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Monday, August 19, 2013

When we work in faith and obedience, God is with us in the work

Ok, talk about the most amazing week of my life. You ready for the best news ever...OK...VICKI IS GETTING BAPTIZED IN 5 DAYS!!! Ahhh I'm like crying right now, i am so excited! So last week we went over and taught her the importance of baptism. she cried as she told us how happy she was to be baptized. we asked her to pick a date. she said she wanted to buy a house and a cat first (haha). and so this week we were like, "OK we're going hard out on baptism, and we are so getting her to receive this ordinance!". So Wednesday night we went to Ward Council where our Ward Mission Leader (still my hero) so lovingly, but boldly just laid it out and basically rebuked everyone on their missionary work. he then got us all so pumped about it, and us missionaries just like dying inside of happiness and excitement seeing how much i ward is going to work on their missionary work! Seriously though, our  Ward Mission Leader is fully the man! OK,  so anyways, sister Kanee and I left just feeling like we were ready to go baptize all of Western Australia ;) and just totally filled with the spirit, headed over to Vicki's. We got there and seriously like SO boldly, (but not overbearing;) ) told her how she needs to be baptized NOW to receive the blessings, and also that her family on the other side of the veil NEEDS their work done. Ahhhh...... i literally just have goosebumps now just thinking about it...but ya the spirit was just so heavy as we helped her see the importance of being baptized NOW....well we start telling her that a Chinese investigator is getting baptized on the 24th and so we want her to come watch it, but she misunderstood us and thought we asked her to be baptized on the 24th and she was like WAY EXCITED about it, so we jumped right on board with her and now she is getting baptized on Saturday and couldn't be more excited! :) She is so ready and has, by far, the best relationship with God that I have ever seen begin and continue within a person is such a short amount of time. God has prepared her. members have played a huge role in her conversion. and now she is going to make her first promise with God. When we are with her we just cry and hug each other, she is seriously amazing and I love her sooooo much. Sweet Vicki has caused a lot of heart ache and tears, and been in heaps of prayers and fasting purposes, but we didn't give up, and God didn't either, and look at her now. There were times when we questioned as to whether or not to drop her, but Heavenly Father kept pushing us, and I'm so glad he did because now she is INCREDIBLE! I didn't realize i could love someone so much in just a short amount of time haha but really, she is just amazing- i wish you could meet her so badly, you would just love her as well. Considering she has less than a week until she is baptized, Satan will be working very hard on her, so please keep her in your prayers!
Another cool tender mercy was when we went to see a long term less active, Marc. He is from London and a single father of 2 kids. He hasn't come to church in a while and so yesterday we had an awesome lesson with him about the plan of Salvation and how God is really with us and wants to be apart of our lives. Well the discussion with him was just awesome and the spirit was so strong, and this week we are having a FHE with him, and he is coming to church on Sunday and is way pumped about it;) Well later that night we got a text from him saying how his garage door was broke and he couldn't get his car out to leave; so he tried to fix it for a while, then decided to pray. in less than a minute after his prayer, the door opened and it was all fixed. he recognized that God answered his prayer and shared with us his experience, and it was just way cool to see God continuing to work within the hearts of his precious children in our area. I am so grateful for little experiences like that. I know it is really little, but it was huge for Marc, and i LOVE IT! 
Another miracle! So this week Sister kanee and I fasted to find a family to teach, one that can be TOGETHER FOREVER! ;) Well the day we were fasting we were out tracting a street trying to find a former investigator (who on his teaching record just had the name of his street but no number)  who seemed pretty golden...well we had knocked on 3 doors and had no success with anyone because it was mid day and like everyone is at work...well keep in mind sister Kanee and I are also working on our "faith in Jesus Christ" right now, and so at each door we would be like, "come on sista, lets have faith in Jesus Christ"...well we had knocked on the 3 doors, still trying to keep our faith high...and see this man walking down the street towards us, so we were like "OK lets go talk to him:)". So we go over, start talking with this man...guess who it was?! ....ANDRE- the man we were looking for. When he recognized we were missionaries, he was so excited to see us and invited us to his home. We sat on his front porch and talked with him for a while. this man has died two times, but through CPR and God's help, has been brought back to life. We told him that God literally preserved his life, so that he could meet us missionaries, because we KNOW that the message we have is one that he NEEDS to have before he returns back to God. She shared more about his relationship with God and his family, and we of course shared our message, and now he is INVITING HIS WHOLE FAMILY OVER THIS WEEK BECAUSE WE WANTS US TO TEACH ALL OF THEM! "when we work in faith and obedience, God is with us in the work" -President Lindsay, and this is so true. The power of prayer and fasting is real. God loves us and is aware of us in our needs. he places each of us on certain paths for a certain reason, and it just so happened that we were placed in Andre's path for a reason as well.
I love you guys so much and am so grateful for you and your support, you have no idea how much it means to me. I talk about you guys all the time in my testimony as i share with people about how the gospel blesses families! I love you so much and can't wait to give you a big fat hug in just over a year;)
xoxo forever,
Sister Ensign
p.s. ok...side note. My companion,  Sister Kanee and I ,  we are like literally best friends! And you know what did it?! CHRISTLIKE ATTRIBUTES! I honestly cannot even explain how much the 2 of us have learned and grown. like i have learned more about patience, love, service and giving in the past 4 weeks than i have in my whole life put together. i really am a new person in a way. i am so grateful that i struggled so much at first with some difficulties because now i won't need to wonder how to deal with things, but I've learned and it is Heavenly Father who brought me out on top. i am so grateful. Seriously though, Sister Kanee and i just can't get enough of each other now. We hate doing exchanges with the other sisters because we just love working together. We are both totally different but when we work together...;powerhouse! (I'M still working on my humility ;) haha) but serious like it is so cool to see how far along we have come. We love each other, serve each other all the time, pray together all the time, and just laugh so hard every day. We work so hard and totally just bring both of our personalities into our lessons/when we talk to people, and so many people are receptive knowing that we are still  normal, fun people, but ones that have a message centered on Jesus Christ who can change their lives. I hope it doesn't sound like I am boasting it's just that Sister Kanee and I just can't get over how far we have come as a companionship and are just so excited about the work:) I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

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