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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Reminding myself that the Lord knows best...

So I just wanted to tell you guys the news I got on transfers this morning...
Well, last night presidnet called me... and asked be the SISTER COORDINATOR for this next transfer:) (If you don't know what this is, because I didn't before my mission either, haha it is...pretty much a zone leader but just for the sisters.) Anyways, I feel nervous for this responsibility,'s ok, becuase I know God will not give me something I can't handle. This will be a great learning experience so i am super pumped.
Fortunately (literally, my heart is at so much peace) I GET TO STAY IN WANNEROO!!! But...I'm getting a new companion!!! You'll never guess who it is either...SISTER BECKSTRAND!!!!! She was my first companion in the MTC, the one who is from St. George and i could not be happier! She is SOLID and is not only such a hard worker, but we got along so well and REALLY pushed each other and shared some very special spiritual moments.  We have both only been out for 3 ish months, and she is only 19...and what the heck right? And the Lord see's both of us fit to be the zone sister coordinators....  She is coming to Wanneroo, and I am the senior companion so....haha, i'm a little nervous to say the least, but I just try to keep reminding myself that the Lord knows best!
Sister Parson is devestated she is leaving Wanneroo, and is nervous she may not make it to Bobkie, Malad's and Blessing's baptism this Saturday...but I really hope she can! She is super down in the dumps  about her new area since it has tons of hills and she doesn't have a bike...but it will make her stronger right?!  She is awesome, and I have learned so much from her.  But oh man, I am sooooo excited for this next coming transfer!
Well, love you and please keep my new companion and I in your prayers, were definitely gonna need it!

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