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Saturday, May 31, 2014

we got rejected a lot..... but feel more grateful for the miracles

My new area is amazing! Greenwood has been known to be a "dry" area and they haven't had a baptism in one's sad haha- but we all know that there are no dry areas, just dry missionaries- so I'm so excited to be here! Well,  my companion Sister Tupuna (half cook island / half Tahitian) is amazing and I love her to death! We have been able to feel the spirit so much this week;) my love for the Savior and His work has grown as my companion and I have set many goals! I am so grateful that she is not just satisfied with where she is at, but that she wants to be better and so do I...this will be another transforming transfer! That's something I love about certain companions...they just make you want to be makes me realize that I need to marry someone who will make me feel the same way, that I need to continue growing spiritually! Anyways, my comp and I have set a goal to read the Book of Mormon before the transfer ends (which is about 15 pages a day- yes this will be our 2nd time doing it 15pg per day, I'm so excited) and will be focusing on faith in Jesus Christ and humility as we read; two things I will always need to work on:) I love the Book of Mormon and I have seen it change our mission so much, so I am excited to read it again with my companion and have it change us even more. As my companion and I have set high goals, we know the Lord will help us reach them...this is HIS work, and so with HIS help, great things can be achieved, I know it! ;)
There are so many good things happening right now and I can feel that Heavenly Father has big plans for us! This past week Heavenly Father prepared a lot of his children to receive us and our message, and so after someone had committed to be baptized on June 21, we called president with our miracle and he told us that when he assigned my companion and I to this area, he knew that the Lord had many good things in store for us and that he needed us to bring forth those miracles! It was so reassuring to hear that from our President and the confirmation from the Holy Ghost! The Lord is amazing. All powerful. All knowing, and I am so grateful for his mercy towards us missionaries, and to all his children! I love Him, and I love this work!

This week my companion and I trained in zone meeting about our purpose as missionaries...many people say we are here to bring people back to God. to help families be together forever. to plant seeds. Yes, yes and yes, those are things that we can try to do as missionaries...but the REAL REASON WE ARE HERE, IS TO BAPTIZE! People cannot live with God, nor their families, UNLESS THEY ARE BAPTIZED BY THE CORRECT PRIESTHOOD AUTHORITY!

Well over Christmas one of my friends emailed me telling me of a time on their mission when they invited EVERYONE they talked to be comp and I took the challenge...and set someone on date that day...more and more people started committing. Then as we gave commitments to our sisters in our zones we would invite them to do the day some sisters called us, (one companionship) and they had set 3 baptismal dates....'THE FIELD IS WHITE ALREADY TO HARVEST" ...the people are literally waiting for the invitation from the Savior to be baptized, cleansed, and welcomed back into Heavenly Father's presence! So this week my comp and I invited our whole zone to invite EVERYONE that day to be my comp and I lived up to our own commitment, and invited everyone to do it...we got rejected a lot, of course:) but SET ONE BAPTISMAL DATE! and the next day set another! But that same our district leader and his comp put someone on date, and our zone leaders set 3 baptismal dates!!! They were all so surprised as well, but it's true, the Lord is Hastening this work! We are doing our best to be inviting machines!  It's been so fun!!!
One lady who is committed to be baptized is Natalie:) She is an Aussie in her 40's and has been taught by missionaries for 2 years...well this week my companion and I went over...taught her one of the most powerful lessons (Thanks of Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost) and she began to ask us..."so about baptism?"...the rest went from there! She is committed and finally ready!!! I am so excited for her but more grateful for the miracles heavenly father has shown!

 love you!

Sister Ensign


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