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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I have been forever changed by her.............

The Lord feels my time is up here in Kwinana and has called me to serve in Wembley with a sweet Hawaiian, Sister Lelupututau, and we will stay Sister Training Leaders:) Ahhhh I feel...excited;) Transfers really are such a bitter sweet thing, but I am so grateful for a mission President who knows where the Lord needs us! My companion right now, Sister Bailey...Holy Smokes...I have been forever changed by her. She will be an eternal sister and best friend of mine. She has taught me how to listen, how to LOVEEEE, and how to Work like there is no tomorrow. We often go on for like 20 minutes telling each other how much we love about each other trying to one up each other with compliments, but we finally just have to stop! She is...ahhhh I don't know if Hero does it justice. Missions are great for so many reasons, but the lessons learned with and from companions are one of the greatest parts. fortunately Sister Bailey has family in Provo Utah, so when she visits we will be able to catch up. And mom and dad, don't hate me but I'm seriously thinking of moving back here after the mission...haha I just love it! And that way I'd be able to see everyone from the mission 24/7. Ok stop freaking out, it's just a wish;) But boy do I love it hear, I truly am so grateful for my mission!
This week has been...ahhhhh I want to scream...another incredible one hahaha. Its funny how every week is just amazing, there seriously never is a bad one! We spent a few days in Kalgoorlie (major country/ mining town- 7 hours away, really dodgey but awesome) and saw a lot of miracles there with the sisters! The Lord always seems to bless us with miracles, and with great opportunities to learn from each other as missionaries, it's the greatest! It really is a privilege to serve as a Sister Training Leader, there is so much to learn from all missionaries! This week we also got to study with some of the sisters and we worked with some of them on inspired questions, and watched a video from "The District" (missionary training videos) on this as well.  On the video a mission president was training his missionaries on inspired questions and was telling them (just when they were about to rush a question) "GO TO HEAVEN!". He was encouraging them to ask a question from Heaven, that would really get the investigator to ponder. If there is one tip I would give to teachers, it would be to ask more inspired questions that are from heaven, because I have found that is often when the spirit is the strongest because it helps the people being taught THINK, AND THEN SHARE! ahhhh it's the best! So that is something I am going to work on more, is SLOWING DOWN...and going to heaven, before speaking! As a representative of Jesus Christ I am here to speak HIS words, and so I've got to do that!
This week we talked with a man who was not keen, was not interested in having God any apart of his life, and just wasn't going to have time for us. the spirit brought words from heaven that this man needed, out through our mouths. As I spoke I didn't feel as if it were me, it was crazy...I bore testimony of the importance of following God NOW on this earth, and that now is the time to prepare to meet him...The spirit told him that he will be filled with regret in the next life, if he doesn't take time to listen now...the turn around he made when a warning voice was raised, mixed with the spirit, was incredible! So grateful for the spirit who is the ultimate teacher! Anddddd I love being Bold...this is it! I have come to realize since being a missionary, the REALITY of the gospel. the reality of life after this. now truly is the time to prepare to meet God, to keep our covenants, and do our best to improve! I LOVE THIS gospel sooo much:)
This week our members invited Quentin to be baptized in a family home evening....sooo sweet, and he has even been coming to early morning seminary! He is already a missionary, and talks about serving a 2 year one...he will literally make the greatest bishop one day...I wish you could see him and hear his testimony! He loves the gospel, he knows it's true but is just a bit nervous to be baptized because he doesn't want to stuff up afterwards...sister bailey and I fell we have done everything the Lord has asked us, and we will continue to do whatever he asks, but we WILL EXERCISE MIGHTY FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST that he will be baptized! This week I read about Alma who converted THOUSANDS of the Lamanites after praying with exceeding faith, and so now...that's what we will do! and miracles will be wrought! I KNOW IT!
Ahhh out of time, but more people committed to be baptized this week! Helen, a sweet woman from the cook islands said after reading and praying about the Book of Mormon...that she knows it IS TRUE! I just cried:) A long term less active (returned missionary, and all) has made the greatest changes over the past 2 transfers...the atonement is real!!! This week, he IN TURN held a BBQ where 20 non members came, he brought them all! This work is like a wild fire and it is rescuing the less actives as well.  The less active families we have worked with, since being in Kwinana...are active and on the family 15 for further strengthening! I LOVE THIS AREA, THIS WARD and can't wait to come back here this week...with that said, I am so excited for the new things our Heavenly Father has in store for me!
Love you guys, thanks for all your emails, updates, pictures, and everything! You are all the best!
Sister Ensign

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