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Monday, February 10, 2014

If the Savior were in this lesson, what would he teach?

What a great week!
We went to study with some sisters who have been struggling (one was thinking about going home), and while Sister Bailey and I were trying to figure out what to do during the study time with them...the spirit brought to our minds, to just focus on our Savior! So we wrote down 3 inspired questions
1.Why does the Lord need us to feed his sheep?
2. How can we make Christ more of the focus in our lessons?
3. What has Christ done for us?
K...I can't even put into words the spirit that was there with us four sisters in their living room. After all sharing our testimonies by answering those questions, we just took a few minutes to all go in different rooms, and, what a sacred experience that helped recommit me to focus EVERYTHING on the Savior and his atonement!
That day we went out with a bang, and so did the sisters! They found 4 new investigators and sounded happier than they ever have before! The true cure to everything is to love the Savior more! This week as I have really thought about Him, and what he has done for me...the spirit has been with me so much more, and as a result, the spirit in the lessons we have been apart of have been so much more powerful, because we put EVERYTHING back on the Savior Himself! He truly is my rock, my best friend, my redeemer and my Savior!
This week I have focused on being more "HOLY"! I have been asking myself would a true disciple of Christ act? Or what would a true disciple of Christ say right here? If the Savior were in this lesson, what would he teach? What kind of a testimony would I bare to the person if the Savior were beside me?
 It has begun to change me. "Holy" is what I'm aiming for!
I love you guys, sorry it's short!
Sister Ensign

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