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Friday, June 6, 2014


Wow! This week has been filled with miracles and many experiences that have strengthened my faith in our Savior a lot!
This week we had MLC in which we left feeling so excited about this work, feeling our faith in Jesus Christ strengthened so much, and just absolutely ready to go out AND BAPTISE! As we left we told our zone leaders, "we'll be calling you soon with a miracle, we are going to put someone on date"...well the first house we went to was Phil, (the Kiwi man who is getting baptized this weekend!) and his housemate Rob was there! Rob is a 27yr old South African who had lost his faith 13 years ago! The minute we talked with him and heard he had been to witness a baptism down south the day before we knew that God had prepared him! We taught Phil and Rob the lesson and at one point, my beautiful companion asked Rob, "how do you feel right now?"...he replied with "I feel like I want to cry...and I don't EVER cry, huh Phil?", Phil agreed:)...We pointed out that what he was feeling was the Holy Ghost testifying that what we were sharing WAS TRUE! He committed to be baptized on June 28th and we are so excited for him! FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, AND EXPECTING MIRACLES WORK! It was such a testimony booster and as we left, we couldn't help but kneel on the side walk to thank Heavenly Father! He is far too gracious to us!
Please pray for Mick ! He is the father of a part member family...he is the last one to get baptized...he has been taught by missionaries for years, but THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT FOR HIM, we know it! But we really need your prayers, please, please, please!
Yesterday was Western Australia Day, (hence why pday is today) and boy was it miraculous! So Thanks to Nicolle and her mission for doing the 40 day fast, it inspired our zone to do something similar! When we met with our Zone Leaders to talk about goals we came up with a 12 day fast (there are 12 companionship's in our zone) to find "kingdom builders" (thanks Elder Tautfest for that one) and "families"...The zone leaders kicked this off with their fast yesterday, were absolutely drained for fasting 2 days in a row, but it brought our zone the sweetest miracles! For my companion and I, we have been praying to find families...that is EXACTLY what Heavenly Father led us to and yesterday we were able to find 3 new investigators! The first of the 3 from yesterday is a part member family, (the mother) and her name is Trish- SHE IS FROM IRELAND (Yes Hunter, i think of you all the time when i meet Irish or Scottish people) and she is KEEN! She has been taught by missionaries a lot, but when we went yesterday we did a Book of Mormon read with her and her returning less active! The spirit was so strong as we read 3 Nephi 11 and talked about the reality of our Savior Jesus Christ, an the importance of preparing to meet him! As we did so she expressed a great desire to keep learning, we are so excited for her! I seriously can't even begin to explain all the miracles happening in our area right now! i feel so blessed! My companion and i are absolutely wasted at the end of each day- we are trying to take lunch and dinner breaks but just can't find the time. Sister Lindsay gets mad when she hears that, but i only have a year and a half to serve....that is so short....and being a good missionary is not sufficient...being "Extra-ordinary" is what I'm after! This is the Lord's mission, and since he has given me so much, this is the least I can do! I love serving with everything, and i love the blessings he is sending our way! Our ward is so pumped about missionary work and yesterday in ward council bishop (whom by the way is AMAZING) was like, "we have to get one board, we can't miss the train. the missionaries are doing so much right now and we have to join them so it doesn't die out with they leave!" our bishop and ward are so excited about the work and it's hastening things like crazy! I just wish so badly you could witness all the miracles with me! You would be blown away!
So the other miracle 2 new investigators were a family!!!!!! We went to follow up with a potential investigator who was interested in family history! Her name is Margaret, from Ireland/Australia, and has 2 boys! We were able to help her sign up with family search, do a lot of family history and boy was the spirit of Elijah alive in that home! (haha). Then the dad came out....k...SO AWESOME! He has met with missionaries before (apparently) and after the end of our wonderful evening with them, they have allowed us to come back and share more!!! I'm telling you, they are the next yw pres. and bishop coming up...INCREDIBLE FAMILY! Please pray for them, their names are Margaret and David! :)
There are heaps of less actives who we have been able to help and ahhhh , I just love it here! Each night as I get on my knees and pray I feel so grateful! I love my companion and love who she is motivating me to become....more like my Savior! I love Greenwood and the ward, and the elect people Heavenly Father is leading us too! And I love the Book of Mormon! As I have read it this week and identified examples of Faith in Jesus Christ, my faith in Him has grown and it has helped so much! I love feeling the spirit, and I feel like we are so privileged to have it with us all the time here! Each lesson gets more and more powerful and I am just so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost! I love you guys so much and am so grateful for your testimonies! Hope you enjoy the letter cause it's probably the last one I'll send haha :/ sorry I'm so bad about that! But yes, I'm praying for you all everyday!
Oh dang,  I just thought of more miracles to share with you, but my time is up! Long story short, WANNEROO is in our zone, and we went to help the sisters there and just in the few hours we were there, Sister Siilata (she has been out 12 weeks and now is training) and I were able to find 2 new investigators and it was just amazing being back there! Thinking that a year ago, that's where I was...reflecting back to a year, I am so grateful for the change my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ have made in's huge! I
Love always,
Sister Ensign

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