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Monday, January 20, 2014

.... the spirit is the only teacher.

Well, we got transfer calls today, and Sister Bailey and I are...STAYING IN KWINANA as Sister Training Leaders!!! I'm so excited to be staying with her! That means we will both be able to see the wedding and baptism of Justin and Stacey, as well as all the other people  who are sooo close to baptism! And I'm just really excited because I know that this is what the Lord needs! Yes this past transfer has been one of the most incredible ones of my missions, and yes my sweet companion has shown me by example how to be more like Jesus Christ...ahhhhh she is the greatest and I can't wait to learn even more from her!
So this week was a great rollercoaster... We saw a lot of opposition, but also some INCREDIBLE miracles!
-Sam succesfully finished the stop smoking program and is an offical non smoker!!! Ahhh i'm so happy for her:) her baptism is on Saturday and she cannot wait! She came with us this week to two lessons, (to be our member, even though she isn't baptised yet haha) and she testified of the doctirine so beautifully! She bore testimony how the gospel has changed her, and made her into the happiest person ever! She loves the Book of Mormon, and has grown to love our Savior and HEavenly Father SOOO much! She is a wonderful example to me! :) I'll easily put my money on the fact that she is the next relief society president!
The past 2 days have been really special for me! In church yesterday I recieved a lot of revelation on how my relationship is with my Heavnenly Father! I learned a lot about the imporatnce of SINCERE PRAYERS! I thought i knew what a sincere prayer was, but boy tdi i learn SO MUCH MORE about it yesterday in Relief Society! The teacher talked about the times when we talk with our best friends, and how we can talk for hours and hours with them...even days! Well, we often refer to Heavenly Father as our best friend, but are we really talking to him like our Best Friend?! He is our father...he wants to hear from us! As his sons and daugthers we have the ability to talk to him about anytthing...frustrations, fears, happiness, all of it! So the teacher encouraged us to time our prayers so we could just 'talk' to Heavenly Father and let him know EVERYTING...she said at first it might be really weird, but to just give yourself a GOOD amount of time to talk with our Heavenly Father...I gave it a shot last night, and this morning...:) and found myself, quite a while later (when I remembered tolook at the clock) not wanting to finish telling my best friend everything. As I prayed Heavnly Father and I held a very clear conversation and he answered many questions...I had to tell him sorry for not opening up everytime and just talking with him, and finished by telling him how much I loved him and hope he has a great morning (inspiration from an investigator to tell Heavenly Father good morning, and good night;) haha cute huh?). But as I prayed I felt such a deep love to and from my Heavenly Father, it was an experience I will never forget!
I wish I had more time to report all the insane miracles but I don't...But I do know that God is literally our Heavenly Father, and that the atonement of Jesus Christ is real. He has changed the hearts of so many people in our area and many of them have repented, and are reading the Book of Mormon everyday as they prepare for baptism! This week, although hard, I was able to feel of the spirit so strongly in lessons! I know for a surety, that the spirit is the only teacher, and I'm so grateful for it as my constant compainon, it turly is the greatest gift ever! I love you guys!
Sister Ensign

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