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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Beginning of My Journey to Perth, Australia!!!

Serving a mission is something I've wanted to do since I was 12 years old, and now I get to do it!!! When the church announced the change in age for missionaries, there was not a question in my mind if I would serve. I called my bishop that night and within 4 days of the announcement, my papers were completely finished, and were submitted to the church headquarters 2 days after that.

15 long days later, my mission call arrived on October 31, 2012- Halloween, and yes it was the best Halloween I've yet to have!!!  I waited by the mailbox anxiously for 2 hours thinking of every possible state and country I could possibly be called to.  Well, turns out I DID think of every other state and country, EXCEPT FOR AUSTRALIA! Ahhhh, I'm going to Australia and I still can't believe it!

Opening my call was such a special experience and one that I will never forget.  The spirit touched me so deeply, I could hardly even read my call to my family.  As I finally spit out "Perth, Australia"  I knew for a fact, that this is where the Lord needs me. I cannot wait to begin my mission over there, and show my Heavenly Father  and Savior, Jesus Christ how much I love and appreciate them and all they've done for me, as well as share the happiness I feel from the gospel with those people!

Something I love to to tell people about, is that my older sister and best friend is also serving an LDS mission.  She is currently serving in the Daejeon, South Korea mission, and yes she is just the perfect example of an ideal missionary. Her example to me is one that I cherish and will forever be grateful for.  I cannot wait to join her in this service, it is such a blessing that we get to serve at the same time!

With that said, here is the beginning of this next journey in my life! xoxo

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  1. I am so happy you started this. And I love that you did it for Nicolle too. Have a told you lately how much I love you!