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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If I join your church will I be as happy as you?

Soooooo....God has been so good to me this week! First things first... I LOVE MY COMPANION! Haha seriously! We have seen so many miracles this week, like it is unreal!

Monday we saw our first one, when we found an awesome investigator! We had fasted and prayed really hard on Sunday for a new investigator and found one on Monday! Guess what though...Tuesday got even better! Tuesday, I kid you not, door after door new investigators were coming! And not only were these, "sure i guess ill read the book of mormon and meet with you again", but they were like super pumped about it and like, "ya i've been looking for something like this in my life". My companion and i would walk away from each door and just be like, "no way?...he/she is golden!" and then we would go to the next door, and say the same thing afterwards! God was blessing us so much and I know that it is because my companion and i were and still are working soooo hard! We are prayerfully seeking which road (specifically) to tract on (for the next day) each night as we look on the map, and then in our closing companionship prayer, tell God where we are going to be and ask for those who are elect to be there and to be receptive to our message and IT IS WORKING! This week just between my companion and I, we have 11 new investigators and the "standard of excellence" for our whole district (10 missionaries) is companion and I almost met our whole districts goal! My companion and I have to stop often and just give a "prayer of thanks" because God is being way to good to us! It was cool though because after tracting and everyone wanting to hear more of our message, we were taking notes about one lady (so we had stopped on the side walk) and a butterfly (the first one i've seen over here in WA) flew over my companion and I and I immediately thought of Chelsea! i know that angels are watching over me and helping me so much! your prayers back at home are literally carrying me and the work over here, so thank you! Please keep them coming!
Well on April 18th my journal entry started, "Not everyday is filled with pink roses" was a hard day haha! But that's ok, because we can't have all good in our lives, God doesn't want us to be comfortable with our circumstances, he wants us to constantly learn and grow! It was just hard because we had to drop an investigator (not one of the 11 though ;)) Along with that we had talked with a really rough family who was just lost, and they live in a hoarder home and it was just a mess. Well we sat and talked with them and one of the aunts who was there was once an investigator and was ready to be baptized the following week when her son died and her life completely changed. she said she still knows its true but is just battling with her self inside and understands that SHE needs to change. She is now homeless, and lost. We tried to offer every bit of help, from employment to my own backpack, but she wants nothing. It broke my heart and i just cried as i talked with her and prayed with her. It may not be her time now, but she will come around sometime, i know it- because she has the light of Christ. Well this homeless lady Sally, was visiting her niece's house and he niece and nephew-in-law are now our two new investigators. At first Darrell and Rosey have 3 kids (ages 2, 5, 6) and live in...not the best circumstances. They do not look like your typical investigators, in fact they are heavy smokers and have a couple missing teeth, but they are WONDERFUL! They were not open at first and Darrell, kinda even gave us the cold shoulder but since we have first met him, his countenance has changed sooo much (seriously like night and day)! My companion and i spent a couple of hours with them in their yard (their house and yard shows their hoarding issues) cleaning it up and I now have a better understanding of the fact that SERVICE OPENS DOORS! We have such a good relationship one with another and have shared some very spiritual experiences. We took them on a church tour and the spirit was SO STRONG in the chapel! After praying with them (inviting them to pray and ask God if this is the path he wants them to take) and them receiving an answer "yes", and I invited them to be baptized! They said they would think about it and we told them to take the question of "should i get baptized" to church on Sunday and God WOULD answer it!!! I'm crying right now even thinking about it, but guess what?!?!/ They haven't said they want to get baptized yet but in sacrament meeting, a returned missionary gave his homecoming talk about the doctrine of christ and how baptism is essential in making it back home to live with GOd and our families. How PERFECT IS THAT?!?! The spirit was so strong and they definitely felt it too:) They are starting to shine more and more of the light of christ- i couldn't be happier for them! I love to see the change in people, and especially in people like these investigators! I know that anyone can change regardless of where they have been or what they have done! God loves all of his children, and he will prepare a way for them! One other thought...GOD WAS A PERFECT PARENT AND STILL LOST 1/3 OF HIS CHILDREN! Children may wander, but it's not always the parent's fault. We all have our own agency, but God loves us and will not leave us! We just need to trust in him and NEVER lose faith, and NEVER give up on anyone! Anyone can change!
This week i'm telling you has been unreal! We have invited a lot of people to be baptized and 1 said "yes" the rest haven't said it yet, but are totally feeli'n it- i know it! They will come around:) just wait for next week's email, i bet (i'm having faith not being caucky , haha) I will have some good news to tell you about who has committed to baptism out of our `11 investigators. My companion will occasionally turn to me and be like, "who are you? you need to be translated!" because miracles are not ceasing and she thinks it's me haha, but it's really not! and i'm not just saying that , like really....ITS GOD! and He IS preparing the elect, we've just got to find them (and this week we've lucked out, and really found some of them ;)) My companion is so great and we work so well together, especially in lessons! Ahhhh i love it just thinking about it! We have grown really close this week and it's because we are putting the Lord and his work first. She reminds me a lot of Austen in some things she does haha, i love it!
Well i wish i could tell you about all of the amazing investigators but my time is short. But just know all your prayers are definitely being heard and answered here in Moxee WA!!! It's awesome here, haha, I can't tell you enough, how redneck it is here, but it rocks! Tell Genna that I have thought of her so much while talking to so many of the people here, haha. One of our investigators really has a good hick accent, and he is AWESOME! He told my companion and i on Saturday..." YOU JUST GLOW!" If we join your church will we be as happy as you guys?" and we were like freaking out we were like "YA!!!! And we promise you that you will be!" because it's true, this gospel is what brings us real and ever lasting happiness, and that's why i am here on my mission! I want to share that happiness with others:)
Well I love you guys and want to share one last scripture with you- it's in 1 Ne. 17:13. When it say's Wilderness, replace it with wherever you are...(Bountiful, Syracuse, Herriman, Salt Lake, Orem, Provo, ect)
"And i will also be your light in the Wilderness, and i will prepare the way before you, if it so be that ye shall keep my commandments wherefore, inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall be led towards the promised land; and ye shall know that it is by me that ye are led"
I Love this! It applies to all of us! Your all amazing! Love you:)
Sister Ensign
p.s. mom, your package was AMAZING! and your letter and the package came on the days i needed it most.
And the boston bombing?!??! WAS OUR family over there ok?!
mom- your wonderful i'll write more but just know i love you so ooooo much

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