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Thursday, June 6, 2013

What more could a missionary ask for

Ok so take a guess...good or bad week for Sister Ensign..................of course it was AMAZING! Why? Becuase I am a missionary, and God will not let his missionaries go a whole week suffering and struggling without seeing miracles and tender mercies, just like he wont abonden and leave comfortless any of his  children. He truly will  rescue all his children who ask for help, and do their part in difficult times! ;)
Last week I experienced my hardest week as a missionary, but with that said, my testimony grew IMMENSLEY! I just want to be the BEST I can be, and be the kind of missionary God wants me to be); but sure enough after a few days of this struggle, God finally came and completely lifted me. There were some nights when I just had to talk with him for a while, but finally I spent a REALLY long time talking with him on my knees, and the next day...he lifted me more than i deserved! He lifted me through the Book of Mormon, (which applied perfectly to what struggles I was facing) as well as numerous tender mercies with meeting new people who needed us at that specific time, AND helping our investigators through some struggles as well!  God surely, will NEVER leave his missionaries, just like he will never leave any of his beloved children, he wants to help, we just need to reach up and grab his hand out-stretched to us! This week, truly was a building block for me as a missionary, and my testimony of the book of mormon grew even more! It really is a great time to be a missionary in Western Australia!
The Book of Mormon really is such a powerful book and I will NEVER be able to deny the power within it! I LITERALLY CHANGES LIVES- and it HAS changed mine and I am still overwhelmed with the spirit it can bring into our lives.  When we open the book of Mormon, it is lieterally opening a door way between us and God, and gives God an opportunity to talk with us and give us revelation!This week God blessed me with a tender mercy, he helped me see how much I have changed since i've been a missionary! I have been praying to "change" and be a more concercrated missioary and no i am not done changing, but I have begun this wonderful journey of having a "changed heart"! #itfeelsgood :) 
The Book of Mormon has not only changed my life, but this week I asked our 3 sweet african investigators how it has changed their life that wow...their answers just filled my heart witht the most happiness i have (almost) experienced as a missionary! Bobkie said he obeys his parents more and be more respectful, and doensn't swear- Malad said he feels closer to God and has been happier -and Blessing said she hasn't listened to one bad song since she has started meeting with us and reading the BOM! The gospel really does change people and their lives- it makes them more like Jesus Christ! Along with that, Bobkie and Malad's dad had all of a sudden (last week) said he wasn't sure about them getting baptzied anymore becuase he was unsure about the BOM...this broke my heart and sister Parsons and I prayed SOOOO HARD AND SO MUCH for him to have a softened heart...sure enough, several days later we were able to sit down with him and his wife, and answer their quiestions, and now they are soooo all for their kids being baptized! THis work is so important to God and he WILL provide a way, for his children to come into his fold! Ahhh...I loved it! God is amazing!
Last thing-0 we got the most amazing text from one of our other investigators this week-
"Hey sisters how r youz I hope you week has been great and youz are doin fine. i really enjoyed the last bible session we had on wednesday it really changed the way i feel bout myself n how i should act upon things n all week i've been feeling good knowing God's with me and i want to no if u guyz can come back and teach me more because i'm acutally learning a lot from youz  and i've been thinking about the baptizing n i think i should learn a bit more bout the mormon and get a bit of an unmdcerstanding from the start to the end before i rush into something ohhh and thanks from bringing taylah along i've made a new friend now:) with all the love from Angawin god bless youz"
What more could a missionary ask for....she is amazing and hopefully we will set a bap date with her this week.
Well we have another investigator on date! Her name is Kayla and she has been attending church for 7+ years, but finally just got permission from her foster  company to be baptzied, and so she is being baptized on the 15th! OUr ward is AMAZING and we have established such a great realationship with them, I feel sooo blessed to be in this area! I HOPE AND PRAY I don't get transferred in 2 weeks! haha)!!!
This work truly is something so sacred and as members of the church we have a big responsibility to help God's other lost sheep...we are LITERALLY talking about their eternal salvation...It makes me feel so overwhlemed with the fact that God trusts me to do his work over here in Western Australia,  but with that said, since he has called me, and you guys as well (to labor wherever you are, as members of the church) he WILL provide a way for us to be a true disciples and missionaries- and that is a LITERAL PROMISE from him! He has promised to give us powerful missionary experiecnes if we do our part- and all our part is, is keeping the commandments, and OPENING OUR MOUTH! Sharing the gospel doens't have to be anything big, but every little bit counts!
My new motto- :) "Assume the good, doubt the bad" -Elder Holland
With all the love in my heart,
Sister Diondra Ensign
Happy Later Birthday to Uncle Dave, and Happy Birthday (this week) to Abby, and Zachy! Love you guys!

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