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Monday, July 15, 2013

And that is what nailed it for them..................

Wow this week has been so good:) A lot of really tender moments:) Yes some of it was hard. really hard, but I love it. always. because I am learning so much!

Vicky is our Chinese investigator who has been coming to church for months, but we have only been teaching her for like 2 of them.  She is soooo close to baptism, and is having the most amazing experiences while praying, seriously like it is UN-REAL! We taught her and her atheist husband earlier this week and lets just was a DISASTER! We showed them the restoration DVD and after we asked David how he felt, (cause we were feeling the spirit really strongly) and he was like, "ummm...the director.ummm.did not really do it good,  is very poorly directed" (in his little Chinese accent) we were like, 'nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you missed the whole point!!  AGH!!!. We can laugh about it now, but at the time, along with so many other things that just didn't go right, in the lesson,  I was SO discouraged! We felt like we had literally tried everything with them, and they still weren't 'getting it'.  My heart was broken for Vicki and David, because they are so close but so...not, at the same time! I want the gospel to be apart of their lives so badly, because i know how much it will bless and help them and their family! What also broke my heart, was when  David told us he is only gonna pray at the VERY end of this trial he is facing (hasn't been able to find a job since he has moved from China) when he knows there is absolutely nothing else, he himself can do...This seriously made me just cry...we encouraged him to just turn it over to God, and pray and ask for help- but he doesn't want to. As a companionship we talked for ages about what else we could do to help them, and we were just stuck. When we realized we could not figure it out on our own, we IMMEDIATELY opened our fast, and decided we would fast for them! I offered the prayer and just as i began...I broke down crying. My soul had seriously felt like it had just been torn apart, and being able to just cry and talk to God explaining our concerns and sadness for Vicki and David as a companionship, ended up being a memorable experience! As soon as i finished the prayer i literally felt like weights had been taken off my shoulders! My heart was healed, and we had faith we would know how to best help them! Well Sure enough, God showed us exactly what we need to do next with them, and now is like..."duh! How did we miss that earlier?" But i know it was god just trying to teach us:) It ended up being such a tender mercy and blessing to be able to completely turn it over to the Lord and just open up to him.  Well our fast and prayers were answered later in the week when we had a dinner and lesson with them and a member! It was the best because we really got to know them on even more of a personal level which strengthened their trust in us, and our friendship, but then we got to have such a powerful lesson! we taught about prophets and THAT IS WHAT NAILED IT FOR THEM! David was admitting at the end, that it has to be true that there is a prophet and Vicki asked so many good questions and then again, offered another prayer that was UNBELIEVABLY STRONG! At the end, we helped her recognize what she was feeling and pointed out that it was the spirit confirming truth. Her prayers are the best because their like creating her own teaching record in a way, because she tells exactly what she is thinking and feeling about what we've taught her, about her family, and about....just everything! but in her prayer she started out and said, "Dear Lord...I now believe in you God" (and this is when i just started crying, because I'm like, 'no way!),  she then said , "I believe that the sisters are telling me the truth, and i know that there are messengers here on earth to help lead and guide us to you" and she just went on, and on, blowing our minds! Afterwards she said how she felt this really strong power going in and out of her, and in her chest and head, and that it was very...PEACEFUL! Ahhhh we just got to the car and were like, "no.way.what just happened?!" she is sooo amazing and really is the sweetest, most tender, loving woman and mom EVER, and it is such a blessing to see her feel the power of God working within her! i just love her so much and care so much about her and her family, they are soooo close and i really hope they keep 'GETTING IT", because I know the gospel with help them sooo much!
This week Bobkie just like...made my whole week! he went to the Temple for the first time to do baptisms for the dead and wow...seeing this awesome African kid i have grown to love sooo much, dressed in white, in the house of the Lord- just melted my heart! It is soooo hard not to hug our investigators like him (especially because he reminds me so much of hunts), but really, i love this kid so much! He has changed his life, and now is a priesthood holder, who flippin holds a temple recommend, how cool is that!/ Seeing him in the water  being baptized for literally 50+ names (he did family names for our mission leaders wife's family) just made me cry haha. It was literally one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. Baptisms is not the end, and Bobkie has definitely made sure that it's not the end for him! He also blessed the sacrament for the first time this past sacrament.  Ya i was crying again! ( i promise i really don't cry that much...haha- side note: I actually cry less that i used to back at home, when it comes to spiritual stuff). but ya the spirit was so strong and i was just so happy for him and to see that he is continuing to grow in the gospel:)
This week has been amazing and i wish i had time to tell you of all of miracles we've seen and experience, but we'll just have to wait for when i get home. we can all will sit all together and share them- love you guys so much!!! xoxooxoxoxoxox
We also got to teach some sweet Indians this week.  Their accent, and the smell of their home...mmmm, makes me miss India. it's crazy to think that i was there a whole year ago. Time really does fly so much! Does it seem like I've been gone for long, or does it seem like it's gone by fast! for me I feel like it has FLOWN!

Love you,

Sister Diondra Ensign

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