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Monday, November 11, 2013

I am not "great", but I am great to him...................

Oh my glorious!!! It is soooo hot! We stand in the sun for like -5 seconds and I get burned, it's awesome haha! I love it! Finally warm weather...I went from a long winter in America, to a VERY LONG winter here in Australia, so my body is definitely craving the sun;) (hey remember when Nicolle would tell us things her body was craving, like protein haha- gosh I love her so much!)
Yesterday after personal study I went into my bedroom to have my good talk with God (it's my favorite part about personal study, being able to spend the last little bit on my knees talking with Heavenly Father!) and boy was it a tender experience! I was reflecting on myself and realized that I am no "great" person. I am not "known among others", I don't have GREAT talents that others remember me by, I haven't won any great awards, and I'm just not..."great" in the worlds eyes...but that does not matter, and that never will matter! All that matters is our personal relationship with Heavenly Father...NOTHING ELSE! God sees my heart, he sees my efforts, and he sees my sincerity and that's what will bring rewards and blessings. Having that true and sincere relationship with Heavenly Father is what will matter at the last day when we stand before him. The spirit brought these words to my mind, "I am not "great" but I am great to him" !   I love my merciful Heavenly Father, and I love his endless love! He truly does think each of us is pretty great....- how lucky are we!?
This week has been incredible! The Lord has definitely prepared the hearts of the people in this area and there are just so many of them who are ready to "change". We not only were able to find a lot of people who are ready to learn more about our Savior and His gospel, but some really special families! Elder Bunda and his companion gave us a referral earlier this week for a Persian family, and boy are they incredible! We met them and just in this past week, have had very tender experiences with them! While my companion and I shared the restoration, they felt the spirit so strongly then and were even able to explain what they were feeling. They have since come to church, loved it, and been reading the Book of Mormon- so yes a baptismal invitation (which I'm sure they will accept) will come on Tuesday;) I am so excited for this family, and even more excited that they already have a desire to enter the temple and be sealed as a family- they are definitely elect!
Another experience I had this week in personal study, that changed me  was when I studied more about our baptismal covenants, and examples of people in the scriptures who have done anything and everything they could to keep their covenants (seeing we have heaps of less actives). Well while do so the spirit opened my eyes and helped me see even more the importance of covenant keeping as well as enduring to the end. We were able to talk to many less actives this week, about their covenants and shared several examples from the BOM of those who did the same (my favorite example is the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's because I had a really tender experience before my mission at Quest when we were able to reenact this seen on the hillside in the Uintah Mountains) and it has worked MIRACLES! Because the spirit can't help but burn and testify as we read from the scriptures, at the end of the lesson when we invited them to "renew their covenants by partaking of the sacrament" (instead of just "coming to church") they can't help but say yes! The hearts of many less active members were changed this week, and it was the sweetest thing to see several of them (one family specifically) at church yesterday! I know that church...the sacrament, is for US AND GOD! No one else...this is something we have also really tried to help our less actives see this week! I love the sacrament, and have such a deep love for it! I am so grateful that our Savior Jesus Christ gave up his life for this world, for my family, for the people in Baldivis ward, for me, for EVERYONE so that we can be cleansed and healed. I truly "stand all amazed" at the love he offers me!
Last thing, quickly! We went and saw a less active yesterday who looked like the Grinch (on a good day) haha, jk,  but she was not a happy camper. being the mother of 7 kids, she was exhausted to say the least, and was not showing much interest! Well naturally I wanted to give up and just accept the fact that she is "not ready", but then I was gently reminded of my amazing older sister who has endless 'lOVE' for those she teaches...this allowed me to Love this less active, and my companion and I were able to have a really good lesson with her. by the end, her countenance had changed, and within a few hours she had texted us and told us all the things she had read in the BOM. The reason the Savior was a perfect teacher, was because of his endless love and compassion he had for those he taught, and I KNOW that as we truly care and love for those we teach and acquaint ourselves with, their hearts will be touched, and they will have a desire to change!
Sister Ensign

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