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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

...and i'ts because of this bloke...

I don't even know where to begin! This week has been incredible!

We have been teaching the members the lessons to help build their faith, and also to help them with missionary work! Well the Falkingham family was baptized 3 years ago and sealed in the temple 2 years ago, and they LOVE SHARING THE GOSPEL! We have been teaching them the lessons and working with them and their friend Matt! We have been praying and even fasting (all together to Matt to have his heart softened to hear the missionary discussions. Well this past week Brother Falkingham called to say that Matt miraculously moved in with their family and is keen for the missionary discussions! We went over the next day and taught about the Plan of Salvation but mainly the atonement because Matt has been through a lot! ...speechless I remain...the spirit was SO STRONG! He felt hope, and a greater love for the Savior, and as a result committed to be baptized on the 30th of August! Since that one lesson, we went back and he had repented...knelt, prayed, and poured out his heart to God with instant peace sent back his way. He went with Brother Falkingham to the addiction and recovery class, the ward activity, and all of church just within the past few days! He truly has been prepared by the Lord and now is his time to come to Christ! At the end of one of our lessons, Brother Falkingham (who is a tough guy;)) said to him, "Mate I'm tellin ya, this is the best thing you can do! This will bring you not temporary happiness, but eternal happiness. This is THE WAY! There is no other way! and i'ts because of this bloke (pointing to Jesus Christ) that you can do this!" Brother Falkingham spoke to Matt in his language and the spirit was so strong, I'm so excited for him! He has already made great changes just in this past week!

So earlier this week the stake president came out with us to visit 3 of our! The church is true, and our leaders truly are called of God! For example, it has taken Sister Tupuna and I about a month and a half to find out some of Adelle and Allisters concerns and do our best to address them...Well,  President Brodie goes right in there, no background on them, and begins to speak by the spirit...nearly everything he said addressed their was so special! He finished by inviting them to fast to find out if this is really true or not. So president Brodie, Adelle and Allister, and my comp and I all fasted the 23rd-24th for Adelle and Allister to receive an answer! It was one of the most spiritual fasts I have even participated in! Well that day was great, but about an hour before we went into our lesson with Adelle and Allister, my comp and I had a really.......interesting experience that just hurt us a lot and broke us down/humbled us...we realized that it was the Lord trying to humble us even more so that we could fully rely on him for the extremely important lesson we were preparing for...we felt very sensitive and it truly helped us a lot in the lesson to just have the spirit with us! Backing up a bit, the night before we spent a good amount of time on our knees pleading with heavenly father to know what we needed to share with them the next night at the close of our fast...well without sharing any of this until the next morning in comp study with each other, my comp and I both had similar experiences...When she finished praying she opened her scriptures randomly to see what heavenly father needed her to hear...she opened to Alma 12:10 "He that will harden his heart, the same receiveth the lesser portion of the word,; and he that will not harden his word, to him is given the greater portion of the word, until it is given unto him to know the mysteries of God" (Adelle and Allister SO NEED open hearts right now, so it was perfect!) Well she finished and got in bed, and fell asleep; meanwhile I finished my prayer later and then grabbed my iPod to listen to the scriptures on shuffle...the very first scripture it came up with was ALMA 12! In personal study we both were prompted to study recognizing the spirit, and so when we shared with each other in companion study, what we had learnt in personal study we knew it was from God and it was what we needed to share that night! We were prepared physically and spiritually to teach about recognizing answers and the importance of acting upon them and it turned out to be one of the most spiritual lessons on my mission! While fasting they felt peace, and felt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter0day saints is one they need to continue to go to and learn about. They ALMOST COMMITTED TO BE BAPTISED, but still have a few more concerns, so please keep praying for them! but I do know for sure that fasting is so powerful! It helps us change, helps us have the spirit more, and helps us work in a way that heavenly Father needs us to! I was so grateful that  the spirit was able to guide my comp and I so much In preparation for that extremely important lesson!! (cool side note: Adelle opened the Book of Mormon 3x and every single time she did, it talked about baptism!!!! Pray that she will have the courage to act upon her answers! Their family soooo needs the gospel!)

Adam got baptised!!! ahhh ;) such a sweet experience! He is seriously solid as! He will make such a great missionary in just a years time! He shared the most beautiful testimony at his baptism and it was about his love for heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! All his member friends who have been with him growing up were there to support him, and it was just so good! Adam loves the gospel because he has seen how it has given him an actual purpose to being here, and he feels like he finally knows who Heavenly Father needs him to become. He has noticed how much it has helped him change for the better, which has brought so much happiness! He has got his temple recommend all ready for Saturday (when we are going to the temple for baptisms for the dead) and has been called as YSA Rep! He is seriously going to make such a great leader in the church! Thank goodness for members who opened their mouths and gave's because of them that Adam will get to live with his Heavenly Father again if he remains faithful!                #Salvationisinthebalance

The apostles and prophets truly are called of God. Their words are his words and we must listen and act upon the counsel they give us! I love in lessons when we share a video of an apostle declaring their testimony, and the investigator says, "well that's very convincing!" I am so grateful for a living prophet and apostles, they are the Lord's servants!

I love being a missionary! I love knowing that heavenly Father is with us when we do things HIS way! The gospel is true, the Gift of the Holy Ghost will guide us safely in life, and JESUS CHRIST REALLY DOES LIVE! We took a picture in a frame of the Saviour to another investigating family this week and it brought the sweetest feeling into their home! He is the reason we can have hope! We truly do need to focus EVERYTHING on Him!

love always,
Sister Ensign

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