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Thursday, April 17, 2014

We PROMISED him, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ...........

Mum and Dad, I am so happy that you are reunited with sweet Collie! I thought of you guys a lot that day, and it reminded me of how hard I need to work now, because time flies so quickly, just like it did for Collie!
On Tuesday we went to see a man named Rod who is a sweet English man (late 60's) who is extremely stubborn ;) Haha, he has tried investigating several times but says even though he reads and prays he never gets an answer, poor man! Well the sisters were working with him before I came in and so I've come to know him a little bit! Well on Tuesday we went to see him and he expressed to us how frustrated he is getting with everything, and especially with his memory.  He says he can hardly remember anything and it's making him really worried because he has had family members who have suffered from Alzheimer's. Well,  at the end of the lesson we invited him to pray with real intent about what we were sharing, he immediately replied with "I'm probably going to forget!" ("get thee behind me Satan, came to mind) ha ;) and we PROMISED him in the  sacred name of Jesus Christ, that if he humbly asked Heavenly Father with the intent of acting upon his answer, not only would he remember to do it and remember EVERYTHING else, but get an answer!!! It was one of those experiences where you think, "am I allowed to promise this?" and then the spirit just opens your mouth and says it for you. Well,  my companion,  Sister Laulu-Pututau , is an incredible teacher and she finished it so nicely with the spirit so strongly! We went back on Thursday...words cannot even explain! He told us how happy he was because he has been able to remember EVERYTHING recently, (something that hasn't happened in AGES!) and that he has been so much happier the past few days! He literally had a countenance change! amazing! Well , we did our best to help him see that that was definitely an answer, and he accepted it:) That experience was such a testimony booster to me, that when working with the spirit, us human missionaries can get out of the way and allow the spirit to do it's sacred job and literally change hearts and lives! Rod is getting so close and with our faith joined together, miracles will continue to happen! FAITH.FAITH.FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST!
Well this week the Lord has humbled me a lot and general conference has taught me to be grateful regardless of what challenges we are faced with! This has begun to help me. As hard as this work is right now the Lord continues to bless us. Because my time is short I will just tell you a few...
The first one was when the spirit brought the name of a less active to us and so we went immediately to see her. We got there to find out she was not there, but her daughter-in-law greeted us. We introduced ourselves and then she said, "Thanks, but no thanks". hahaha, well 15 minutes later she was in tears, praying and these were her words. "There is so much to be grateful for, but something is still missing...and I think this might be what's missing!" She is so right and I can't wait to begin teaching this sweet mother even more abut something that will change her families life!
Last night after quite a few...interesting experiences hahah (oh I love being a missionary) we were walking back to the car and this ONE unit (out of a huge apartment complex) stood out to us. Not only was the light on, but we heard children..."A FAMILY!" we thought, so we hiked up all the stairs...looked in the window and did a little "namaste" to the Indian mother, she walked around to the door and welcomed us right in. We taught her and her husband who are catholic and would make the best members! They have the 2 cutest little girls (totally reminded me and collie and I when we were little) and are such good parents who are committed to the Lord. We are going to see them tomorrow night at 7, PLEASE PRAY so hard for them! The Lord needs their family to receive the blessings of the gospel! I'm so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and it's guidance, we would be absolutely nothing without it!
General conference was amazing~! I received so much revelation... We truly are so lucky to have a modern day prophet and apostles! Their words ARE TRUE! and I'm so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
Love you guys, and please keep sending me pictures of you and collie! I need them;)
Sister Ensign
Please pray for Abraham, he just got shifted to Sydney for work and is going to be there for the rest of the year. He has already passed his bap interview and has been talking to us about finding a worthy Mormon girl to marry in the temple, so now those lucky missionaries in Sydney will get to see him and help him into the waters of baptism! I hope the ward is good to him there!
Please also pray for Allana...she is like my best friend (one of the Brazilians). She desperately needs help getting her answer about if this is true. She is on date for the 3 May but is most likely going to get pushed back a bit, which is fine. I just want so badly for her to be able to recognize that prompting from the spirit that this is true! WE have worked with her a lot and she comes to EVERYTHING we invite her to, she wants to be a believer she tells us...but just needs some extra prayers. so please! I love her!
Also, please pray for Rod that his heart may continue to be softened, and that he will want to come to church! 

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