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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Being in the House of the Lord brought so much peace and happiness .....

Hey Hey! Well to start out, "IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE A MISSIONARY IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA!" I seriously love it so much! I look back on the past few transfers, and can't help but feel so grateful to be a missionary; i have learned so much this last little bit and really have changed a lot!...I recognize that this change is only possible through our Savior and Heavenly Father though, and so I am so grateful for them!
With so many miracles this week I am going to try to include a lot of them, but they may be brief so please forgive me! Well...:) BRIAN WAS BAPTISED THIS WEEKEND and it was just incredible! (I'm short on time and so i will try to send pictures next week), but wow...It was a faith testing week (of course ha) but everything came out for the better and everything worked out perfectly! Not only was the spirit present at his Brian's baptism but also his words, "receive the Holy Ghost" are so powerful and hearing them brought the spirit into my heart even more than i could have asked for! I am so excited for this journey Brian's starting in his life, i know that he will never regret it! He is so excited about being a member and is more involved in everything than all the members combined,  haha he is so awesome!  Not only was the spirit so strong at his baptism, and confirmation, but also earlier Saturday morning when we were able to go to the temple with our recent converts and less active lady we have been teaching! Being in the House of the Lord, brought so much peace and happiness into my heart, and again reminded me of why I want to invite so many people to be they can enter the temple and feel those same feelings! The less active lady, Loretta, was able to do baptisms for the dead for the first time, and now her and her husband are working on being sealed in the temple- we couldn't be any happier for them!  Just an update on our recent converts, Kayla is the best fellowship for all young women investigators we bring, Bobkie blesses the sacrament on Sundays and it just melts my heart, Malad is an amazing missionary- we occasionally go over to their house to find that he has his older sister and her friends sitting down, showing them the Restoration DVD and explaining about the Book of Mormon...(he's solid and can't wait for his own mission haha), Blessing just moved to young womens and is loving it there, Vickie is in the process of moving and so she's been really busy but loves when we come and can never stop telling us how much she loves and appreciates us. and for Brian who has only been a member for a day;) haha he constantly is telling us how much we mean to him and how grateful he is that we were placed in his path- so sweet! I love all of them so dang much, and am so grateful to be staying in this area, where i can still see all of them often!
This week with transfers, everything was pretty crazy busy cause we had to help out with the sisters a lot, but we were still able to see so many miracles! We were able to commit a girl named Moana to baptism for October 19after teaching a mean lesson on the Plan of Salvation. WE were able to help her know that she will see her brother who died a few years back, again, and that it is through baptism that that is possible! She is so excited and her parents are pretty sweet as well! We have also been teaching a girl named Akira who is currently apart of the Jehovas Witness faith, but has been reading the BOM...the rest is history right?! ha nah, not yet, but she is definitely coming along. She is getting close and we are going to invite her to be baptised this week, so please keep her in your prayers. Good news, Meemee (who we were teaching when i first got her, but then she moved) is still going to church every Sunday in her new ward! I reckon that pretty soon her parents will allow her to be baptised seeing she has a deep love for our savior and his gospel- hearing that just made me want to cry, she is just so solid;) Also good news, Sister Wyatt is in my district and so i love working with her! ahhhhh i want to share the best miracles but i have 20 seconds...exact obedience....dang it,  ha ha love yous, and have a great week!!
Sister Ensign
Our ward members keep getting better and better. This week we pulled up for dinner at one of their houses, and a salesman that had just been at the house was walking away with a book of mormon in his hands (and we were able to talk with him as he was walking out!!), they really are "catching the wave" and they keep expressing how easy it is becoming! I LOVE JOONDALUP WARD :) and love seeing them do their missionary work! I want to be like them when I come home;)

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