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Monday, December 9, 2013

....................most sacred week of my life!

ok...I don't even know where to start...most sacred week of my life! I just feel so humbled to have seen so many miracles, that are not just small but incredibly big! I have never worked harder in my mission, my companion (Sister Bailey) and I literally don't take more that 10 minutes for lunch, and dinner to is just go go,  go, but we are seeing MASSIVE miracles as a  result, so we can't slow down. My head just wants to burst right now because we have been doing so much, but it's all good because the Lord is helping us more than we deserve! But!!!!! My companion Sister Bailey...! She is incredible! One reason I love being a Sister Training Leader, is because your guaranteed a hard working missionary:) and Sister Bailey......Holy smokes! I love it! This week President Brown was asked by President Lindsay to come interview our Iranians for baptism, and President Brown showed us that at the bottom of the notes that President Lindsday gave to him, was this comment,
"Sister Ensign and Sister Bailey...(nice things ;) haha) ARE FIREBALLS"
We seriously are just the happiest things ever and we just can't help it, God has blessed us so much that we are just in constant awe. Many times while on our bike we can't help but just have to stop, walk to the grass and offer a kneeling prayer because of what the Lord is doing to prepare his children here in Kwinana. But yes, we are happy as, and just so pumped for missionary work! It truly is the best, This week after one incredible lesson Sister Bryce and I were talking about how the happiness we receive from the gospel is unlike anything else. I am so grateful for the happiness I receive from living the Gospel, and so excited to introduce it to my own family one day. This week I felt such a deep love for my future family and started a huge list of all the things I want to do with them one day, so we can all be close to our Heavenly Father! Ahhh,  I can't wait to be a mother one day, because family is what it is all about! God Sent us here in families (Adam and Eve) and want us back in families, and so I can't wait to start my own :)
I want to start by telling you about one of the most special lessons of my life, we had on Tuesday after dropping my companion off the Train Station. Sister Chou Lee, Sister Bryce (from Utah) and I were in a trio for the day, and let me just tell you. These sisters are powerhouses and so it was just an unreal lesson. We met with a less active Samoan (father of a 1 yr. old and is 20 yr old) and his less active friend Quentin who is 16yr. old. Well we sat down, started with a song "I stand all amazed" and Costner (the Samoan less active) was already crying. We taught about repentance and the atonement...I honestly cannot even put into words how amazing this was and I almost feel as if it was too sacred to tell you all the things said. But my companions did so awesome in discerning their thoughts by boldly telling them to immediately rid any thoughts of doubt, and gave the sweetest invitation to repent of their sins THAT night! We then decided..."why slow down? We're here to baptize!" So we invited Quentin to be baptized. Quentin at the time had no idea (I'm sure) what baptism even was, but because he felt the spirit and our message had a familiar ring that his starving spirit that was craving the truth, the Lord moved his lips to say "yes"- so now Quentin is preparing for baptism:) He is kiwi and is going to have the greatest time in our ward...oh wait....he already has a best friend who is a member of our ward!!!! So last night we went to teach a Part Member family who has been less active (been on the family 15). Well long story short we decided out of all things...we needed to help with them with heir missionary work! We got them all pumped about it and then said, since we're right here by Quentin and Costner come with us, lets walk to their house, and go teach them RIGHT NOW!!! So we did a little practice with the Kid Nate who was going to come with us (another kiwi who was around Quentin's age) SO we walked up into the house...turns out they are like BEST MATES from rugby and school!!! We taught such a special lesson on the restoration and because of Nate, this family is going BIG places. We are going to help Quentin get baptized, and then Costner (get re-activated) and his partner Shakia (get baptised) and then on the road to be sealed!!! ahhhh I'm so excited for them, because they have such a beautiful desire right now- and all of this is possible because of our MEMBERS !!! WE then went back to the part member families house, and had another sacred experience as we reported our miracle. the mom was just in awe at what Nate had done because apparently he had really been struggling. The mom also expressed how the family hadn't felt the spirit in a really long time but how they had felt it so strongly tonight, and now they all have big missionary tasks to do and the best part the end the mom said to us as we were walking out, "I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO TEACH MY HUSBAND" (who is a non member...this was so incredible because when we first got there they told us how their dad wasn't really keen...)Now what I just told you, doesn't even show a sliver of how amazing this was. My companion and I got in the car...literally speechless at the POWER OF THE SPIRIT that night! We sat there, lost for words...prayed to thank Heavenly Father...finished, still at a loss for words...and then decided the only way we could show Heavenly Father how grateful we were for all the miracles this week, was to offer a "fast" of thanks (even though we had just fasted that day). I honestly have never seen missionary work like it is now. I feel like I'm living in the book of Mormon. because so many are ready, elect, and keen to not only hear the gospel but be baptised! we have 5 baptisms this weekend, and then another 2 coming up on the 28th of December...and how is this happening?!? (I've asked myself this)...but as we were talking to the assistants this week, they pointed out that if we want to see miracles,
"We just have to do what  He [the Lord] asks of us...that's it..." We don't have to do these mighty things, but just do what he has with all our heart (give ALL our time and attention to His work), be obedient, have faith in Jesus Christ, and open our mouths...that's it. And that's all my companion and I have done...we are not great by any means, but we have seen the Lord work through us...Like and I'm being straight up, it's nothing we are doing...but wow...we were just speechless last night and had to take quite a bit of time to just pray and thank Heavenly Father.
Miracle #2...Aresh (Iranian 15 yr old son) who has asked more questions that I have been asked my whole mission combined, has been having a hard time receiving an answer...well guess what...this week while at school, he stood outside with his friends, held a small stick in his hands and said to our Almighty and All powerful God, "if this is true, break this stick"'ll never believe what happened.....................................this stick LITERALLY broke in half!!! His friends and him were all freaked out, and he immediately called his mum to tell her...So ya...this is true! Don't know how much more clear God could have been! Obviously God needs Aresh to listen and wake up for a reason (because really this kid could have such a big impact on so many, if he can just get on board)...but ya, that was another SWEET miracle from this week! Don't mess with God, is all I can say.
So Caleb and Tanisha's (2 baptisms this weekend) parents finally woke up this week, and experienced "a mighty change of heart". Sister Bailey and I were thinking of HOW IN THE WORLD we could get the parents more on board...Long story short, we came up with the greatest secret plan (for a lesson with a member) [that we will laugh about one day with Justin and Stacey's family] to help bring the parents into the gospel by involving another adult member and wow....we sat with this member and the family in their front room...had the most amazing lesson with them, and Justin and Stacey (Caleb and Tanisha's parents) just totally opened up. they told us all their dreams, desires and concerns...turns out...we will be working with them to get married and baptized because they want the gospel in their lives. Kiwi family...amazing!!! They said they noticed a different look about members of the church and how they just want that, and how they really just want to have a  stronger family where the spirit can be in their home...ummm ok.....we can help with that! Their whole family of 7 came to church yesterday and it was just beautiful! I feel that this weekend with the kids getting baptized will be a big turning point for the parents, please keep their family in your prayers!
Last miracle, is SAM!!!! (how special that it's my baby sister's name too?!?!?) Sam is an Aussie lady in her 30's who is married to an American ;) (hey hey) and put in a referral for herself on a few months ago! (amazing huh?!?!) She said when she said the Mormon ad, and how happy the man looked on it, she couldn't help but click and put in her information;) Up until this week, we have always caught her as she was leaving out the door this week we finally were able to have a lesson with her, and the perfect member came as well! We taught the restoration and Sam said everything that a missionary wants to, "ya I was wondering why God stopped calling prophets cause I figured he loved us the same as he did the people in the bible", "I feel something really special right now" and the best of all..."YES!!!" (to our baptismal invitation to be baptized on the 28th of this month!!! My favorite part of the lesson was when we were sharing the first vision, while showing the pamphlet picture of Joseph Smith kneeling with God the Father and Jesus Christ above him...She said that as we were sharing Joseph Smith's words of his experience all she saw on the page  (of the picture) was Joseph Smith kneeling with a bright light above him (she didn't see God and Jesus Christ even though they were printed on there), but when we said Joseph Smiths words of "which descended gradually until it fell upon me, when the light rested upon me I SAW TWO PERSONAGES" as soon as we said those words she said she immediately saw God and Christ's pictures appear on the page...after explaining it she said "look at me, I have the goose bumps...I feel like this is true"!!! ahhh we all just cried and rejoiced together. Sam came to church yesterday, loved it, and said she will be staying for good! She is amazing, and she is just the sweetest woman ever! I am so excited for her to receive all the blessing of the gospel in her life, she will make an incredible member, and I am so blessed and humbled to have met her!
This week I have felt closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ than ever before. I have blisters on my feet, calloused knees, and I've never felt better! I know that this is the Lords work, this is what he needs done NOW! We need to help Him, by forgetting yourself and rescuing all (whether they be less active or non members). All we have to do is what the Lord has asked and when we do this, the Lord has no choice but to shower down the blessings he has promised! Continue to believe, because this is the way...and the only way...I have been working on "listening" a lot as a missionary, but Sister Bailey has taught me how to REALLY listen to those we teach. Because when we truly listen...we have had so many doors opened up, and the hard hearts of people are softened enough to receive the gospel. Christ listened, and boy does our Heavenly Father listen to may we all take time to talk less, and listen more...even if we are right! love you please keep up all the great work you are all doing! honestly mother and father...holy cow...well done in all the hard work you put into our family, and especially the love and support you show to collie and are so dang handsome! You are going to be the greatest missionary too, I can't wait for you, with your hard work you will  be able to witness many miracles, and are just the sweetest thing, keep being kind, loving, soft hearted and never forget how beautiful you are! Sister Ensign...ya you just blow me away, that's all I can say right now! keep those inspired questions coming, they work wonders! Love you all,.......... mmmm just wish I could give you the biggest squeeze right now! "doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith" (a statement that saved one of our investigators this week, and has also saved me!) Lastly, don't forget to love where you are right now in life! Everything happens for a reason, and so if we make the best of whats on our plate, by noticing the good- we WILL BE HAPPY!!! XOXOX
Sister Ensign
-see what you can do to make your Sabbath day worship, a bit more sacred... (ex. no face book, etc. I dunno) but it truly is the Lords day...we need to worship our Savior, give up the world for least just one day!

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