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Sunday, July 28, 2013

.....and there is no knowledge more comforting than that.

haha hello family:) Wednesday is transfers and I still don't know if I'm leaving or staying, but I do know that i am not staying with my companions because they are both training new sisters!!! I'm sad I don't get to stay with them any longer, but also excited for change...mixed emotions haha. But I have no idea what God has in store for me, haha and all I know is that everything happens for a reason and that God knows best, so I'm just excited for whatever:)
Well first off, Sammy- good job on your missionary work,  Keep working hard but also remember, that "no effort is [ever] wasted" and so try not to get discouraged if she isn't accepting all your "invites" right now, just be patient, but DON'T GIVE UP! Also, you are beautiful! Looking at the pictures that mom sent I was like,,,,"ummm ok!" You are looking all grown up and I've only been gone for 4 months, I can't imagine how much older you'll look when I come home;)
Bubba- your looking nice and ripped ;) haha do you just love wakeboarding behind the new boat?! Can you surf behind it or is the motor right at the back like the old one? How is summer and all that coming? This week I realized that you are going to be a senior in high school in a couple of months...that is seriously so weird! Hunts, I know it's probably annoying but PLEASE take my advice, start reading preach my gospel!!! It is something that all members should read, like really you guys should read 1page each night with scripture study!
Dad- Quince! I love you and can I just tell you that I miss you and your hugs like crazy! (and teasing you ;)) haha. But really, I just am so grateful to have a dad who is anchored in the gospel, and who holds the priesthood! I know i expressed my gratitude for that in my letter to you a little while back, but it seriously means the world to me...mmmmm seriously!
Mother- I got the sim card, but the computer nor my camera would let me watch the videos on it. It says that if I want it to work with my camera I have to format it/erase everything on it (unfortunately). But I appreciate the effort and thought put into it;) Also I don't want you to worry about me being too hard on myself, I'm really ok, you are so sweet though. Thank you for your uplifting emails and the thought and effort you put into them, they really do bring an added peace into my day, and I end up sharing a lot of the good quotes or thoughts with my companions, members, or investigators. So your inspiration is going to use;) thanks mum
This week has been amazing! I have learned a lot this week and have spent A LOT of time on my knees, but I couldn't be more grateful for a loving Heavnely Father who loves me and knows what i'm feeling as a missionary! I've also learned adn gained a stronger testimony that the best way to overcome hardships are to just GET OUT AND WORK!!! I love working and i love sharing my testimony! God has given each of us experiences and testimonies for a reason! They are there to not only help ourselves, but REALLY to help others! We need to share these experiences and knowlege we have, with others so they can benefit from it as well.

We have a bet with the zone leaders, that every time we miss an opporutnitly to share the gospel with someone, we get a strike and at the end of the week, if we have 3 strikes, we have to buy each other dinner...fortunately sister beckstrand and i are a little competivive (to say the least haha) and seriosuyl talk with EVERYONE! NOthing feels better than knowing that we are giving so many people an opportunity to taste of the sweet joy that comes from the gospel. Talking with people is the best thing, it is the funniest thing sometimes too! The things people say to us, just leave us laughing so hard sometimes (both good and bad). YEs we get rebuked. yes we get shut down. and yes we get made fun of. But i LOVE it. Chirst went through it, and so i too have to go through it too.  I know Christ lives, and I know that he feels and knows exactly what each of us go through, and there is no knowledge more comforting than that.

This week we had such a powerful lesson with our vietnamese, mother of 4, investigator, Wendy and she COMMITTED TO FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF JESUS CHIRST AND BE BAPTIZED ON AUGUST 31!!! The timing tthat God placed us into her life, could not have been more perfect! She is so ready right now, and it's just cool to see God leading us to his children when they need the gospel most. We also had a lesson with Bobby (bobkie and malad's dad) and wow...he could  not be more golden! He has a soft baptismial date for the end of august, and i couldn't be more happy! The lesson we had with him was so powerful and malad shared the most beauftiufl testimony of the book of mormon. he shared with his dad, his favorite scripture in the bom, which is  1ne. 1:12- "And it came to pass that as he read, he was filled with the spirit of the lord" and shared that the night he wasbaptized, he read this and did feel the spirit. IT was so simple, but so sweet! Bobby brought his 2 boys, (bobkie and malad) and blessing to churhc yesterday, and it was one of the most beautiful things to see that faimly at churhc all together:) Last miracle (well there were like 351684 miracles but this is the last one i have time for;)) We got to Vicki's house...and she told us how she has been READING THE BOOK OF MORMON and then explained that she loves it beacuse it can relate to us so much, and that it has helped bring peace into her life!....k....say what?! this just blew my companions and i away! It truly was a miracle that she finally read, and watching her become more and more converted to the gospel is so maazing! Thank you so much for your prayers, as soon as she told us she read the book of momrnon i thought back to when you told me that you had prayed for our investigators specifically by name and thought..."wow...i need to thank the family"- be cause GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS! Thank you so much:) Please keep praying for them, and know that it means the world to me (but ESPECIALLY HEAVENLY FATHER) when you do! Thanks for all your love and support. sorry i don't have more time! Love ya;)

love always,
Sister Ensign
Yesterday i sat in sacrament meeting and just cried as they talked about the gospel in homes and familes! I am seriously so graetful that I was raised in it, thank you sooooo much! and thank you for always creating an enviornment at hoem where i was always able to feel the spirit so abundantly! Here is a quote from yesterday that i loved, "If the Savior knocked on your front door, would you be ready?".

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