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Monday, April 7, 2014

I pray I may continue to follow her example of serving the Lord with all my heart.

Well...My journey with this sweet companion of mine here in Wembley has come to an end...but it sure will continue back in good ole Utah!!! We will be eternal friends and I'm so grateful for her! She is my hero and i hope to become like her one day! She has so much strength, and her ability to overcome trials amazes me! Not only is she absolutely beautiful on the outside, but her spirit is like one you have never seen before! She discerns the thoughts of those we teach and speaks the perfect words from the spirit, she is here to work and faithfully awaits miracles, she understands the power and authority of her calling and we have been able to see amazing miracles this transfer and this past week!

The past few weeks I have been praying to have experiences that will help me become the woman, and mother I will one day need to be. I feel my call for this coming transfer will allow me to have those experiences! I cannot wait:) My new companion is Sister Fivakimoana (Tongan) is from Sydney, and is a great missionary! We have been out the same amount of time and I've been on exchanges with her before...she is awesome! I'm really excited! :)
This week was amazing as we saw the power of prayer help hasten the work! We prayed for a family to teach...went out with Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and 3 members of a family committed to be baptized on May 17! :) As we invited Val, Sandy and Sam to be baptized, Sam replied with a quick "Yes!" as the other 2 women contemplated Sam told them how they have been wanting to change and that this is the way they can finally do it! She was encouraging them! :) Teaching families really is the best way to go, because then they can all work together!  Their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and the power of repentance through the atonement, is a great example to me that we don't need to be afraid of big changes in the future, but that all will be well as we follow Jesus Christ and his counsel! Abraham will be baptized in 2 weeks, he is the greatest example of such diligence in keeping the commandments! Living the word of wisdom is not easy for him (since coffee and tea were his "go to") but he is surviving with the Lords help! He loves repentance and loves that he can do it everyday! I am grateful that he too is working on cleansing himself daily, we all need to follow his example! :) lastly, our 3 sweet Brazilians are doing so well! They love the Book of Mormon! They are marking it, asking questions and even though their catholic family back in Brazil are not fond of them joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints they know it is the right thing to do, so with faith the press forward! The members have been so helpful in teaching all our investigators, we seriously would be nothing without them! My favorite is when the members express how much they are changing as they come out with us to share their testimonies! And my absolute favorite is when the YSA go from zero to hero on serving a mission (shout out to you Amberlie) ;) I have gained such a strong testimony of the importance of helping all of God's children and so we are doing our best to help everyone have a desire to serve missions , or if their age doesn't permit, to just do missionary work! Yesterday EVERY FAMILY IN OUR WARD RECEIVED A BOOK OF MORMON TO SHARE IN THE MONTH OF APRIL! They are so excited about it and we know that when we follow up in a few weeks, many miracles will be reported! ahhh,  I love this work, I love those with whom I serve and I love being out here!'s my motto and my favorite thing to do! lucky are we?  It is the most beautiful gift we have been given!
This past week our mission has focused on the power and authority of our callings.
The KEY i have found to the Lord helping us see miracles he allows us seriously FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST!!!! This week we had a zone training on the power and authority of our calling! We watched videos of the early saint missionaries and how they would command people in the name of Jesus Christ to arise, walk and be healed (EXAMPLE), and president and our zone leaders talked to us about how there is no reason that we cannot do the same thing! Our power and authority allows us to do that! With our power and authority and our Faith we can LITERALLY see the same miracles that those in the Book of Mormon did...we are no different than those missionaries! Lately as i have focused on only speaking the words of the spirit i have felt the power and authority of my calling so strongly! I KNOW that this really is the Lord's work, and that we are here to embark upon a very important work! There is no time to wait ,  we must help all see the importance of living the gospel, both members and members! When we declare things boldly and nobly with the power and authority of our calling people WILL LISTEN! And when they don't, we don't give up there. we continue raising a real warning voice with love, and plead with these people! They often end up changing their minds...that is the power and authority of our calling! It is REAL and it is because of the Lord's power that we have been granted it! With all that said, Elder Hamula told our mission to "be humble" because we could lose it all in a day or two! But I am so grateful for the spirit I continually feel throughout the day...I just feel so lucky!!!!  
Lastly, the women's conference taught me to remember that the love of the Savior is greater than anything else. We all love but we can all "Love better!"
I finish this email pretty much in tears in gratitude for my faithful older Sister,  Sister Ensign in South Korea...I would not be where I'm at today if it weren't for her...literally! She loves the Savior and has taught me about real Christ like Love! There have been so many helpful insights she has shared with me that have not only helped me, but the people here in Australia! I know she will continue to have a lasting effect of everyone who knows her! I pray I may continue to follow her example of serving the Lord with all my heart and I just pray for you all! Please take care of her. Keep her safe from the world and allow her to lift our family to even higher levels! Love you guys! xoxox
Sister Ensign

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