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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I just cried and cried in total awe of our Heavenly Father's almighty power and mercy....

This week has been really really really good:)
Saturday Alicia Howsam was baptized and it was such a special morning! Her mum is a returning Less active (who has come SO FAR!!!! yay ;)) and her dad is a non member, atheist! (Her mum and dad are now separated)well dad came to the baptism and totally felt the spirit!!!! i just cried as i told him after how grateful i was for his willingness to let Alicia be baptized (because he wasn't going to let her) and also for him was a big step but watching them next to each other, change to love each other more(just through their actions) as the program went on....was a CLEAR indication that the gospel brings families closer to together and that it really does bless us FOREVER! I'm so grateful for it!
This week we had MLC and this was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had in a long time! Our mission used to be known as the party mission...our key indicators were VERY low and it just had a bad rep! Well within the past year, our mission has changed so much, you wouldn't even think it was the same mission! Our missionaries have become so much more converted (and honestly it's because we've been reading the Book of Mormon as a mission several times), and because the missionaries are changing, our numbers have SIGNIFICANTLY increased!!!! Well at our MLC for the first time in my mission, we were able to talk about what the mission needs next! That is dignity! We have been able to move past certain things, become good teachers of truth, and now our president wants to help us with being dignified! It just makes me want to cry! The Lord has been so patient with us and the atonement has allowed so many missionaries to change! As a council, we reviewed our mission numbers and have broken past all high water marks and so showing the Lord that we will be humble to continue to see his Hand hasten the work at the speed it is, we 12 missionaries and President and Sister Lindsay, and offered a prayer of gratitude! EVERY.SINGLE eye was wet! The spirit was so stronggggg! I just cried and cried, in total awe of our Heavenly Father's almighty power and mercy! I cannot even begin to explain..,but I DO know that Heavenly Father is the most loving being out there, and will always be anxiously waiting to step into our lives and help us...he is just waiting for us and our willing heart!
This week we were able to put 4 more friends on date! i wish i had more time to tell you...but all I can say is the Lord is hastening his work VERY QUICKLY! The boat is moving and we all better get on, or we will miss it! 
Yesterday it was the 5th hour and so the 6 of us missionaries and our ward mission leader taught the 3rd hour...go figure it was on missionary work...the most important thing! IT was really cool though because we had members share their experiences of helping us and what differences they have seen in their lives, and then we ended with a bang! WE had our amazing friend Abraham get up and share his story and testimony...keep in mind we met him exactly one week ago. And he so calmly did, shared it confidently, even made everyone laugh and feel the spirit and shared that HE KNOWS THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE and cannot wait to be baptized! I remember leaving the house that morning feeling determined to get people to church and sure enough, Heavenly Father placed his elect son in our path and as a result he will make a strong member of the Lord's church! Abraham is just one of the elect...there are many and they are amazing! I cant wait to tell you all about them later...ahhh I'm out of time!
p.s this week at mlc, Sister Bailey told me how the Coyle family (and Sam-recent convert, and Dolores-a less active we were working with) went to the temple for a lesson on the grounds and to go inside....oh my goodness....I want you to read their letters about their experience...hearing about it and then receiving a letter from them....ya.....lets just say I cried some more! I love these people so much and can't wait to come back for the Coyles sealing in Feb 2015! oh my mom and dad...I think I would rather come back with you guys instead of you pick me up....I dunno, .... but ya,  I'm so excited for them!
There is so much more to tell, .......but president is taking our zone is going to Nandoo's (amazing food place)  for lunch today because we broke the high water mark and got 10 baptisms as a zone this past month~ Our zone is ON FIRE RIGHT NOW!!!!!! ahhhh I love this work :)
Sister Ensign

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