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Monday, April 29, 2013

Yes, my visa came, it's really bittersweet

I don't know how to even start this out, but really I just can't get enough of being a missionary! Do you think the miracles have ceased...? NO!!! It really is so amazing the way that God works through us and how aware of each of us he is! Oh...and yes my visa came, but lets not talk about it yet:( Lets just say, it's really bittersweet!
Tuesday night after getting home, my companion and I sat down to plan for the next day, and decided to tract two specific streets the next day! We closed our planning session with a prayer, and let God know where we were planning on tracting, and asked him once again, to place someone in our path who would be ready to hear our message! Well Wednesday morning rolled around and we entered those two streets into our GPS and it couldn't find them, and unfortunately we had left our map and home, so we ultimately had no way of finding these two streets. So we decided to tract the country side, where the houses are more spread out since we had the car that day, and after parking and walking for a while, in the middle of what seemed like no where. We all of a sudden, came up to these 2 random dirt roads and looked at the signs....and guess what?!?! They were the two roads we had initially planned to tract on! Sister Cox and I looked at each other and smiles:)!!!" So we knocked on the first door, and guess what!? NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! ! Well unfortunately we had to quickly go to our dinner appointment, but planned to go back afterwards! Well while at dinner we asked the members is there was anyone they knew of that we could visit, and they told us of a lady who is less active! Immediately after dinner my companion and I went back to these two roads, just as we were parking there was someone at the mailbox in their car and Sister Cox and I decided to go talk to them! Long story short, guess who it was?!?! The less active lady that the members had told us about, and she lived on the street that we had planned to tract on! By the end of our discussion with her, all three of us, Cindy (the less active) Sister Cox and I were all in tears! We knew that God had planned all of our timing out perfectly! Cindy just kept saying, you guys were placed in my path for a reason! I've been trying to come back to church for 30 years, but i have no one to go with! She cried as she told us how badly she wanted to get married in the temple, because she knows it is essential, but her husband is not a member and doesn't want to be, and how it breaks her heart! She told us that she is going to come back to church and i reminded her that she can be forgiven of her sins after taking the sacrament, because she has been baptized, and then she can start over, fresh and clean and just be a good example to her family who isn't members! She was so excited by the end, and had such a light about her, as well as great faith to go and talk to her husband about maybe meeting with the missionaries again! She was such a great example to me, but more than anything, it was just such a great sign that God is so aware of us and he loves us so much! He knew what Cindy needed, and he directed my companion and I to her so we could all help each other out! God is so Merciful!
So here in Moxee there are a lot of gangs and crime, k well not a lot, but definitely quite a bit and pretty much everyone we run into, is either a gang banger, druggie, or just all around super weird! haha but don't worry, I flippin love all of them sooooo much! This week we met a gang member named Matt and had probably the best experience on my mission yet! Matt used to be involved with a gang, is still hooked on drugs, and just totally lost. He has been shot 5 times and stabbed while in a fight, but knows that God is real, otherwise he would not still be alive! Well when first talking to him, he was all cool with his black clothes and hat haha, with his ear phones in and not really giving us the time of day. He was also very mad at God and expressed his anger to us. We let him vent for about 25 minutes and then began talking more. I cannot even explain the significance of this, but by the end he literally had the BIGGEST COUNTENANCE CHANGE I HAVE EVER SEEN! After talking to him, and reminding him of the atonement and the power of it, he literally was asking us, "what do i need to do to be clean?!"...crazy right?! He wanted it soooo badly, he had the light of Christ within him, like we all do, and he "yearned for good". It was a miracle in itself to talk to him and promise him some wonderful blessings if he were to turn his life around, but also the elders quorum president was running and stopped and talked with all of us! He said to Matt, "Matt, i know that these sisters ran into you for a reason, and i know they can help you turn your life around! listen to them and meet with them, i promise it will help!" and was just super nice to him and everything, but ya...Matt is ready, he wants to change! It was the coolest thing i have ever seen! Sister Cox and I literally left in silence, we were in awe at what had just happened. Esp3ecially because we had said things to him that were not from us, but from our Father in heaven.  I wish I could tell you about all the miracles from this week, but I don't have time :( just know that they definitely aren't ceasing!

I know God lives! I know God loves us! I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and Redeemer! I will never be able to deny that, nor the fact that Joseph Smith is a living prophet! I couldn't be happier right now, i just love being a missionary!
Serving in this mission has been such a blessing and i am literally heart broken that i have to leave next week, but i know that there is a reason for everything and God must need me in Australia. But i have loved serving here sooo much and will never forget it, the experiences I've had, nor the people! I LOVE MOXEE WASHINGTON!!!! ;) Ya I'm crying right now, this is such a bittersweet experience!
Love always,
Sister Diondra Ensign

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