best! I am also so grateful for prayer and the instant peace that it brings when we do it! I have felt it bring the spirit so much this week, and i'm so grateful for that! Natalie was able to share her testimony on Saturday and as she shared her experience of coming to know Christ fully, through HIS gospel, the spirit was so strong! She has been on a great journey, and i feel so blessed to have been able to watch her take the steps towards the gate that will lead her on the path back to her Heavnly Father! This week we will be going with her and Phill (both recent covnerts) to the temple, i am so excited! Phill has only been baptised for 2 weeks but has already been to the temple 3 times, he loves it! He is such a great example!
Miracles report! Do you remember how last year i lost my scriptures! Well while in Wanneroo on a blitz Sister Rechter and i went to the very first house that the sisters had planned for us to see...a former investigator! As we talked to this former invetigator showing her our badges with the Church's name on it she said, "hold on...i think i have seen one of those on a bag"...she went away, and came back...WITH MY SCRIPTURES! They were my very scriptures i had lost almost a year to the date ago, and i even verified it by showing her the pic of our family in it! coincidence? NO WAY! Miracle!!! She said taht a year ago her partner was walking at the shops...saw them, picked them up and brought them home! She said she was coming to churhc, i sure hope she did that sunday in wanneroo's ward! GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS BUT IN HIS OWN TIMING! i prayed SO HARD  a year ago to find them...but God has HIS OWN timing for us and our lives, and i was grateful to witness that large miracle! He truly does live and is apart of our everyday lives!
As my companion and i have trained on the Restoration a lot this week, my testimony has been strengthened so much! So many people have wonderful beliefs that are beautiful, but we are the only ones on the face of this planet that has the authority from God...we are so blessed! My companion and i stopped our car, and got out to talk to some Jehovah Witnesses (p.s they are everywhere here) and were able to have a nice 30 minute conversation with them! They are such lovely people with some great beliefs that are similar to ours...but towards the end of our conversation we politely asked, "In acts 8 Paul teaches how unauthorized baptims so un-noticed, which is where we see it is absolutely essential to have the power and authority to baptise. As the bible teaches the power and authority was lost after Christ and his apostles were killed, so where do you guys claim to have gotten the priesthood?" (don't worry this wasn't a bible bash at all, the spirit was actually really strong), the sweet older lady (such a saint to going door knocking even though she has to use a walker), got up off her walker seat, opened up the seat, pulled out her bible and began to flip the pages looking for esomething...they were confounded.  I am so grateful for the power and authority of God to heal, bless, baptise, seal families, and perform other blessings and ordinances that are essential for eternal life! As we taught them, as well as many others this week, we did our best to take the sacred grove to them and strengthened my testimony so much! I love being a missionary, i love the unique-ness of our message! IT IS TRUE! and it is "the way" (2 nephi 31:21) back to God, Jesus Christ, and our families!
PLEASE PRAY FOR MICK ! (father of a member family...he has been coming to church for 20+ years and the stake is starting regualr visits with him...please pray that his heart is softened enough for him to be baptised so he can live with his famaily forever!)
LOVE YOU HEAPS! I'm praying for you all, especially our dear Elder Ensign...newest full time missionary in the fam, love ya bubba!
Sister Ensign

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I will never forget him, he truly is my brother in Christ...............

We have been praying to specifically find kingdom builders to teach and last Monday and Tuesday Heavenly Father led us to so many of them by the spirit! We were so grateful to know that Heavenly Father really does answer prayers, and that he really does lead us to his elect, and to those who have been humbled to a point where they ARE IN DIRE NEED of the gospel!
One experience I want to share with you about finding a kingdom builder, was when I was in Wanneroo for exchanges with Sister Rechter (a brand new missionary who is just wonderful). We were about to go visit Bryan (the recent convert from almost a YEAR AGO- so weird how fast it flies) and we pulled up and i just felt like we needed to see someone i turned around and went to a potential we found a year ago...well we talked to them, and then when finished went to go home for lunch and passed this young couple walking. I was hungry so I was like ahhh...just get home ...ha but then the spirit helped me see that we needed to talk to them, so when we got to the round about I turned around;)  We started walking towards this couple in the park and then called their dog over (haha funny contacting tip we learnt from an elder in our district). Sure enough the dog came over, and we were able to start talking to them! Sean and his girlfriend ARE AMAZING! They were raised catholic but are now at a stage when they are just confused about things. We told them a little and then asked if we could sit down and share more! We taught about the plan of salvation and! The spirit was so strong in this sweet peaceful park as we reminded them of things they knew and believed in in the pre-mortal life. We asked them a lot of questions about what we were teaching and they were able to remind themselves of why they are here and what they need to be doing! By the end they expressed how they felt so much peace, happiness, and even a desire to share what we had shared with others! She said, "I think the Catholic church needs to look into reading the Book of Mormon as well" :) haha. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the sacred and true words of the prophets in there, it truly is the greatest source for teaching!
Yesterday my wonderful companion spoke in church about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End)- and oh my goodness the spirit was SO STRONG! I was so grateful for FIRST, the sacrament which helped cleanse and strengthen me (i will never miss a week of church, the sacrament is the best) and second for the pure doctrine of Christ my companion taught us about. Since being a missionary, I have come to realize that better than a funny, or crazy memorable lesson, is a lesson filled with the spirit! The spirit is so sensitive and fragile and without it we are nothing, but my companion is wonderful at teaching by the spirit and being very sensitive to it! We do our best to have the spirit with us, and as we focus everything in our home, conversations, etc. on the Savior, it enhances it so much! (p.s. my love for pictures of the Savior have grown even more...I want my home filled with them one day!)
Being in Wanneroo was a really sacred experience for me! The one recent convert I want to share a little about is Bobkie! Bobkie has remained active this whole year (this month marks his 1 yr. anniversary) and blesses the sacrament each week! As I saw him this week, my heart melted and I just felt such a deep love for my brother! They spirit totally lights his face, and he is so strong! He told us how people mock him for being "Mormon" but he just says over and over again, "I don't care I'M PROUD TO BE A MORMON!" :) He recently just shared a Book of Mormon with his soccer coach, and invited his friend to meet with us the missionaries! He is 18yr old in September and is PLANNING ON SERVING A MISSION! I wanted to cry when I heard that :) I can't even express words for how happy I am that Heavenly Father and the ward have continued to strengthen him since he has joined Jesus Christ's church! Bobkie was the first baptism I saw here in Western Australia and I will never forget him, he truly is my brother in Christ!
This week has been a really good one for me- I feel like I have learned a lot from my companion and the mini missionary we had (Sister Tata) about charity and love and following the spirit! I have felt the spirit so much this week and have had my testimony strengthened so much that this is THE LORDS WORK! The rising generation is so strong and I am so happy that Hunter is about to join the ranks in fighting against evil and bringing souls to Christ as a full time missionary! The new missionaries that keep coming out are getting better and better, and more and more prepared, and I know Hunter will just be another one of those! Bubba, I love you! I am so excited for you and so proud of you and the things you have done to get where you are right now! I will pray for you everyday! Remember to be humble and trust the Lord in all you do! I can't wait to hear from you next Monday about your experiences in the England MTC- love you brother!
I love you all so much and am so grateful for your support during this sacred time of my life. you truly lift me, and inspire me to be be more deeply converted to the Lord! As I have studied Christlike attributes a lot recently and relied on the atonement to help change and strengthen me, I have seen the Lord work with me! I am so grateful for his patience and willingness to help me! I have felt his love so much recently as I have worked on my weaknesses and I KNOW that he is totally aware of every single one of us right now, wherever we may be in the world. We are so blessed the most almighty, and all powerful King who reigns over the earth...knows us perfectly! He loves us, and truly is here to help! I hope we can all take a bit more time to realize how great we are to him! Love you guys!
Love always,
Sister Ensign

Monday, June 9, 2014

I want to be a missionary FOREVER!

Jesus Christ  is MY Savior and Redeemer! Through his atonement he has made of me what I couldn't have become on my own! This is HIS work and I was able to rededicate myself to HIM this week! Being a full time representative of Jesus Christ is the most sacred and wonderful gift Heavenly Father has given me, I feel so grateful to be out here! This week I was able to feel of the reality of the atonement through repentance as I have been striving to cleanse myself outwardly and inside! As I studied Enos' experience in depth, my soul hungered just as Enos' did...for the cleansing to take place within my heart through the Holy Ghost! And I HAVE felt just what he did,  an increased "desire for the welfare of my brethren, the AUSSIE-ITES".  So many times this week, as I have been striving harder and harder to cleanse myself , I have felt the atonement work within me, and I am often brought to tears in gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father who is so patient and merciful with me! Feeling clean daily is something I strive for, and I have noticed that when I am stripped from anything that is not of this work then the work is so much better, because it's the Lords way! So many sacred experiences this week and I have felt the spirit so much- I love this work so much!
My companion and I got a mini missionary for the week and she is with us until Wednesday- Sister Tata is wonderful and we have been able to all be apart of some really sacred experiences, especially as we have taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is something i will never deny nor doubt the slightest bit- Joseph Smith really did see God the father, and His Son Jesus Christ, and my life has been forever changed because of it! As my companions and I have done our best to take the 'Sacred Grove' to those we are teaching, by relying on the spirit to do the main work, hearts of investigators, members, and us missionaries have been changed! I love the members who are so keen right now to do the Lords work with us and it's because of them that we are seeing the changes we are, in those we are teaching! The spirit is the most important thing to have with us! As I spoke in sacrament yesterday on the Holy Ghost I was sweetly reminded of this gift, it being one of the greatest gifts we have been given, and the importance of us living worthy of it! I invite you guys to consider what you can add or eliminate from your life to have the spirit with your more abundantly in your life! With the spirit in our heart as we are worthy, we are on the straight and narrow which is something we can't afford to fall away from! I know that as we kneel and pray, and ask Heavenly Father what we can do to have the spirit with us more, THEN OPEN THE SCIRPTURES that Heavenly Father will show us ways to grow, be cleansed and improve! I have seen and felt it and I know the Lord loves us so he will help us change:) As the scripture teach us, they day truly will come when "we shall have a perfect knowledge of all our guilt, and our uncleanness, and our nakedness, and the righteous shall have a perfect knowledge of their enjoyment and their righteousness being clothed with purity" (2 Nephi 9:14) and that by asking Heavenly Father what we can do to change (and to have the spirit with us more), that we will be ready to meet God! If we are not moving forward we are moving backward! Now is the time to not just be good and do whats required...but aim to be like JESUS CHRIST and constantly strive to be better!  Now is the time to prepare to meet God;)
Wow! The fast we are doing as a zone is remarkable! Our zone has almost doubled our goals set and it is literally MIRACULOUS the things that are happening! The other night we said a prayer of gratitude with the Zone leaders over the phone in just utter amazement for what is happening! The Lord is being so gracious to us right now, and it's just a great privilege to witness what we are seeing in the zone! The Lord definitely has HIS hand in this work, and is making of it what HE needs!
I am honestly just at a loss for words at the feelings I have right now! I just...I am so...grateful to be here- I want to be a missionary FOREVER!
Love always and forever,
Sister Ensign

Friday, June 6, 2014


Wow! This week has been filled with miracles and many experiences that have strengthened my faith in our Savior a lot!
This week we had MLC in which we left feeling so excited about this work, feeling our faith in Jesus Christ strengthened so much, and just absolutely ready to go out AND BAPTISE! As we left we told our zone leaders, "we'll be calling you soon with a miracle, we are going to put someone on date"...well the first house we went to was Phil, (the Kiwi man who is getting baptized this weekend!) and his housemate Rob was there! Rob is a 27yr old South African who had lost his faith 13 years ago! The minute we talked with him and heard he had been to witness a baptism down south the day before we knew that God had prepared him! We taught Phil and Rob the lesson and at one point, my beautiful companion asked Rob, "how do you feel right now?"...he replied with "I feel like I want to cry...and I don't EVER cry, huh Phil?", Phil agreed:)...We pointed out that what he was feeling was the Holy Ghost testifying that what we were sharing WAS TRUE! He committed to be baptized on June 28th and we are so excited for him! FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, AND EXPECTING MIRACLES WORK! It was such a testimony booster and as we left, we couldn't help but kneel on the side walk to thank Heavenly Father! He is far too gracious to us!
Please pray for Mick ! He is the father of a part member family...he is the last one to get baptized...he has been taught by missionaries for years, but THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT FOR HIM, we know it! But we really need your prayers, please, please, please!
Yesterday was Western Australia Day, (hence why pday is today) and boy was it miraculous! So Thanks to Nicolle and her mission for doing the 40 day fast, it inspired our zone to do something similar! When we met with our Zone Leaders to talk about goals we came up with a 12 day fast (there are 12 companionship's in our zone) to find "kingdom builders" (thanks Elder Tautfest for that one) and "families"...The zone leaders kicked this off with their fast yesterday, were absolutely drained for fasting 2 days in a row, but it brought our zone the sweetest miracles! For my companion and I, we have been praying to find families...that is EXACTLY what Heavenly Father led us to and yesterday we were able to find 3 new investigators! The first of the 3 from yesterday is a part member family, (the mother) and her name is Trish- SHE IS FROM IRELAND (Yes Hunter, i think of you all the time when i meet Irish or Scottish people) and she is KEEN! She has been taught by missionaries a lot, but when we went yesterday we did a Book of Mormon read with her and her returning less active! The spirit was so strong as we read 3 Nephi 11 and talked about the reality of our Savior Jesus Christ, an the importance of preparing to meet him! As we did so she expressed a great desire to keep learning, we are so excited for her! I seriously can't even begin to explain all the miracles happening in our area right now! i feel so blessed! My companion and i are absolutely wasted at the end of each day- we are trying to take lunch and dinner breaks but just can't find the time. Sister Lindsay gets mad when she hears that, but i only have a year and a half to serve....that is so short....and being a good missionary is not sufficient...being "Extra-ordinary" is what I'm after! This is the Lord's mission, and since he has given me so much, this is the least I can do! I love serving with everything, and i love the blessings he is sending our way! Our ward is so pumped about missionary work and yesterday in ward council bishop (whom by the way is AMAZING) was like, "we have to get one board, we can't miss the train. the missionaries are doing so much right now and we have to join them so it doesn't die out with they leave!" our bishop and ward are so excited about the work and it's hastening things like crazy! I just wish so badly you could witness all the miracles with me! You would be blown away!
So the other miracle 2 new investigators were a family!!!!!! We went to follow up with a potential investigator who was interested in family history! Her name is Margaret, from Ireland/Australia, and has 2 boys! We were able to help her sign up with family search, do a lot of family history and boy was the spirit of Elijah alive in that home! (haha). Then the dad came out....k...SO AWESOME! He has met with missionaries before (apparently) and after the end of our wonderful evening with them, they have allowed us to come back and share more!!! I'm telling you, they are the next yw pres. and bishop coming up...INCREDIBLE FAMILY! Please pray for them, their names are Margaret and David! :)
There are heaps of less actives who we have been able to help and ahhhh , I just love it here! Each night as I get on my knees and pray I feel so grateful! I love my companion and love who she is motivating me to become....more like my Savior! I love Greenwood and the ward, and the elect people Heavenly Father is leading us too! And I love the Book of Mormon! As I have read it this week and identified examples of Faith in Jesus Christ, my faith in Him has grown and it has helped so much! I love feeling the spirit, and I feel like we are so privileged to have it with us all the time here! Each lesson gets more and more powerful and I am just so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost! I love you guys so much and am so grateful for your testimonies! Hope you enjoy the letter cause it's probably the last one I'll send haha :/ sorry I'm so bad about that! But yes, I'm praying for you all everyday!
Oh dang,  I just thought of more miracles to share with you, but my time is up! Long story short, WANNEROO is in our zone, and we went to help the sisters there and just in the few hours we were there, Sister Siilata (she has been out 12 weeks and now is training) and I were able to find 2 new investigators and it was just amazing being back there! Thinking that a year ago, that's where I was...reflecting back to a year, I am so grateful for the change my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ have made in's huge! I
Love always,
Sister Ensign