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Sunday, August 11, 2013 is so important because unless the "messenger matches the message", no one will ever listen

This week has been MIRACULOUS! We have found 5 new investigators who are just so awesome, and one of them even has a family we may be able to teach! Vicki is doing so awesome!
I have learned that Companion unity is so vital in missionary work, because without the spirit you LITERALLY cannot teach ANYTHING! Something that really helps mine and Sister Kanee's companionship, is serving each other, and also praying together by our beds, each night and morning (and holding hands, ya, sweet i know...haha). It is something I'm going to do with the rest of my companions for the rest of my mission. As we have love and unity with those we are around everyday, we honestly can see miracles galore! We really do need to love those around us just as the Savior did, regardless of whether or not they love us back . The Savior loved perfectly, and so he expects us to love others as well. Each person means the world to God and Christ and just as it says in the scriptures as well as in our baptismal covenants, they have asked us to help lift and carry one another. We can't make it alone here on earth which is why we need our Father in Heaven, and Savior Jesus Christ, but lets help others around us, lets make their journey a little more enjoyable. I know that when I try to help others and smile more often, my journey is better as well! Try to do something to make someone's week, this week:)

This week was an extremely good one! We went on exchanges Sister Simon came and served in Wanneroo with me:)  We were able to see sooooo many miracles! I know that the reason we saw so many miracles, was because of the strong spirit in our companionship, the diligence and willingness we both had to get out and WORK, as well as our obedience and faith! In just 2 days we found 4 new investigators )and they are AWESOME) and were able to teach heaps of lessons! We got to the house of (now) one of our new investigators, Dawn, a woman from South Africa in her 50's,  just to hear her say that she had been praying for Missionaries to come back to her house. She then told us that she still has a desire to be baptized! As she was telling us this, my spirit just cried with joy:) I can't even imagine how happy it made Heavenly Father! Each time we meet people like this, it rings more and more true to me that the elect really and truly are out there! They are everywhere! They are just waiting for us, and we WILL find them WHEN we do what the Lord has asked of us- I have complete faith and trust in this!
Today Sister Kanee and I did a sisters specialized training meeting on the Christ like Attributes with the sisters in our zone:) and  It went really well! It was something that was super good for me to study as I prepared! Having Christ like attributes is so important because unless the "messenger matches the message" no one will ever listen. Christ was a perfect teacher and it was because he lived what he taught. Being a missionary, and talking to so many random people, I have come to realize how important our examples are. So many non members we talk to, know at least 1 Mormon and it really just motivated me to be even better so that those who know "mormons" have something good to remember them by!
Lastly and quickly, Vicki is amazing! Seriously! We had such a powerful lesson with her this week and she straight up told us how excited she is to be baptized! We were like...ahhhh what the heck, seriously?!?! So we pulled out the calendar and invited her to pick a date,  since last time she said, "too soon" (to the date we chose) and she said....moment of truth..., "I want to buy a house and a cat first"...k seriously...hahahahahahha...we are working with her on helping her see the great importance of baptism, but also that it is not something we have to wait for! When it comes down to it, she realizes how important it is, and life changing, and so she wants her family from China to be sweet, and she really is so ready! She loves the book of Mormon, and loves the gospel, and it is so cool to see her finally have that solid connection with Heavenly Father on her own *(and not through us missionaries, to God). She WILL be baptized soon. were not letting her put this off;) it's to good to wait on the blessings- but please keep her in your prayers! She needs baptism NOW;)

K well i have to go, but i love you so much!   Your emails and pictures, small or big, mean the world to me!xoxoxoxooxoxox
Sister Diondra Ensign
the less active family we have been working with since I came to Australia.....well, they told us this week that they WANT TO BE SEALED IN THE TEMPLE! They have come so far , they literally are 2 different people now, for the better! I just can't help but cry inside, I'm so grateful for how far they have come! much love again@

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