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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Serving in Washington while I wait for my visa - YEA!!

I'M REALLY GOING TO WASHINGTON , Kennewick mission.  (I swear on my life on this one!!!) I am sooooooo excited! like seriously freaking out right now... literally jumping up and down wanting to cry!!!! My first MTC companion is there right now and she is LOVING IT!!! Ahhhh I just can't believe this is real life right now! Only problem is I have absolutely no winter not even a jacket haha...oh well I'll figure something out! So i will leave Tuesday, unless my visa comes before then (chances are slim to none though). But i'm just so excited becuase I actually have plans now...this whole time we have just been waiting in the dark. Washington is so beautiful, and ever since I went there for my senior choir trip i've loved it! ahhhhh I am so excited! Have I told you that yet?
K now i'm pulling myself together, and really gonna tell you about my week;) First off, I can't believe Hunter got that on his ACT, good job Bubba!!! I always knew you were the smartest in the fam ;) Also, you need to talk to mom and dad more (I know your rolling your eyes right now haha) but seriously, you're gonna wish you had talked more to them when your on your mission and can only EMAIL once a week! Haha, talk to them! I promise, their cooler than you think ;) Sammy- you are so cute! I love the pictures mom sent me from conference, and love what you said about how awesome it is to see so many good girls who are trying to do whats right, cause you are totally right, sometimes it really does feel like your standing alone! But keep it up Sammy, your amazing! Mother I can't believe your are already planning for Quest in 2014! Quest was such a great testimony builder for me, but that is TOTALLY crazy to think that Hunts probably wont be there since he'll be on his own mission!! Your Pictures in Cali look awesome, it looks like it's beauftiul over there, thanks for sending them to me, i love seeing your cute faces! Sorry I still haven't figured out how to send pictures...hopeuflly next week, when i'm in Washington I'll be able to figure it out!!!
So you asked how I like my companion...well I'm not sure any words can do her justice...she is just amazing! We are always building each other up and have really strengthened our teaching skills this week! Yes it has been a hard week since we thought we were leaving Monday, but we have learned SOOOOO much and I would not have traded this week for anything! People always ask where we are going, and then when we are leaving, and then when we explain that we were supposed to leave over a week ago, they all say, "ohhhh i'm so sorry" (and honestly were not sad about it at all) and when they realize that they all say, "How are you still so happy?!"'s cause we are still doing the Lord's lets be honest, how could you not be happy when your doing his work!?! I love it here:)
Spending Easter here at the MTC was such a blessing, it really was so special and just nice to relax a little more than normal. Before I tell you about my thoughts from Easter, I'll answer your question by telling you what we do each day...we wake up...go to class, sutdy, eat, go to class, study some more, eat some more, go back and study, go to class, study some more, go to's really exciting!!! Jk it really is more fun here but we do sit like the whole time, which is why i Love gym so much.. I run a couple miles each day and then go ball it up in some elimination...haha it really is so fun and my district has gotten really close so we just laugh so hard every time we are playing basketball or volleyball, I love them! So Easter morning I got to open your (mom) sweet easter gift...the Picture of Christ...AMAZING! I looked at it and was just totally overwhlemed with Christ and everything he has done for me! As I looked at the picture of him sitting on the hill, the Lord told me that he knows EXACTLY what we are going through in life, he thinks about us all the time, and he struggles with us when we struggle! His life was absoluetely perfect, and "BECAUSE HE WALKED THE LONLIEST ROAD ALONE, NONE OF US WILL EVER HAVE TO" (I love that quote). This week in zone teaching I have truly learned how I really feel about Jesus Christ and how he feels about us! Jesus Christ loves us soooo much, and he wants so badly for us to turn to him when we mess up, so we can apply the atonement, becuase if we didn't we would be completely MOCKING it, which kills me, I am trying to really try to use it each day, many times!
Our investigator Karin (24 years old) is doing well but she is addicted to drinking! We have helped her set goals, and are trying soooo hard to help her but she is just not feeling worthy to pray to God on her own! We are really trying to rely on the Lord as to what we can help her with, but she has her own agency, and has to do her own part. It's hard as a 19 year old, to give an addict advice, but I know that as I continue to rely on the Lord, and with practice, I will become better! Fred, our other progressing investigator (71 years old) is doing really well too! He is so excited that our message has hope, and that there is a way for him to live with his wife again . She passed away several years ago. Teaching these investigators has been such a great blessing, and I have learned so much! Even better than that though, it has been amazing to see these people draw close to God and have faith in him as they prepare for baptism, just the first step in the eternal frame!
Yesterday our teach Brother Dickey, lifted us misisonaries so much! So this whole "waiting for our visa's" has been a great challenge of our faith, as we've really had to work at staying focused this last little bit, and there are several missionaries in my district who get very discrouaged and down on themselves. Well Brother Dickey told us that eariler this week when one of us prayed to God to ask to  "help prepare the people of Australia to be ready to hear our message", he prayed for "the people of Australia to find us missionaries". He went on to tell us that we are missionaries that he would want to teach his best friends/family! It meant so much to hear that becuase that is exactly the kind of missionary I want to be. I felt like all my hard work from this week was paying off. I seriously cannot explain how beneficial my stay here at the MTC has been. I know that this is exactly what Heavnely Father wanted me to do, and I know it has made me a much better missionary. It's crazy how much your can learn and grow in just one week!
Mom and dad I want you to know that I am so grateful for you! I honestly would not be here right now if it werern't your your faithfulness in staying true to the gospel while growing up. I am so grateful that you chose to stay close to God and becuase you did, he has become my best friend! I hope to serve my mission giving each day my all, so I can be prepared to be the kind of mother I want to be.
This week i've decided that i not only want to endure to the end of my life with full purpose of heart, but also the end of my mission, and end of my MTC stay. If I can endure all these things, it will help me show God how much I love and appreciate him and how I truly want to give 100% of myself to him!
Christ asked Peter, "Thou lovest me" three times...(Picture Christ standing in front of you asking you this same thing)...After Peter explain, "of course!!!" Christ said "Then feed my sheep"...DO THE SAME! He would say the exact same thing to you and so do it! I promise you that If you pray tonight, to find someone who you could share your testimony with/ refer them to the missionaries, then you will find them WITHIN DAYS! You are a member of the church, now bring others in- you will want no regrets in the next life!
MOther, your thought on "be not afraid....AMAING! it was just what i needeed to hear:)
Sister Wyatt's mom is going to be calling you as well as a senior missionary couple we met here! They will be calling your on Thursday, so be sure to answer:)
On Easter, Bishop Causse (presiding bishop) came and spoke and then Sherry Dew came later that night...awesome! And then on Tuesay, Elder Ringwood came and spoke...His daugther in law is brooke (my second cousin) who is the nurse on my unit that I work with! It was awesome:)
Unfortunately my time is out, but I love you all so much and can't wait to talk to you on Tuesday!
Quote on Enduring To The End:
"If you have already entered and do not endure to the end, it would have been better for you to have never entered!"
Sister Ensign

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