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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My companion and I cried and cried........

Wow! What an amazing week full of learning experiences! This week i have seen so much how the power of fasting is real when it comes to softening and changing hearts! My testimony of the scriptures has increased as each night before i get in bed, after saying my prayers, i open the Book of Mormon to read a few verses! There has not been one night when I have been let down, but literally every single scripture I have read has been just what I need! It is so reassuring to know that Heavenly Father is so aware of me, my needs, and what my circumstances are! Prayer has saved me as well! I ask the Lord what I need to work on or what I need to do, and words come clear as day! I feel so blessed!
When I say that this week was full of learning experiences, I really mean it! Tuesday was a bit tough(to say the least) because my sweet friend, Paulo told us he couldn't be baptized! He said he knows everything is true, he knows the book of Mormon is true and he loves it...BUT  his family who is catholic (back in Brazil) does not want him to be baptized! His dad died when he was younger, so he just has him mom and does not want to ruin anything with her so will not disobey her by being baptized!!!! My companion and I cried and cried...I was then reminded by Collies words of how when we hurt (over someone were teaching), so does our Father in Heaven, because they are HIS children! So when i went home, we planned and then i spent the remainder of my night on my knees crying to Heavenly Father about his sweet son Paulo! I was so comforted by the atonement and knew that we had done everything we needed with Paulo, but that he was using his own AGENCY to make up his decision! (I then realized why the word "agency" was stuck in my mind that morning in District meeting, Heavenly Father was trying to prepare me!) Through this experience i was reminded that sometimes our will does not always line up with Heavenly Fathers', but that he does still hear and answer our prayers and has promised to help us through any heartache! This experience along with many others this week, have deepened my conversion a lot. Trials seem to do that, i love it! I love Paulo, I love Heavenly Father for helping us with teaching Paulo and comforting us when we found out he couldn't be baptized! And I LOVE that trials are just a learning experience, they are not the end....
 Paulo along with many others, we have had to drop, but have been praying to find the elect and find those who will keep commitments! And guess what?!?!? Heavenly Father has so led us to them! One of them we met on Easter Morning, Allison! She is from Australia and is 31 years old:) She let us come back to teach her and we taught the restoration, which was really powerful! We went back this week with Bishops wife and taught the Plan of Salvation! OK, oh my goodness...we sat down and she pulls out this notebook...she had taken notes on everything she learned and she LOVED IT! She is now committed to be baptized on June 7 :) She came to church yesterday and loved it! She participated more than the active members, ah ah I love her! Many other people have been placed in our path and the Lord is MERCIFUL! Our ward mission leader told us yesterday, that some areas (that are pumping) are for the mission...and other areas are for our own learning and growth! It was just what I needed to hear:) I know that the Lord has a lot for me to learn right now! I have loved this area, and things are a roller coaster here but there are on an upward slope which I love! We found some good families to teach this week, and so be ready for some good miracle reports next week:)
I am grateful for the FULL TRUTH, and knowledge of God's plan for me! I know that this gospel is true! It is the way to peace and happiness and they more fully we live it, the more blessings we receive! Just as Amalickiah asks Lehonti to come down from his mountain several times, and finally on the third he does come down and is killed...I know that we must never lower our standards! Never come down from where your at, hold your ground and keep moving forward! Reading the scriptures, praying and studying Preach My Gospel everyday will allow us to change and become stronger in this wicked world! I testify of the healing and changing power within the atonement.  IT.IS.REAL! I love you guys and pray for your everyday!!! xoxoxox
Sister Ensign

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