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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

.....all the answers we need are there.

This week we have really seen people repent, and it's been the most beautiful things to see!...I don't even know where to begin...
At the beginning of the week, I finished the Book of Mormon!!! (I challenged myself to finish it last transfer, 6 weeks) As I read the Book of Mormon over those 6 weeks, each day I felt the spirit as the words were directed perfectly to me and my needs and those were more indications of the truthfulness of the Book...but as I finished it and read Moroni 10, with Moroni's challenge to us all to read and pray about heart was so overcome with the spirit! I sat in the car, with the rain pouring out around us when the warmth coming from within me, again taught me that , YES! THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE WORD OF GOD! I am so grateful for the many times Heavenly Father builds my testimony, it pushes me each day to become more and more like Jesus Christ, and to sin less! I love the Book of Mormon!
Well for transfers another sister came with Sister Tupuna and I just for a day, while she waited for her new companion, and we had such incredible experiences as a companionship! Our trio was awesome with Sister Kennar, she is such a good missionary! We were driving to see some people that night, and Heavenly Father told us to go see a former investigator I had written in my planner a while ago...we knocked on the door and the mum (late 50's yr.) seemed kind of irritated, but after she remember who we were and we told her that Heavenly Father had told us come to their house, she said, "my son is actually really struggling right now, come in and talk to him". We sat down with her son (30's yr.) who told us of the trials he has recently been facing as he just lost custody of his 7 month old girl...We taught about the Plan of Salvation and the of the most powerful lessons! We finished by inviting him to pray to use the atonement to repent/and have his burdens he said the closing prayer the spirit was so heavy and powerful! we were all in tears! This Sunday he came to church and had the greatest experience! He had the best fellowship who has been through like the exact same things, and come out on top and now is one of the greatest gospel dad's ever!
This week we had another lesson with Adam and first followed up by asking, "how did it go when you repented?" (as much as we shouldn't have we were a bit unsure if he would have repented because the lesson where we invited him to, he said he didn't know if he should do it again cause we was scared he would slip up again with the bigger mistakes...)....well he said..."I usually ask to be forgiven in all my prayers, but this one was a bit different...I was a lot more sincere..." and as he explained how he felt, he told us how he felt a lot of peace! He said Friday night he met up with his mates, and had this bad feeling like he should leave...he said he ignored it since he himself wasn't doing anything bad (only his friends), and then he said by the end of the night that warm peaceful feeling, had left him and he felt guilty....he told us how he thought it went away because he didn't obey it...(ok about so spiritually smart huh?) He was exactly right! The spirit is so sensitive, and it cannot dwell in unholy places! He is so onto it and is growing more and more each time! The lessons we have had with him have been so powerful and as we have asked inspired questions about why he wants to be baptized, he has been able to share his testimony of his pure love for Christ and desire to follow him! I am so excited for Adam!!!
I jut want you to know that I am so grateful for the scriptures, all the answers we need are there!
I love you all,
Sister Ensign

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