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Thursday, September 12, 2013

I love sharing the first vision with people..........

Ok….this week has been full of miracles it’s not even funny! Sister Kanee and I had no idea what was going to be happening with transfers, but decided that regardless, we were going to work our butts off! Well, by putting in this hard work we have seen so many cool miracles! Yes lots of rejection and persecution, haha…(you have no idea) haha, but soooo many miracles it’s amazing! God managed to find 11 new investigators through us, and we taught 22 lessons (which may not be very many for missions like Elder Hanson’s haha, but that is a lot for here in Australia). We have found families and one specifically, that is from Iran that is just so awesome!
Bryan is progressing along very well and  is just so excited for his baptism! The members are so good to him too! They have him over just to talk, and he seriously looks like a member! He talks with everyone, goes to all meetings of stake conference, talks with the Stake and mission president like it's his day job, and is getting things rolling with starting a website for our ward,  he is cracking us up! He really good not be more ready, and is having such an easy time dropping any little habits that are not in line with the commandments, so that he can be a member of Jesus Christ's Church- he is amazing! He is so funny though, because he LOVES talking about ecology, pollution, etc. and so this week in the middle of our lesson on tithing and fasting he got a little off about how he already gives money to 'GREEN PEACE' and pulled out his little green peace brochure and just went on and on hahahah. We occasionally  have to say to him, "Bryan, is it OK if maybe we come back to that after the lesson?!" haha. He is so crack up seriously, but Sister Kanee and I just love him so much:) We are so excited for his Baptism on Saturday, and has even asked President Lekias to baptise him, and President Lindsay to confirm him. I love it!  All the members tell Bryan that they feel like they have known him for ages, and they truly believe they were friends with him in the Pre-existence...I so agree with them, Bryan is a very special person, and EVERYONE keeps saying to us, "How did you find this man, he is amazing?!"
I can't even begin to go into all the miracles we have seen this week, but it has almost been one of the best weeks as a missionary! I have felt the spirit so strongly in like every lesson/visit, and its just amazing! I have come to love the Book of Mormon even more and gained a better understanding of it, as well as the stories and doctrine within it. My testimony in the prophet Joseph Smith and has also increased a lot, and i know without a doubt that he really did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Sister Kanee and I love sharing the first vision with people, and as we were practicing this morning in companion study, I just had goose bumps like crazy. It was real. This church is true. the book of Mormon is true, no one has ever been able to prove it wrong. Those who truly read it WILL know that no ordinary man could have written it, but rather that it was written by servants of God and translated by a prophet. I have also learned more about my Savior and my love for him has deepened SO MUCH! He truly went through so much, and it was all FOR US! Heavenly Father IS in the work, and it is beyond words the miracles we've seen! I wish so badly you could come with my companion and i just for a day, you too would see how much God is in the work. Missionary work is something I just look forward to every day! i literally have not had 1 day that I've wanted to come home, or don't want to wake up that morning and work! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  I love my Savior, and I love the people here in Western Australia! Yes many of them are "stubborn" as they all even admit it haha, but they are Heavenly Father's children and they are ready for this message we have to share! 
Shawn and Kelsie are doing well, they agreed to be baptized and are doing awesome as well! Thank you so much for your emails that make me laugh and cry like crazy! I love you guys so much and love knowing that you are so strong in the gospel. Please keep sharing the gospel! Please.Please.Please! I beg you guys, I can promise it will only bring blessings and blessings, and blessings!
The weather is still wet and cold, but we love tracting in it because *some*  people feel bad for us and so they let us in (others tell us to stop wasting our time and go home and drink milo next to the heater hahah), but I love it! I love the people we are teaching, the members (we have such a strong relationship with them and they are giving us heaps of referrals, and support), my companion, and of course, my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. I have learned more this transfer than i have in.....oh gosh, who knows how long...but i have learned so much, and the growth and improvement I've made, is all because of God....I feel so grateful, and can't wait to see what this next transfer has in store!
Sorry this is kind of all over the place and the stories aren't very specific,  just know I'm loving everything right now, and couldn't be more grateful to be where I am! I love love love you and hope you have an awesome week!
Sister Diondra Ensign
p.s. Dad thanks for your epistle, I can't wait to read it tonight:) you too mom. you both seriously have no idea how excited I get to read your emails, they lift more than you even realize! xoxoxoxooxx
p.s.s  Ok, so LITERALLY most embarrassing moment of my life, yesterday. So it was Stake conference (keep in mind, hundreds of people, stake presidency, the mayor, my mission president and his wife, the temple presidency, etc., were all there). Well the stake president randomly asked me to come bear my testimony and why i decided to come on a mission...well I go up, and I start sharing it and ended up sharing how the missionaries invited me to give a BOM to Kim Tran (after coming to our house several times asking for referrals, with no success from us), and how when they asked me to I thought, "oh crap". k...seriously sister ensign...saying "crap" over the not dignified right?! I don't know what I was thinking but here is the worst part..."CRAP" is a really bad word here. It's like how hell and damn are not swear words here, but in America they would be, well that's pretty much how it was. Everyone just laughed and I thought, "hmmmm guess that was funnier than I intended"...ya,  well after I found out how it really is a word you shouldn't say as a missionary...AND I SAID IT IN STAKE CONFERENCE OVER THE PULPET! I seriously have never wanted to jump off a cliff so badly. The rest of my testimony I felt went really well, and I wasn't nervous at all surprisingly...but seriously, "oh crap"...kill me now! ! ! ! ! please!!!!

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