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Monday, June 30, 2014

She had my very scriptures I had lost almost a year ago....

Wednesday night was really special because one of my friends, Kip Holder (member) brought his friend Adam (non member) to meet with us just before going to! We were able to teach Adam about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the chapel and! The spirit was so strong! He said he felt really good about what we were sharing and we are GOING TO put him on date this week! He is ready! I also reckon that he could serve a mission in a year after he is baptised! Ahh i should slow down! But i just love the people we are teaching,they have so much potential!
Another exciting lesson was when Bishop and his wife invited their friends over for dinner and a discussion! IT WAS AMAZING! Adelle (from NZ) and Allister (from Scotland, which made me think of Elder Ensign the whole time and love Allister even more) ;) had such sincere questions and are just amazing! They are a young family (we have been praying to teach families) and with Faith in Christ, we will put them on date this week! They also came to a ward activity and it was a major sucess, the members just loved them and they were a big family! At teh Western night activity which followed Natalies baptism was the greatest ward activity i have been would be safe to say that 20+ non members were there! OUr ward truly is catching the vision right now and it's so fun to be apart of it!
Exciting news, Bryan (Recent Convert from Wanneroo is getting married to a member on sep. 20th and recieving his endowments a few days before, which i will be able to go to! :)
Natalie had a week full of tests and trials, where Satan did everything to keep her from getting baptised, but as we went over the day after one of her really hard struggles...we read with her D&C 6...soooo powerful! This was a scripture taht my EFY couselor showed us girls, that i have loved ever since, but it was really special!As we read the invitations from the Savior to come to him, leave behind whatever is in the past, and come to him remembering the wounds in his hand and in his feet, the spirit flooded the room and peace softened each of our hearts! That day mine and my compainons', and Natalie's Faith in Christ and his power to lift and strengthen us, grew a lot! I am so grateful for the words of prophets that help our investigators when we are unsure of how to word things...the scriptures truly are the best! I am also so grateful for prayer and the instant peace that it brings when we do it! I have felt it bring the spirit so much this week, and i'm so grateful for that! Natalie was able to share her testimony on Saturday and as she shared her experience of coming to know Christ fully, through HIS gospel, the spirit was so strong! She has been on a great journey, and i feel so blessed to have been able to watch her take the steps towards the gate that will lead her on the path back to her Heavnly Father! This week we will be going with her and Phill (both recent covnerts) to the temple, i am so excited! Phill has only been baptised for 2 weeks but has already been to the temple 3 times, he loves it! He is such a great example!
Miracles report! Do you remember how last year i lost my scriptures! Well while in Wanneroo on a blitz Sister Rechter and i went to the very first house that the sisters had planned for us to see...a former investigator! As we talked to this former invetigator showing her our badges with the Church's name on it she said, "hold on...i think i have seen one of those on a bag"...she went away, and came back...WITH MY SCRIPTURES! They were my very scriptures i had lost almost a year to the date ago, and i even verified it by showing her the pic of our family in it! coincidence? NO WAY! Miracle!!! She said taht a year ago her partner was walking at the shops...saw them, picked them up and brought them home! She said she was coming to churhc, i sure hope she did that sunday in wanneroo's ward! GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS BUT IN HIS OWN TIMING! i prayed SO HARD  a year ago to find them...but God has HIS OWN timing for us and our lives, and i was grateful to witness that large miracle! He truly does live and is apart of our everyday lives!
As my companion and i have trained on the Restoration a lot this week, my testimony has been strengthened so much! So many people have wonderful beliefs that are beautiful, but we are the only ones on the face of this planet that has the authority from God...we are so blessed! My companion and i stopped our car, and got out to talk to some Jehovah Witnesses (p.s they are everywhere here) and were able to have a nice 30 minute conversation with them! They are such lovely people with some great beliefs that are similar to ours...but towards the end of our conversation we politely asked, "In acts 8 Paul teaches how unauthorized baptims so un-noticed, which is where we see it is absolutely essential to have the power and authority to baptise. As the bible teaches the power and authority was lost after Christ and his apostles were killed, so where do you guys claim to have gotten the priesthood?" (don't worry this wasn't a bible bash at all, the spirit was actually really strong), the sweet older lady (such a saint to going door knocking even though she has to use a walker), got up off her walker seat, opened up the seat, pulled out her bible and began to flip the pages looking for esomething...they were confounded.  I am so grateful for the power and authority of God to heal, bless, baptise, seal families, and perform other blessings and ordinances that are essential for eternal life! As we taught them, as well as many others this week, we did our best to take the sacred grove to them and strengthened my testimony so much! I love being a missionary, i love the unique-ness of our message! IT IS TRUE! and it is "the way" (2 nephi 31:21) back to God, Jesus Christ, and our families!
PLEASE PRAY FOR MICK ! (father of a member family...he has been coming to church for 20+ years and the stake is starting regualr visits with him...please pray that his heart is softened enough for him to be baptised so he can live with his famaily forever!)
LOVE YOU HEAPS! I'm praying for you all, especially our dear Elder Ensign...newest full time missionary in the fam, love ya bubba!
Sister Ensign

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