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Sunday, September 29, 2013


HiiiiiiiJ This week has been awesome! A lot of trials, and a lot of rejection, slammed doors, people wanting to bible bash, and all that…butttttttt I LOVE IT! Haha. K I don’t love the rejection so much, but I love knowing that no matter what arguments people bring, they can never disprove our testimonies and that is what keeps us going! Having proof in front of us can mean nothing because we can forget things we see, but we can never forget things we have felt, and I KNOW that the things I have felt are real, and I will NEVER be able to deny them!!!…I just had to get that out… J I love this gospel ;)
Soooooo haha, such a great week here in Wanneroo…but lets me honest, whats new?! My companion and I have gone “hammmmmm” (as Hunter would say it) this week and just worked soooo hard- of course, in return we saw a lot of miracles.  Earlier this week we were  able to meet with one of our investigators who we met last week, that I didn’t have a ton of time to explain about…but she was definitely a miracle! Her name is Rowena and she is probably in her 30’s. She has been through a lot, but currently has the most beautiful relationship with our Heavenly Father, and has just definitely been prepared for what he have to share with her.  Well we taught her the Restoration (aahhh I love this lesson) and had the coolest experience during it! We had just finished talking about the Great Apostasy, and she was totally with us definitely understanding how this happened, and how it only made sense ;) and then we shared the powerful, first vision! My companion and I have made it really special and so not just one of us says the whole thing, but we do it differently, and…..the spirit was so strongJ Just after we finished the last line, “This is my beloved son, hear Him” Rowena, gasped and put her hand over her mouth and said, “WOW!”…I have the goosebumps now, just reflecting back to the experience. Then, and since then, the spirit has told her that the things we have shared with her ARE true  and she is just so pumped about this gospel! It makes me so happy and excited myself, and I am so grateful I get to know her and share our Savior’s message with her! She has a lot of things we will need to work through, but lets be honest…someone who is ready to just hop in the water and get baptised is no fun…we need bumps and trials right?! That’s what makes it fun right?! (haha that’s me trying to look on the bright side;)  But I’m so excited for her!
We also had a mean Restoration  lesson with a Kiwi lady in her 50’s who has come a long ways since we first met her.   I want to share a little bit of our conversation with you guys...But this was what took place, just after we had shared the awesome restoration, and about the Book of Mormon with her...
Us Missionaries: "Jenny, what are you willing to do to find out if this book is true?"
Jenny:  "Mmmm, I'll ponder on it" 
Us: "But Jenny, remember those 3 things we just read, that we HAVE to do if we want to find out this Book is true!?..." (read, ponder and pray)
Jenny: "I'm just not ready to join another faith right now"
Us: "We're not asking you to join another faith right now, we're just asking you to find out if this Book is true!"
Jenny: (in a worried tone) "but WHAT IF IT IS TRUE?"
 Jenny felt it and knows that is is true, but she is just nervous because then that means the rest of it is true,  haha! But I am so excited for Jenny, please just continue to pray that she keeps her heart open to the will of God! She really is amazing though, because last week we invited her to pray (something she hasn't done in years because she hasn't felt worthy), She went outside and talked with God. I was nearly in tears when she told us this, because i can only imagine how happy this made Heavenly Father:)
Lastly, we had a very tender, unforgettable experience with an investigator named John. John is in his 50's or 60's, is a VERY hard worker, lives in the most gorgeous home with the most gorgeous yard, and from the outside looks like he has it all...but inside is entirely broken because of several things he's going through (he and his wife are getting divorced;(  Well Saturday night we felt we needed to go check on him. He opened the door and we began to sing, "I am a Child of God"...that was it...he broke down crying, and we just let him vent for  a while....He told us that we were wasting our time on him, but we straight up told him, "John...look at us ...WE.ARE.NOT.WASTING.OUR.TIME.ON.YOU!...We know that because we are here in behalf of Jesus Christ, and we know that he would not give up on you if he were here!" We shared the atonement with him, and then ended by singing "sweet hour of prayer" (all at his doorstep) and by the end, my companion, john and i were all in tears. i just love him and my heart aches for him! Well he continued to tell us that we should just give up on him because he is hopeless right now, my  awesome companion (who is the most bold person I've ever met, in a good way) told him, "John, we love you and will see you next week!" haha. He is too special to give up on, and so we are not stopping! We know God or Christ wouldn't, so we aren't either! Well as soon as we got back to the car, we started a fast for him, and sure enough...yesterday it was answered when 2 of the 3 Nephites (yes, i know 2 of them;) haha, seriously though, they are the most amazing members...they are literally working with 60 people right now, and straight up call people to repentance and invite them to be's amazing) went and visited John...had a miraculous experience that i don't have time to share;( but they asked him to be baptised on the 26th of October hahahah! I love it! This message we are about to share will heal John, and his broken heart!
I love this gospel, i love being a missionary, i love hardships because i see them strengthen my faith in Christ, and i love my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ! I can't say this enough, but i really do love them!...I can't even put into words my gratitude for them, but i do recognize that all the miracles we've sent his week, would not have been possible without the Lord. I love you guys and am so happy to have you in my life! xoxoxo
One last thing, on Friday, our Gospel principles class participants (ward mission leader, ward missionaries, normal members and recent converts) are all fasting to have an opportunity to share the gospel with someone! I would love to invite you guys to do the same with us! Please fast on Friday as a family, for a missionary experience! I know that each of us are aware of the power that comes from within fasting, and i know that each of us WILL have a faith building experience as we do this, along with an awesome opportunity to share the Savior's message. This week my testimony was again strengthened in the power of fasting. literally each time we fast for a family or new person to teach, without fail in that VERY day, God answers our fast...and i know he will do the same for you. Please join us Friday! love you to the moon and back!
love always,
Sister Ensign
next Monday we won't be having p day since it's a holiday (the queen's birthday), so my p day will be on Wednesday...2 days later, just a heads up! love ya xoxox

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