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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I will never forget him, he truly is my brother in Christ...............

We have been praying to specifically find kingdom builders to teach and last Monday and Tuesday Heavenly Father led us to so many of them by the spirit! We were so grateful to know that Heavenly Father really does answer prayers, and that he really does lead us to his elect, and to those who have been humbled to a point where they ARE IN DIRE NEED of the gospel!
One experience I want to share with you about finding a kingdom builder, was when I was in Wanneroo for exchanges with Sister Rechter (a brand new missionary who is just wonderful). We were about to go visit Bryan (the recent convert from almost a YEAR AGO- so weird how fast it flies) and we pulled up and i just felt like we needed to see someone i turned around and went to a potential we found a year ago...well we talked to them, and then when finished went to go home for lunch and passed this young couple walking. I was hungry so I was like ahhh...just get home ...ha but then the spirit helped me see that we needed to talk to them, so when we got to the round about I turned around;)  We started walking towards this couple in the park and then called their dog over (haha funny contacting tip we learnt from an elder in our district). Sure enough the dog came over, and we were able to start talking to them! Sean and his girlfriend ARE AMAZING! They were raised catholic but are now at a stage when they are just confused about things. We told them a little and then asked if we could sit down and share more! We taught about the plan of salvation and! The spirit was so strong in this sweet peaceful park as we reminded them of things they knew and believed in in the pre-mortal life. We asked them a lot of questions about what we were teaching and they were able to remind themselves of why they are here and what they need to be doing! By the end they expressed how they felt so much peace, happiness, and even a desire to share what we had shared with others! She said, "I think the Catholic church needs to look into reading the Book of Mormon as well" :) haha. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the sacred and true words of the prophets in there, it truly is the greatest source for teaching!
Yesterday my wonderful companion spoke in church about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End)- and oh my goodness the spirit was SO STRONG! I was so grateful for FIRST, the sacrament which helped cleanse and strengthen me (i will never miss a week of church, the sacrament is the best) and second for the pure doctrine of Christ my companion taught us about. Since being a missionary, I have come to realize that better than a funny, or crazy memorable lesson, is a lesson filled with the spirit! The spirit is so sensitive and fragile and without it we are nothing, but my companion is wonderful at teaching by the spirit and being very sensitive to it! We do our best to have the spirit with us, and as we focus everything in our home, conversations, etc. on the Savior, it enhances it so much! (p.s. my love for pictures of the Savior have grown even more...I want my home filled with them one day!)
Being in Wanneroo was a really sacred experience for me! The one recent convert I want to share a little about is Bobkie! Bobkie has remained active this whole year (this month marks his 1 yr. anniversary) and blesses the sacrament each week! As I saw him this week, my heart melted and I just felt such a deep love for my brother! They spirit totally lights his face, and he is so strong! He told us how people mock him for being "Mormon" but he just says over and over again, "I don't care I'M PROUD TO BE A MORMON!" :) He recently just shared a Book of Mormon with his soccer coach, and invited his friend to meet with us the missionaries! He is 18yr old in September and is PLANNING ON SERVING A MISSION! I wanted to cry when I heard that :) I can't even express words for how happy I am that Heavenly Father and the ward have continued to strengthen him since he has joined Jesus Christ's church! Bobkie was the first baptism I saw here in Western Australia and I will never forget him, he truly is my brother in Christ!
This week has been a really good one for me- I feel like I have learned a lot from my companion and the mini missionary we had (Sister Tata) about charity and love and following the spirit! I have felt the spirit so much this week and have had my testimony strengthened so much that this is THE LORDS WORK! The rising generation is so strong and I am so happy that Hunter is about to join the ranks in fighting against evil and bringing souls to Christ as a full time missionary! The new missionaries that keep coming out are getting better and better, and more and more prepared, and I know Hunter will just be another one of those! Bubba, I love you! I am so excited for you and so proud of you and the things you have done to get where you are right now! I will pray for you everyday! Remember to be humble and trust the Lord in all you do! I can't wait to hear from you next Monday about your experiences in the England MTC- love you brother!
I love you all so much and am so grateful for your support during this sacred time of my life. you truly lift me, and inspire me to be be more deeply converted to the Lord! As I have studied Christlike attributes a lot recently and relied on the atonement to help change and strengthen me, I have seen the Lord work with me! I am so grateful for his patience and willingness to help me! I have felt his love so much recently as I have worked on my weaknesses and I KNOW that he is totally aware of every single one of us right now, wherever we may be in the world. We are so blessed the most almighty, and all powerful King who reigns over the earth...knows us perfectly! He loves us, and truly is here to help! I hope we can all take a bit more time to realize how great we are to him! Love you guys!
Love always,
Sister Ensign

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